Marvel Future Revolution Tier List – Best Characters

We rank all the Marvel Future Revolution characters in a tier list

Marvel Future Revolution Tier List
We rank all eight characters in a Marvel Future Revolution Tier List.

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Marvel fans around the world have a brand new action RPG in their hands. The all-new Marvel Future Revolution is an action RPG for Andriod and iOS that launched today (August 25). Players can play as one of eight of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes and heroines. However, when you first start the game, you will be given a quick tutorial explaining all these characters. After that, you will have the option to pick four characters you want for your party. The only way to unlock the next four is by playing the game more and more. To avoid feeling like you picked the wrong characters at the start, we have made a Marvel Future Revolution tier list so that you can make informed choices.


Marvel Future Revolution Characters

Hero Difficulty
Captain Marvel Medium (3 stars)
Spider-Man Hard (4 stars)
Iron Man Very Easy (1 star)
Star-Lord Medium (3 stars)
Storm Easy (2 stars)
Captain America Hard (4 stars)
Black Widow Very Hard (5 stars)
Doctor Strange Easy (2 stars)

The above are the eight current Marvel Future Revolution characters in the game. Each of the characters has a different difficulty rating, which indicates their performance in the game. For example, Black Widow is the most complex character to play by far. However, she can scale incredibly well and does lots of damage.

When you look at the easier difficult characters, you can see why. They are simple to play, and their kits are very easy to use and understand. We will keep each characters ratings and kit in mind when ranking the Marvel Future Revolution Tier List.

On a final note, pretty much every character has an ultimate and several abilities. The abilities roughly do the same thing, albeit in a different way. There’s some form of dodge ability, multi-target ability, mixed ranged and melee primary attack, and more. Since it is clear the skills are relatively the same result, we will rank the characters based on the status effects they apply or the ease of use against the game’s baddies.

Marvel Future Revolution Tier List

S Tier: Captain Marvel, Captain America.

A Tier: Iron Man, Storm, Black Widow.

B Tier: Dr Strange, Star-Lord, Spider-Man.

The S TIer Picks

Captain America Marvel Future Revolution Best Marvel Future Revolution character
Captain America is an obvious S Tier pick because of his tankyness for PvE content.

The S tier picks are the most well-rounded picks in the game. Captain America is the only pick in the game that makes a fairly decent tank character. Not to mention he has plenty of dash movements to make getting into combat and beat enemies up. Moreso, his kit allows him to heal fairly well from his skills while beating up multiple enemies simultaneously or sucker punching enemies on their own.

On the other hand, Captain Marvel is one of the biggest burst characters in the game. Captain Marvel’s skills allow her to output so much damage, making her one of the best Marvel Future Revolution characters. The added benefit is that one of Captain Marvel’s skills allows her to teleport to multiple enemies and fall from the sky on them, which is can be used defensively and offensively at the same time. Overall, Captain Marvel is an incredibly useful character.

The A Tier Picks

Storm Marvel Future Revolution
Storm is one of the strongest characters for levelling and farming weaker enemy NPCs for gear.

Iron Man makes the list as an A-Tier pick because he is rather good in most cases. He has a mix of melee and ranged attacks and provides a mixture of AOE and burst damage. The only direct weakness is that he is rather beginner-friendly. Eventually, that beginner-friendly will make him less attractive the later into the game you get, especially when you focus on levelling up hardware to play characters like Black Widow. While you are playing the story and getting to grips with the game, Iron Man is a great choice. But do be aware that his obvious weakness is not one you will see until you have got your hours out of the game.

Storm is one of the only dedicated AOE (area of effect) skilled picks in the game. While her kit is primarily designed to clear easier levels for party stash gear and to level up quickly, she has some interesting perks. Most of her ice or storm based skills do status effects on the enemies, making her one of the only reliable debuffers in the game. You could use Storm as a supporting character when you get further in the game. I was tempted to rank her higher, but its harder to justify when Marvel and America are the obvious best characters on the Marvel Future Revolution tier list.

The final Marvel Future Revolution character in the A Tier is Balck Widow. Where Iron Man s really good to begin the game with, Black Widow is the polar opposite. She starts being the hardest character to play in the game. However, when she gets gear and levels up, she will eventually turn into one of the best damage based characters, even challenging Captain Marvel. If you want your invest your time into one of the most agile and fun characters in the game, then Black Widow is a worthy investment that you will reap rewards.

The B Tier Characters

Star-Lord Marvel Future Revolution
Star-Lord is perfectly fine to use but is very average at everything.

Dr Strange is an interesting character. His gimmick isn’t that great, especially as you get into the later game. However, his skills allow him to control the battlefield incredibly well. If you are one of those players that like the PvP modes in games, Dr Strange could climb the Marvel Future Revolution tier list as he is one of the only dedicated AoE and CC (crowd control) focused characters in the game. We do not think Dr Strange will not pick up that much, but he makes a great leveller since no one should be able to touch him. Obvious weaknesses and obvious strengths, making him a clear B tier if there ever was one.

Star-Lord is an awkward pick because he is relatively similar to Iron Man. He has a mixture of single target and AOE damage, but it is nowhere near as impressive as Storm, Captain Marvel or Black Widow. But don’t let that distract you from his completely fine kit. He does the job that you want but doesn’t stand out, is all. If you like the character and still really want to play him, you can – we are not stopping you.

Spider-Man is by far one of the hardest characters to play on the Marvel Future Revolution Tier List. Black Widow and Spider-Man are kind of in the same position as each other, albeit Spider-Man doesn’t offer as much damage while being slightly easier to play. However, Spider-Man is one of those characters that will perform incredibly well in PvP with his fast-moving, slick and web wrapping potential. Like Dr Strange, Spider-Man can climb the tier list as long as he is in the right hands in the right game mode.

This concludes the Marvel Future Revolution Tier List. We hope you have a better idea of who the best characters are in Marvel Future Revolution, and you know which characters you want in your squad. Who did you start playing with, or who are you choosing to start with? We picked Star-Lord, Storm, Black Widow and Captain America. Let us know in the comments below. If you liked this tier list, why not check out other tier lists?