Chivalry 2 Weapons Tier List – The Best Weapons

It looks like Torn Banner have done a good job on balancing the game's primary weapons

Chivalry 2 Weapons Tier List
There are lots of weapons in Chivalry 2, here the best for topping the scoreboard with. Image via Torn Banner Studios.

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Chivalry 2 is one of the most popular game launches in June 2021, with gamers returning to medieval battlefield’s. The game has four classes that players can experience through three different subclasses to differentiate builds. However, while some classes are suited for objective controlling, supporting, or outright killing, many different weapons are associated with each class and subclass. Here are the best Chivalry 2 weapons for each class and a Chivalry 2 Weapons Tier List to compare them all on the wider battlefield.

Also, before we break down any of Chivalry 2’s best weapons or structure the tier list, we’ll list all the weapons associated with the classes so you can work out what class to play from that.

Read Mode: Best Chivalry 2 Classes.

Chivalry 2 Weapons

Here are two tables featuring all the Primary Weapons in one table and all the secondary weapons, tertiary, shields, and designated throwing weapons in the second one. Please note, some of the weapons are listed twice, as shield subclasses like the Knight and Footman require using secondary weapons as primary weapons to go with their shield. In addition, some classes share the occasional Primary Weapon, especially the Devastator and Crusader subclasses. Overall, you’ll be able to see which chivalry 2 classes and weapons match.

Lastly, many classes share the same secondary weapon types, which is something to consider as fallback options.

Chivalry 2 Primary Weapons

ClassLongbowCrossbowJavelinThrowing AxeBattle AxeWar ClubExecutioner’s AxeGreatswordMaulDane AxeTwo-Handed HammerGlaiveHalberdPolehammerSpearMorningstarFalchionOne-Handed SpearSledgehammerShovelPickaxeLongswordWar AxeHeavy MacePole AxeWarhammerAxeMesser

Chivalry 2 Secondary, Shields, and more

ClassKnifeHatchetShort SwordCudgelAxeFalchionMaceMalletMorningstarThrowing AxeLight ShieldMedium ShieldLarge ShieldSpike TrapBear TrapPalisadeSword

Chivalry 2 Weapons Tier List

Ranking Methodology

S Tier: The Weapons are hands down the best on the battlefield, either in their given role or the most effective tools for the job.

A Tier: Strong weapons with a few notable weaknesses but overall are completely viable, and perhaps the best a class has to offer.

B Tier: Nimber of strengths, number of weaknesses.; overall, very balanced.

C Tier: Below average and otherwise not advised or are niche weapons, especially noticeable in the secondary slots

D Tier: The worst weapons in the game. They seem to be there to balance out particular classes.


S Tier Greatsword, Messer, Two-Handed Hammer, War Axe, Dane Axe,

A Tier Executioner’s Axe, Maul, Halberd, Polehammer, Morningstar, Spear, Long Sword, Longbow, Longsword, War Club

B Tier Battle Axe, Glaive, Falchion, One-handed Spear, Pole Axe, Heavy Mace, Warhammer, Axe, Crossbow, Throwing Axes, Mace, Short Sword,

C Tier Sledgehammer, Javelin, Cudgel, Knife, Hatchet,

D Tier  Shovel, Pick Axe

Axes Explained

Axes are a type of weapon and tool in the medieval world. While traditionally used to build momentum to cut through lumber, axes were modified in so many ways to make weapons. Axe weaponry aims to create heavy shopping motions, which are great for severing limbs in melee combat.

In Chivalry 2, Axes do exactly that, with several different playstyles to match. By far, the strongest axe in the Chivalry 2 Weapons Tier List is the Executioner’s Axe available for the Vanguard and Knight. The weapon itself is only an A tier weapon due to its slow and predictable parry timings. However, when the axe finally connects, less armoured opponents will likely just drop straight off the bat. It is even possible to dismember heads on clean hits or even severing arms.

Although, the best Axe in Chivalry 2 is the War Axe. The War Axe is accessible for the Crusader subclass and deals heavy damage but is quicker than the Executioner’s Axe. The slight speed is just enough to make it even more worth than the Executioner’s. Coming in close, the Vanguard’s Dane Axe. The weapon is arguably the most well-rounded weapon in the game, and when to comes to axes, the speed and power combination makes it overall one of the most effective weapons.

Maces Explained

Chivalry 2 Two-handed Mace
Here is a Knight using the Two-handed Mace. Image via Torn Banner Studios.

Maces are the medieval weapon that uses blunt damage to deal powerful damage to armoured opponents. With that said, Maces are very important, as they are solid counters to the footman and Knight classes. And, just like the Executioner’s, the Maul is the same heavy-hitting weapon, with the same slow drawback.

If you’re after the overall best Mace weapon in the game, then the Two-Handed Hammer is the go-to choice. The weapon has the same strengths and speeds classification as the War Axe and performs just as well. Furthermore, the weapon is accessible for both the Vanguard and Knight classes, showing why both the Knight and Vanguard are our two recommended best classes for the game.

Alternatively, the Polehammer is a Knight weapon with long-range, Warhammer style speed and damage, but with a point for stabbing. It is a great weapon that offers some alternative damage types.

Swords Explained

The best weapon in Chivalry 2 is the Greatsword, which is accessible for the Devastator and Raider. The Greatsword is basically a Zweihander, a blade with a fairly quick swing speed for its size, has incredible reach and solid damage. Consequently, it is the most versatile weapon in the game, and generally, its damage is the most balanced against all the armour types in the game. The best bit is the sword doesn’t require that much time to unlock, as it is the final weapon to unlock for the Devastator.

If playing the Vanguard is not your thing, then the Long Sword and the Messer are great tools. These weapons are Knight Weapons, with the long sword being a slight step down from the Zweihander in its range. On the other hand, the Messer is a sword with a weighted tip, essentially simulating an Axe. Due to its weighted swing, the sword packs a punch when it lands but slightly has a slower swing speed. Unlike the axe, it has a decent poke, too, so overall, the Messer is arguably the second-best weapon in the game.


Overall, the weapons in the Chivalry 2 Weapons Tier List are fairly well balanced. Clearly, the two-handed weapons are Chivalry 2’s best weapons, as they are created for all-out damage and skilled gameplay. However, a lot of the two-handed weapons are very close to each other. Furthermore, the one-handed weapons are close, especially when paired with shields to make them more viable. One of those examples is the Morningstar, which is a great weapon for the Man-at-Arms. We have given a rundown on just a few of the best Chivalry 2 weapons and explained why they should be regarded so highly.

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