Sinatraa accused of sexual misconduct by former girlfriend


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Professional Valorant player, and former Overwatch League MVP, Jay “Sinatraa” Won has been accused of sexual misconduct by his former girlfriend, Cleo Hernandez. The allegations contain evidence of emotional abuse, sex without consent, and more.

In a statement Cleo released onto Twitter, she indicated that Sinatraa knew about the pain he was causing her. This is alongside claims of guilt-tripping and pressuring her into sex or other points of conflict in their relationship. The relationship lasted for nine months, with these incidents being a recurring theme.


Since the story began, there are several developments from Sinatraa himself, the Overwatch League, and Sentinels. Sinatraa released a Twitloinger himself, detailing that he sees the perspective of the relationship very differently, but agrees that the relationship was unhealthy. Furthermore, both Riot Games and Sentinels have suspended Sinatraa while the investigation is underway. Finally, Blizzard Entertainment is offering refunds of up to 200 tokens for anyone who bought the alien MVP skin, representing Sinatraa’s MVP season,

Original Story

Over the course of the nine-month relationship, Cleo explains she got used to letting him perform intercourse despite not wanting it. When they first got together, she told him she was not on birth control, but he proceeded to not use contraception. As a result, she got an IUD, which proceeded to cause her pain during her sex.

“The first time we ever slept together I told him I wasn’t on birth control and he could not finish in me. He did it anyways, without my consent.”

Sinatraa was reportedly made aware of the pain it caused during intercourse. But she said sex would last until he was finished regardless of how she felt in most situations. Cleo goes onto explain that she had said no to him on several occasions, but it would lead to the two having sex anyway.

“The IUD made it so that sex was very painful for me. Jay knew this and didn’t care. I would say that it hurts and I wanted it to stop and he’d say “No, no I’m so close””.

“Sometimes if I said it hurt early on he’d stop, but most of the time it wasn’t a big concern for him that he was hurting me very badly.”

She goes on to explain that the arguments over saying no was not worth it. Eventually, she would let it happen, and she would stare at the ceiling waiting for it to be over.

“I remember one day we were watching videos of this Japanese YouTube channel of a man making knives out of random stuff in my bed while at my apartment. He wanted to have sex, I didn’t have an excuse for why I didn’t want to at the time, so I just let it happen and laid there and stared at the ceiling with him in top of me, his weight crashing my chest. I think about staring up at that ceiling everyday.”

Her statement goes on to inform the reader more about general character qualities that made their relationship come to an end. The document also contains statements regarding drama with his current girlfriend and more. She also links to an audio file, giving evidence to her claim of non-consensual sex.

This is not the only story to recently come out regarding allegations of misconduct. Team Liquid recently dropped a player for their organization after a review into physical allegations made against a coach.

We have reached out to Sentinels for a statement regarding the allegations. We will update the article with their side of the story once we can.


Image via Blizzard Entertainment.