WoW TBC Classic: Aldor or Scryers Guide

Here is everything you need to know before joining the Aldor or Scryers

Aldors or Scryers Shattarath TBC WoW
The Aldor and the Scryers are two competing reputations housed in Shattarath City. Image via Blizzard.

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The Burning Crusade is World of Warcraft’s first expansion, bring with it plenty of changes to improve the game. One of those interesting features is a player chosen rep for one of two Shattarath factions, granting unique benefits for those who join a faction. These two reps are the Aldors and the Scryers, consisting of Blood Elves and Draenei NPCs who make their home in Shattarath. Anyone looking to play TBC will at some point run into them and chose their destiny. Here are several benefits associated with each reputation and why you would consider picking them. By the end of the article, hopefully, you’ll have a decision on whether you’ll be joining the Aldor or Scryers, know how to swap, and the rewards attached to them.


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How to join the Aldor or Scryers

Upon reaching level 60, and finding your way into Shattarath City, you’ll be given some introductory quests to the city. You’ll find Khadgar in Shattarath City, which he will take you on a tour and introduction of the city. You’ll get the quests, A’dal and City of Light, players will need to complete beforehand. The City of Light makes you go on the tour with Khadgar’s assistant, while A’dal makes you speak to the Naaru in the City Centre.

After completing both quests, Khadgar gives you two new quest, although, only one can be completed: the Allegiance to the Aldor and the Scryers. Players will decide then and there if they want to, joining the faction of choice ideally for the remainder of the expansion. Upon completing the quest, you’ll become neutral with one faction and hated with the other.

While this guide on joining either the Aldor or Scryers for TBC Classic, it is still relevant for those playing in real WoW. The quests from Khadgar are the same, so it is still relevant to Outland levellers.

How to swap between Aldor and Scryers

If anyone decides they want to switch between the Aldor or Scryers, then there is a method to the madness. Both factions have a neutral quest for players looking to grid their way from hatred to neutral with the other faction. Unfortunately, the repeatable quest also drops your rep with the other faction, meaning both factions will eventually become neutral.

To switch from the Aldors to the Scryers, visit Arcanist Adyria, located at 55.0. 22.4 in the northern part of Shattarath City’s Lower City. Arcanist Adyria grants the repeatable quest, Voren’thal’s Visions. The quest requires collecting 8 Dampscale Basilisk Eyes, obtainable from the Terrokar Forest Basilisks. The lake north of the Cenarion Thicket has Dampscale Basilisk spawns, while the rivers between Tuurem, Allerian Stonghold and Firewing point contain other types of Basilisk. Furthermore, other types of basilisks spawn throughout the forest directly outside Shattarath. Each quest hand in grants 250 rep for the Scryers, while reducing your rep with the Aldor by 250. 

Alternatively, those who want to switch from Scryers to Aldor can follow a similar process. Sha’nir is the Aldor NPC located at  64.4, 15.4 in the northern part of the Lower City. She offers the repeatable quest titled Strained Supplies, requiring 8 Dreadfang Venom Sacs. Players can complete the quest by farming the Dreadfang Lurkers and Dreadfang Widows. The Dread Fang Lurkers are in the Terrokar Forest, with the Widows densely popular on the southeast and southwest edges of the Bone Waste. Each hand in grants 250 rep with the Aldor and -250 with the Scryers.

On a side note, players can farm these items without needing the quest. It is one of the gold making opportunities in TBC that isn’t as contested as the Elemental Plateau and Throne of Kil’jaeden

How to Gain Rep with the Aldor or Scryers

Auchindoun TBC
Auchindoun is home to the Shadowlabs, one of the many locations to get rep items for the Aldor. Image via Blizzard.


Depending on whether you go Aldor or Scryers, you’ll gain rep through different means. Each faction has many questlines, dailies and more, so you’ll likely follow them for rep. 

After that, you can gain a reputation from item drops. The Aldor want Fel Armaments, which drop from the Shadow Council and Burning Legion mobs These Fel Armamanets are the big-ticket rep items, granting 350 rep and one Holy Dust per hand in. Furthermore,  the Mark’s of Kail’Jaeden and Mark of Sargeras are other ways to get rep. Marks of Kil’jaeden grant 25 rep per hand in and the Marks of Sargeras grant 250 rep and require 10 to hand in. These items are handed in at the Aldor faction hun in Shattarath s part of repeatable quests.

Meanwhile, the Scryers want three items too. The big-ticket item is the Arcane Tome, which grants 350 rep a hand in and one Holy Dust.  Arcane Tomes drop from Blood Elve mobs in dungeons and the world. Furthermore, the Scryers want Firewing Signet and Sunfury Signets. The Scryers Hub requires 10 before being turned in at the repeatable quest NPC in their Shattarath Hub.

