LoL Rise of the Sentinels Event Guide

The Rise of the Sentinels event is shaping up to be one of the biggest events in the history of League of Legends.

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Riot Games have teased the next major event of the year for League of Legends that will be known as the Rise of the Sentinels.

The event will be one of the biggest in the game’s history and is arriving to finally put an end to the Ruination of Runeterra, as the light prevails over the darkness of the Black Mist.

Ever since the release of Viego: The Ruined King in January earlier this year, the world of League of Legends has been beautifully plagued with his storyline and the Ruination of Runeterra.

Fans and enthusiasts of the community were finally able to know and use the mysterious figure behind one of the game’s most historical items, the “Blade of the Ruined King”, as a playable champion as well as learning more about his relevance in League’s complex lore.

The significance of this event is not only important in the game but also in Viego’s backstory and the lore in general. The Sentinels of Light are responsible for coming together to fend off the tyranny of Viego and the Black Mist which is why the event is taking place. 

The Rise of the Sentinels event is coming to introduce a ton of new rewards, missions and an amazing new skin line, as well as concluding Viego’s massive storyline and putting an end to the Ruination of Runeterra for good.

(Image Credit: Riot Games)

The story goes as follows; going by the lore, there were five notable members of the Sentinels of Light, namely, Anabal, Daowan, Lucian, Senna and Urias.

Of those, Lucian and Senna have already been introduced to the game as champions and are well known by the LoL community. Lucian’s father, Urius, died of age and Anabel passed away while fighting against the undying spirits of the Black Mist.

The fifth Sentinel, Daowan, picked up Anabal’s relic pistol and used it to aid Senna and Lucian in repelling the Black Mist. Since then, Daowan has not been mentioned in the League of Legends Lore, and thus many fans have placed him at the top of the upcoming champion’s speculation list.

Last weekend Riot teased a short teaser trailer termed “The Fate of Demacia” that showed the mighty kingdom sufferiong from the Ruination after being engulfed by a greenish-dark mist which can only be the Black Mist.

Riot have already stated that a huge chunk of this year will be focused around this massive storyline and corresponding champions will be released to aid this weaving of the lore into the actual game.

Many players play the game with little to no knowledge of the lore or storylines of their favorite champions and Riot has planned to change that this year, as the lore plays such an important role in the realms of Runeterra.

Riot informed us that the next three champions following Viego’s release would be related to the Ruined King himself, with the first already being released – Gwen, the doll of Viego’s wife, Isolde. 

Then the next two would be the artillery mage Yordle and a new Sentinel of Light who would be a midlane marksmen. According to some leaks, it is possible that this new champion will be named Akshan as a mystery marksman can be seen for the Rise of the Sentinels teaser poster but more will be revealed and confirmed with the event.

Akshan, a Sentinel of Light and rumoured to be the next champion released in League of Legends. (Image Credit: Riot Games).

When does it start?

The Rise of the Sentinels event is scheduled to hit live servers on July 8, when League of Legends patch 11.14 launches, with the Sentinels of Light crossover also being rolled out across Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and Wild Rift.

How to solve Sentinels of Light event puzzle

To get ready for the Rise of the Sentinels, Riot put out a puzzle based around Viego. If you haven’t been able to solve the riddle already, do not worry as we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps to unlock the mystery reward.


  1. Click the hand on Viego’s portrait on the left of the picture. You should be taken to the next page where a golden music box plays a tune.
  2. Once the music box finishes, a text box should appear. Type ->8->8->8->8 into the box. This is a code on Gwen’s champion biography page.
  3. A “Welcome Sentinel” text box should appear on the next page. Type Akshan, the name of the next champion, and hit enter to complete the puzzle.

(Image Credit: Riot Games).

New Sentinels of Light Skins

The brand new skins being released will mainly feature those champions who have decided to fight back against the Ruination and to act as “Sentinels of Light” to fend off the plaguing darkness of the Black Mist.

Diana, Irelia, Olaf, Riven, and Vayne are all getting new Sentinel skins, piercing the darkness with light weapons and clean fits.

The garments all feature stark contrasts between white, black, and gold, fitting alongside the themes of Sentinel of Light champions Lucian, Senna and Akshan.

Pantheon, however, wasn’t so fortunate. The Unbreakable Spear has joined the Ruination with a new Ruined skin in the same vein as Draven, Karma, and Shyvana earlier in 2021. He will also be receiving a Prestige skin through the event.

As well as the skins, a brand new game mode “Ultimate Spellbook” will be making a feature on a brand new ruined themed version of Summoner’s Rift.