LCS locks in Mid-season Showdown Teams

LCS Mid-season Showdown 2021 LCS Spring Aphromoo
Dignitas' Aphromoo looks onward into the Mid-season Showdown. Image viaOshin Tudayan/Riot Games

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The LCS Regular Split is over, with the six teams heading to the Mid-season Showdown confirmed. Over the last few weeks, North American teams have been extremely close. With seven teams tied for second place at one point. However, the region had a natural drift away as the final week concluding, with only three wins separating first and sixth, ad two separating second and sixth, unlike Europe’s closer Playoffs run.

Cloud9 is the top team in North America, keeping up its appearance as the best Spring team in the LCS. They managed to claim 13 wins and 5 losses in the Spring Regular Season 2021, just beating out Team Liquid and TSM, who ended on a 12-6 Regular Split.

Fourth and Fifth place Dignitas ended the season on 11-7, while Evil Geniuses ended 10-8. At no point were these teams in any real threat of slipping out of the Mid-season Showdown. The next teams to get anywhere near playoffs congestion is Immortals, who ended the season 7-11. 

With the results in, the Mid-season showdown sees teams battle it out similarly to the good old fashioned NA LCS.  First Place takes on the fourth seed in the Upper Bracket, with the second taking on fourth. The losers of these matches will face either Dignitas or Evil Geniuses in the Lower Bracket.

Ther question for these teams heading into the Mid-season Showdown is who will go dominate. The regular season has been too close for comfort. Not to mention teams are heading into best-of-five matches, which means consistency is key. North American teams so far have shown anyone can win on the day, meaning the playoffs are going to be a lot more interesting in the coming weeks.

The Mid-season schedule is up, with the brackets established. The first series between TSM and Team Liquid kicks off on March 20, followed by C9 and 100Ts the day later in the Upper Bracket Round 1  Who will walk away victorious, and head to the MSI Iceland event?