However, players must be aware that the Mark of Kil’Jaeden and the Firewing Signets only grant rep until honoured. Also, every hand in for one faction lowers your reputation with the other reputation

The Aldor and Scryers Comparison

Both factions are found in the Sattarath, in their own respective elevated positions within the city. Draenei refugees have taken a new home in Shattarath and have formed their own independent faction. Located on the western ledge of Shattarath, players climb an elevator to visit their headquarters. On the other hand, the Scryers are located on the southern side of the City, featuring breakaway Blood Elves who chose to leave Kael’Thas’ Outland force. Gaining access to either the Aldor or Scryers bases in Shattarath entirely depends on the faction you chose. 

There is a quartermaster within each rep up, each with different professional recipes, enchants, and other pieces of gear. One of the main differences between the two factions is their enchants. Each reputation has three greater enchants for the shoulders, with both favouring very different styles. In addition, there are exclusive BoP pieces of gear and some exclusive profession recipes for both factions. Here are some of the highlights for each section and the classes that better suit those rewards.



Aldor Enchants:

  • Greater Inspiration of Vengeance – adds 30 attack power and 10 crit strike rating.
  • Greater Inspiration of Discipline – adds 18 spell damage and healing and 10 spell crit.
  • Greater Inspiration of Faith – adds up to 33 healing, 11 spell damage, and 4 mana per 5.
  • Greater Inscription of Warding – adds 15 dodge and 10 defense rating.


Scryers Enchants

  • Greater Inspiration of the Knight – grants 15 defense rating and 10 dodge.
  • Greater Inspiration of the Blade – adds 15 crit and 20 attack power.
  • Greater Inspiration of the Oracle – adds 6 mana per 5 and up to 22 healing.
  • Greater Inspiration of the Orb – adds 15 spell crit and 12 spell damage.


The Enchants for each rep are very similar, so it doesn’t matter if you go Aldor or Scryers; the answer is kind of. While the enchants will not exactly make or break your choice, there is technically a few differences. The best enchant on that list for a tank is by far the Scryer’s Greater Inspiration of the Knight, as it adds more defence rating, which is way more valuable throughout the expansion.

As for Healers, it entirely depends if you prefer MP5 or crit. Holy Paladins will likely favour the Aldor’s greater spell crit due to mana return from the Illumination. On the other hand,  someone spamming higher rank spells will want more MP5. It is entirely situational here on your playstylee in the raid or class.

For Ranged DPS, the Aldor are the clear favourite for the Discipline enchant as Spell damage is generally much more useful. Although, a class like the Elemental Shaman or the Arcane mage might like the bonus crit from the Scryers when their spec mechanic goes off. For physical damage dealers, either is fine. If you don’t favour crit strike rating as much then, perhaps the Scryers is a decent option. However, attack power is generally a more favoured stat weight for physical DPS.


BoP Items

Aldor BoP

  • Vindicator’s Brand – One-handed Sword – Adds 19 hit rating and 38 attack power.
  • Auchenai Staff – – Staff – Increase spell hit by 19, spell crit by 26, and spell power by 121.
  • Vindicator’s Hauberk – Chest – Plate tank item with 46 defence and 19 dodge.
  • Anchorite’s Robes – Cloth healing piece with 16 stamina, 38 intellect and 18 spirit. It also increases spell power by 29.
  • Lightwarden’s Band – Ring – Physical DPS ring with 8 agility, 27 stamina and 38 attack power.
  • Medallion of the Lightbearer – Neck – Caster neck with 18 stamina and 28 intellect. Furthermore, it has 6 MP5 attached to it.


Scryers BoP

  • Scryers Bloodgem – Trinket – Increases Spell hit by 32 and grants 150 spell damage and 280 healing for 15 seconds on a 90-second cooldown.
  • Seer’s Signet – Finger – Grants 12 Spell Crit and increase spell power by 34.
  • Seer’s Cane – Staff – Increases healing done by 228 and spell damage by 76. Also, the cane restores 10 MP5.
  • Retainer’s Blade – Dagger – grants 22 agility and 21 stamina.
  • Gauntlets of the Chosen –  Leather piece with 15 agility, 30 stamina and 35 defence rating.
  • Retainer’s Legging – Legs –  Leather legs with 28 stamina, 26 hit rating and 92 attack power.


The BoP items are great for acquiring prebis if you are committed to farming reputation with the Aldor or Scryers, especially if your class fits the bill. Many of the strongest items in the Scryers department are for casters, making it an interesting choice for those looking to grab some gear for T4 content. On the other hand, the leather defensive items leave much to be desired, unless your area tank druid. The Dagger isn’t too bad for Rogues either.

Meanwhile, the Aldor’s BoP gear is rather lacklustre. The most outstanding item on the list is the caster necklace. The Prot Paladin and Prot Warrior gets more appealing gear from the BoPs from the Aldor but are easily replaceable.


