League of Legends Patch 11.8 Notes – Jungle and Support Highlights

League of Legends Patch 11.8 Rammus Ult and ability Changes
Rammus is getting a significant upgrade in the League of Legends Patch 11.8 update.

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League of Legends is back with its next big patch, with Patch 11.8 delivering some major changes to several Champions, Mythic Items and of course, the release of Gwen. Here are all the highlights of League of Legends Patch 11.8.

Champion Updates

Legue of Legends Champion Gwen

Gwen is the newest champ releasing with LoL 11.8 Patch. Image via Riot Games. 


The new LoL patch comes with changes for several Champions. Also, Gwen’s release date is upon us, with us doing an in-depth preview of her abilities here.

Dr. Mundo has been a growing pick in the Jungle because of Cleaver and AOE’s aura’s camp clearing speeds. As a result, Riot’s Dr. Mundo nerfs hits his clearing speeds, with Mundo buffs enhancing his health return if it hits minions. Riot aims for the Mundo balancing to see him return to Top and perform much more effectively while taking him out of an unintended role.

Speaking of roles, certain Champs are not indeed for; Rumble is getting some top lane buffs. Dr. Mundo has seen some more play rate in the mid lane, adapting to the control mage meta. However, Rumble nerfs are in, reducing his base magic resist and MR growth. Instead, Rumble gets buffs to his E by reducing their magic resist for several seconds. Riot’s sole intention for this change is for pressuring melee champions top lane, thus making him more viable. Furthermore, his passive damage is weaker but has a percentage max hp damage increase and bonus attack speeds. Scrapyard Yordle should be able to contend with every melee character top lane when he gets his passive going. 

Moreso, Vladimir is getting a few tweaks to ease his tension in the CDR push. With the Season 11 itemization changes in play, CDR is much more scarce, and Vlad feels that with fewer items to get early ability haste from. Riot is lowering his base CDRs to help him perform later in the game.

As for nerfs, Yorick and Thresh are toned down. Yorick changes keep his split pushing power but reduce his damage output. Meanwhile, Thresh’s Flay is longer at early levels.


Jungler Changes Analysis

One of the main features of this patch is to ease new players into the Jungle. Morgana is one such Champion. With her W having 200% damage against monsters. Likewise, Darius, Diana, Mordekaiser, and Zed have a few more changes to help viably clear camps. 

The most interesting of the lot are Diana, Mordekaiser, and Morgana. Morana Support is indirectly buffed, helping the Jungler’s clear quicker, with larger camps getting melted quicker. Mordekaiser is quite sustainable with his W, and the extra passive burn will come in nice. Diana, however, has the kit to perform well in the Jungle, with her passive bonus, which is frequently active becoming more reliable for clearing. If any of these catch on, it’s likely Diana.

But the elephant in the room is Rammus. Rammus has a brand new ultimate and a visual update in League of Legends Patch 11.8. His new ultimate rewards him for going fast and engaging with his ultimate. The new ultimate launches him onto a location, slowing enemies caught in the earth quaker, getting more oppressive the longer they stay in it. Additionally, if Rammus has Powerball active when he ults, he will knock up enemies at the center. His armored shell has extended duration if it used in the right situations. Considering the current Jungle Meta, Rammus’ engage potential with Turbo Chemtank makes him a realistic meta pick. His clear speeds are the only thing preventing him from being as strong as Hecarim, Volibear, and Udyr for the early game pathing.

Notable Item Changes

League of Legends Patch 11.8 seems to be the Support patch when it comes to items. Moonstone Renewer has had its healing nerfed for alter games, allowing more room for other items. It now does 60 healing, with its heal amplification down from 50% to 20%. The support now needs more Legendary Items completed to get healing taken out of its kit, meaning Support Laners and Junglers can only benefit from it, like Karma top or Lillia Jungle. 

With that said, there are a few alternatives. With Shurely’s granting more movement speed opportunities for engages, with Staff of Flowing Water gaining ability haste and AP to compensate for the change. Finally, Hextech Putrifier now grants yourself a grievous wound proc onto targets without having to heal yourself. It adds a bit more consistency to the item. Consequently, these changes should mean there are now a few different items for different playstyles for Enchanter Supports.

Also, Hextech Protobelt is getting change. Nightharvester was generally the better item, so Protobelt is aiming to be the pick Assassins go for with its new Magic Penetration.

This concludes the major League of Legends Patch 11.8 Notes. Good luck with the new changes and may the elo be with you. For those wanting the full information, you can see Riot’s blog here.