Progress takes TBC Classic World First on Kara, Gruul and Mag

Progress have dominated the TBC Launch

TBC CLassic World First
Progress have claimed World First on Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, and Magtheridon's Lair. Image via Blizzard.

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Hardcore Raiding Guild, Progress on Firemaw Alliance EU has taken even more World First trophies on TBC Classic. The raid roster managed to get TBC Classic World First on all three Phase 1 fights, including Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, and Magtheridon’s Lair.

The story for Progress was one of trials and tribulations. When most of their players made it to 70, there were several dungeon groups running to get some level of prebis gear. As the guild got more and more level 70s and gear, they tried Gruul’s first boss, High King Maulgar at 3:26 PM after three attempts on the boss. After that, they decided to leave the raiding alone to get more dungeon gear. Progress returned to Kruul’s Lair roughly four hours later and killed the boss, taking World First Gruul’s Lair on TBC Classic.

But the story did not end there. The next T4 boss on the chopping block was Magetheridon. The raid went in and managed to get themselves a kill after a 9-minute fight. Progress took yet another TBC Classic World First in Phase 1 at 9 26 PM server time with the kill. It was time to split the raid into two raids of ten and make their way into Karazhan.

While Progress had already gone into Karazhan for some of the easier bosses, they went back in for the later bosses. The first few bosses like Attunemen, Moroes, and Maiden went down between 6 and 7 server time, which helped the main group get geared from previous boss kills. But with the two other raids down, it was all eyes on Karazhan. The first raid team continued their spree of boss kills, with Opera Hall going down at 9:55 server time. From there, the raid was fully cleared by 12:51, except for Netherspite. However, the World First kill for Netherspite, went to BIZZNO on Gehennas EU at 2:32 AM server time.

They did have some competition along the way. World First winners of WoW Classic, APES was in contestion for the Gruuls kill. However, their vanilla strategy failed to take down Gruul, as they tried to bring multiple pre-70s to the raid as they did with Ragnaros. Sadly, this is what lost them the race, getting several Phase 1 TBC Raid Kills several hours after Progress did. Other than that, guilds like Tribe, Blizzno and Insidious were the competition for other raid bosses, who, like Apes, were slightly behind.

Progress has dominated the launch of TBC, taking all of these TBC Classic World First Phase 1 kills. While this was their intended goal for the launch of TBC, they managed to get the World First level 70 on their Warlock, Hacez. Either way, the guild has clearly put in a lot of work and have reaped their rewards. GG.