Profession Recipes


  • Blacksmithing Recipes – Flamebane Set – Allows the Blacksmith to create fire resistance stamina set.
  • Tailoring Recipes – Flameheart –  Tailors create a fire-resistant cloth set with no set bonus.
  • Tailoring – Golden Spellthread – adds spell thread to legs granting 66 healing, 22 spell damage and 20 stamina.
  • Leatherworking – Flamescale and Blastguard – Leatherworkers make the fire-resistant gear with stamina and no set bonus.
  • Leatherworking –  Vindicator Armor Kit – Creates a defense rating buff to items on the chest, legs, hands or feet.
  • Jewelcrafting –  Royal Shadow Draenite – +7 healing +3 spell damage and 1MP5.
  • Jewelcrafting – Gleaming Golden Draenite – +6 spell crit rating.



  • Blacksmithing – Enchanted Adamite Set – Stamina set with Arcane resistance. Set bonus grants 30 parry rating.
  • Tailoring – Runic Spellthread – increases spell power by 35 and stamina by 20.
  • Tailoring – Mystic Spellthread – increases spell power by 25 and stamina by 15.
  • Leatherworking – Magister’s Armor Kit – 3 MP5 on chest, legs, hands or feet.
  • Leatherworking – Enchanted Felscale – Stamina Arcane pieces of gear.
  • Jewelcrafting – Dazzling Deep Peridot – 1 MP5 and 3 intellect.
  • Jewelcrafting – Pendant of Withering – 18 Stam 30 Nature resistance and o use shield absorbing 900-2700 nature damage for all party members.
  • Alchemy – Elixr of Major Firepower – A battle elixir that increases fire damage by 55 for an hour. 


Overall, these profession recipes are rather disappointing. The best of the lot are tailors and leatherworkers, creating unique item enchantments. The Golden Spellthread is great for healers, and the Runic Spellthread great for casters. As for Leathwerokers, the MP5 and defence reinforcements are nice too. However, they are not entirely necessary as they can be sold on the AH. Don’t decide on whether to go Aldor or Scryers for profession items as it simply isn’t worth it.


Shattered Sun Offensive

Quel'Danas Village
Quel’Danas is an important daily hub in the final patch of TBC. Image via Blizzard.


The Shattered Sun Offensive is a new reputation that launches in the final TBC patch in the Blood Elf region of Quel’Danas. The new reputation brings with it some new goodies for both the Aldor and the Scryers. One of the rewards from the reputation is the various necklaces they award players. Depending on if you are Aldor or Scryers, the necklaces will have different effects.

Spellcasters will take the Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen. The Acumen Pendent randomly grants 120 spell damage for 10 seconds if you’re Aldor, or arcane bolt dealing 350 damage for Scryers.

Physical DPS take the Shattered Sun Pendant of Might. Aldor’s version provides a random chance to gain 200 attack power for 10 seconds, while the Scryers get Arcane Strike, dealing 500 damage.

Tanks aim for the Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve. Aldor tanks gain another random chance to gain 100 dodge for 10 seconds, with Scryers randomly getting 100 expertise for 10 seconds.

Finally, Healers get Shattered Sun Pendent of Restoration. Aldor gets a random chance to gain 220 healing and 74 spell damage,  while Scryers get an Arcane Surge, healing a target for 600-700, which can crit.

Looking at the necklaces, every single necklace apart from the tank is better for the Aldor. The bonus stats for ten seconds synergise a lot more with the stuff players are already doing, and the on-hit can be rather hit or miss. The only outlier is the neck, as expertise is generally better than dodge at that point in the game. Although, physical damage dealers that build crit can benefit a lot from the crit proc rates on the Might Pendant. If you plan on getting exalted with the Aldor or Scryers, then the necklace will only matter in those situations. 

What is the bis rep for each class or spec?

For the gamers that want to min-max based on rep, here is the bis faction for each class and spec. Please note that the majority of this decision making comes simply down to the enchants and the SSO necklaces. If getting prebis is important, most casters will want the Scryers epics as great items, especially for reaching the hit cap. Also, the enchants from the Scryers are very good for PvP due to the bonus crit on most enchants. Keep these in mind for niche decision making on the reputations. However, the below list is the general rule of thumb for PvE.



  • Feral – Scryers
  • Balance – Aldor
  • Resto – Aldor


Hunter – Aldor

Mage – Aldor mainly for the enchants and necklace. Scryers is fine for Arcane.


  • Prot – Scryer
  • Ret –  Aldor
  • Holy – Aldor


Priest – Aldor

Rogue – Both are fine


  • Ele – Both are fine
  • Enhancement – Aldor
  • Resto – Aldor, but Scryers isn’t bad for MP5 builds


Warlock – Aldor


  • Prot – Scryer
  • Arms – Aldor
  • Fury – Aldor


We hope you got all the information on everything you need to know with the Aldor and the Scryers. The article compiles everything from how to gain rep with the factions to all the bonuses you get from the reputations. We have given an outline on which one is better for all the minmaxers so you can pump throughout the expansion or get the best prebis for T4 progression. Please remember there is no real mistake to be made with your chosen faction, as it is all optional bonuses that have strengths and weakness for character progression. Again, the most desirable bonuses from the rep are the shoulder enchants, which are relevant all expansion long.