Blizzard Entertainment Announce MDI WoW Finals for April 23-25

MDI WoW Shadowlands Season 1
The WoW MDI Finals are coming soon, with one team left to qualify through Cup 4. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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The first Shadowlands Season of the MDI is coming to an end. Three MDI cups are already down, with the fourth one coming up the weekend commencing March 12. The teams that can power their way through will qualify for the WoW MDI Season 1 Finals,  through April 23 -25.

Since mid-January, over 200 teams have raced through time trials and three cups, but only eight remain heading into Cup 4. As it stands, there are several big contenders from the North American and European regions. So far, five of the teams are confirmed, meaning there is one space remaining for the rest of the world.

The most exciting story of Cup 4 belongs to the Golden Guardians. The former MSI Champions have failed to make it to Championship Sunday, and a run here will cement them in the Finals. But they are at risk from teams like Does Gargoyle Stream, Pitu’s Angels and more. This is going to be one of the most interesting parts of Cup 4.


Although, we could potentially see a few new surprises. The recent 9.0.5 patch shapes a few things up, with some Mages rerolling covenant with the rising power of the Frost specialization. Furthermore, Blizzard Entertainment buffed some of the weaker legendaries. Specs like the Fire Mage have a new PVE BIS Legendary, Disciplinary Command. Will teams already heading to the Finals try something new, such as crafting new legendaries? Perhaps meta reshapers, Reload Fulcrum will innovate as they did with their Holy Paladin and Shadow Priest composition? These are some of the details we could see as Blizzard confirms Cup 4 will play on the live patch.

Following this weekend’s action, the top six teams will advance to the WoW MDI Season 1 Global Finals. These six teams will meet the top two teams in China to compete for their share of the $300,000 (USD) prize pool and title of MDI Global Champion. Those interested can see the action unfold on the MDI WoW Esports YouTube Channel.