Blizzard reveal World of Warcraft The Great Push Event

World of Warcraft The Great Push
World of Warcraft is getting a new one-off tournament called the Great Push, aimed at taking players to the very limit of their abilities. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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World of Warcraft Esports is bringing us an entirely new competitive dungeon format. Blizzard Entertainment is launching a one-off tournament titled the Great Push, which is a new, unique, and separate Mythic+ tournament not associated with the MDI. Lets take a look at the new tournament.


What is World of Warcraft’s The Great Push?

World of Warcraft’s The Great Push is a new one-off esports tournament that anyone in the world can aim to qualify to. The tournament aims to give teams aiming to qualify the objective to push a specific key as high as possible. Blizzard Entertainment has only $20,000 USD is on the line, but its the unique challenge that is the most interesting.

Any team of five can enter the tournament, by clicking on Gamebattle’s sign up page here. When a team is registered, you can head over to the Tournament Realm in the Proving Ground Event, which takes place on May 22-23. Teams will be given two different keystones to complete, with the aims to continuously push them as high as possible. Once the Proving Grounds are over, the six best teams who made it the furthest in the Proving Ground Event will receive an invite to the Great Push Event on May 28-30.


How is this different to the MDI?

The MDI is Blizzard’s push on PVE WoW Esports. The event pits teams against each other on the same key, with the winner being the team that does it first. There are weekly matches in the regular season, with teams getting crowned Cup champions. As it stands, the MDI is through to the Global Finals, with the six best Western teams meeting the two best Chinese teams to determine the MDI Season 1 Champions on April 23-25.


The Great Push is a fresh take on the Mythic+ competitive experience. During the live version of World of Warcraft, competitive high-level key pushers race against each other to become the first team to beat certain dungeons at the most difficult key levels. This one-off event feels much more like that experience, and the viewing experience will look a lot different to the tournament setting we have at the MDI. It is certainly an exciting take on the system.