Mav dropped from Team Liquid after Internal Investigation

Mav Six Invitational 2018

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Rafael “mav” Loureiro Freitas is no longer part of the Team Liquid Rainbow Six roster. The organization underwent a four-week long investigation into claims of physical abuse about the coach. After the review process, Team Liquid has dropped him from the roster.

Back in January, screenshots emerged of texts between Mav and his ex-girlfriend. The text’s details have since been deleted, but the texts translated into English detail Mav pushed his ex.

The images were later followed up by Team Liquid, as they announced his temporary suspension with an upcoming review. Mav later tweeted admitting its validity, but the tweet no longer exists.

But there is now an update to the story. Team Liquid released an announcement regarding the review. The organization states that with the evidence they have collected, they are letting go of Mav.

The review finds that there is sufficient evidence to warrant the removal of its coach from the team. The evidence they have gained means that Mav does not share the personal values the brand has set out through its code of conduct.

Team Liquid politely asks those in the wider community to respect the decision that Team Liquid has made. The nature of the information to all parties is sensitive, given the weight of the situation’s allegations and legality.

Mav is not the only report to come out regarding misconduct of professional esport athletes. Sinatraa is the latest esport athlete to have serious allegations pointed at him, this time involving sexual misconduct. Furthermore, the Mexcian Rainbow Six League recently announced the removal of a team for match-fixing, along with punishment to those found poaching contracts.

Esports continues to see the continuously unravelling thread linking the scene with more gross misconduct cases. 


Image via Pawel Bastrzyk / Ubisoft.