Scavengers Tier List – The Best Explorers and the Worst

Scavengers Tier lLst Feature Image Concept Art
Scavengers is a new Battle Royale survival hybrid, with Explorers being the classes you play as during games. Image via Midwinter Entertainment.

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Scavengers have taken the BR community by surprise in Spring 2021. The game launched with an early launch, originally only accessible through Twitch Drops. However, the game has since launched in Eary Acces that players can download through their PC platform of choice. With many people getting into a new BR, with classes that players can unlock by earning in-game currency, it is important to know what class you want to play early. Here we go through Scavengers best Explorers in our Scavengers Tier List. 

Ranking Methodology

We will be using standard S to D Tier Rankings to better explain the power of the Explorers, aka the classes we play as in-game. The rankings will reflect the relative strength of each of the Explorers, suggesting some of the raw strengths of the classes in-game. However, there are only seven Explorers in the game, meaning that there isn’t that much depth to the rankings.

Moreso, all of the Explorers in the game are fine as they are at the moment. If any Explorer comes across as too powerful, they will likely see significant changes, as Scavengers is an Early Access title, with planned wipes as the game develops.


S Tier:  The best Explorers in the game for their firepower, utility, or passive tree.

A Tier: Very good Explorers that are slightly behind the S Tiers. These Explorers tend to have an obvious weakness, which stops them from being S Tier.

B Tier: Explorers that come across as balanced at the moment.

C Tier: Come across as slightly below average.

D Tier:  Explorers that feel completely useless in the current game.


Explorer Rankings

S: Tarik, Halden,

A: Cruz, Kali, Valora,

B: Letty, Jae




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Scavengers’ Best Explorers


Halden Tier 2 Skill Tree Healing Burst
One of the passive perks in Halden’s skill tree. Image via Midwinter Entertainment.


The only current battle medic in the game has a quality ability, signature weapon, and perks to choose from. Halden uses a tactical assault rifle, the clear best AR in the game, beating out low ammo count wildcard weapons. Furthermore, Halden has a nice AOE healing dome, helping to keep his allies up during combat or out trade a 1v1 fight. The bonus is it is useful on downed allies, as it instantly revives them from down but not out scenarios. 

Although, the most important thing about Helden is his Tier 2 Research passive row. The row grants him better ability cooldown, meaning more opportunities to heal allies when needed. Likewise, his utility passive on that row provides burst healing to himself and nearby allies. The strength of this is good, and it also means allies don’t have to be perfect next to Halden’s healing circle to get some benefits, making it more practical. Even so, this burst heal applies to targets who get revived from his ability.

Due to his aoe ability, Halden also scales well with Valora, who places a dome of protection down. The two lining up can create a defensive turtle strategy, coming in handy in the shuttle and during open-world fights. With this much utility, it is easy to see how he places in the best bracket of the Scavengers Tier List.



Taric Explorer Scavengers Sniper Rifle
Tarik is Scavenger’s Sniper themed Explorer. Image via Midwinter Entertainment.


The resident Sniper Explorer is one of the best Explorers in the game at the moment. Tarik seems very powerful, especially when equipped with his T2 or T4 passives in his skill tree. One of the passives increases his damage if he reloads after expanding a magazine’s ammo. Considering that Tarik uses a bolt action sniper, he can essentially drop shields rather quickly when using this playstyle, which is very important for rotating well and positioning for the shuttle fights. If you use the  T5 Longstrike Taskmaster, shields drop even quicker.

In addition, his Stun Trap ability allows Tarik’s team to rotate and bunker down on site. Whether that is to spot rings closing in or defending themselves from flanks when sitting around fires. Furthermore, it is a useful tool on the shuttle when fights get close and hectic. When his squad is the first to get on the shuttle, he can deploy his trap and ambush those entering the ship, offering a chance for some final supplies before takeoff.

The only real downside to Tarik is due to his sniper scope. When he scopes in on opponents, those eagle eyes players may spot his scope flash in the light, indicating you are in his sight. Smart players can spot this, knowing to change their movement pattern and cover or pressure him. Furthermore, there is an awkward dead zone when aggro teams finally get close enough to unleash hell. Positioning and choosing PvP fights well is advised.

A Tier Explorers

Kali Scavenger’s Guide

Kali Explorer Scavengers Tier-List Concept Art
Kali is the bow and arrow specialist Explorer, equipped with stealth abilities. Image via Midwinter Entertainment.


The Huntress of Scavengers is a solid A Tier on the Scavengers Tier List. She has some extremely practical usage, along with fitting a heavy-hitting mid to long-range DPS character. There are two unique aspects of Kali’s kit that is great. Firstly, her preference for Arrows makes it easier to loot and share resources, meaning she can easily acquire her preferred ammo type. Kali is the only Scanvter that uses arrows for their signature weapon. Secondly, her Active Camo is incredibly strong. She can use this to scout areas, get out of harm’s way, or flank enemy players to get in favourable fights. It is also a very good ability for ensuring your own survival for fights involving the shuttle.

On the other hand, her ability can be used similarly to Jae, as her invisibility can close the gaps if she opts for a melee weapon or her blue Tier Signtiure which fire 3 arrows at the same time. As it stands, blue and purple quality melee weapons are powerful in Scavengers. If she can get up close and personal using her Active Camo, she can do lots of damage.

The downside to her kit is that she is much harder to play than Tarik. Arrows have travel time and drop off the further they travel. It means it requires a lot more skill to pull off properly, especially when Tarik is much better in these environments. Besides, she needs to manual load a new arrow after firing, lacking that firepower in close range situations.


Cruz’s guide to success

Cruz is the other DPS Explorer that is all about speed. His ability is Tailwind, which grants him and allies bonus movement speed. As you can imagine, this is very good for plenty of scenarios, whether that is charging enemies, getting to cover, or running away from a fight. Combine this with his signature weapon, the Cazador SMG, and his kit allows him to be an incredibly strong close-range DPS.

As for team comps, he is a nice addition to many Explorers. He can help Jae get closer to the enemy with his melee signature weapon or help Halden get to reviving and healing his allies.

His kit also improves his ability to run around the map. His second passive tree grants him extra stamina from reloading and using his ability. Cruz can go eh extra mile, requiring less food to go further, While this is not exactly stand out, it does mean Cruz’s team can better manage food in survival situations.

The obvious weakness is that Cruz lacks firepower at range, requiring a wildcard weapon of any variety to back him up, such as the Argonaut or Warsong. Cruz seems more orientated for purpose-built team comps or an aggressive playstyle and isn’t as flexible as a Kali, for example. 

On a side note, Cruz’s T5, the Cazador shiver slows enemies he hits with rounds. This item adds so much value to chasing teams, keeping pressure and other tactical advantages. It can even apply the slow at ranged if necessary. The downside to this is is it require so much scrap to get that it could not be worth it.


How to play Valora

The first character you play as in the tutorial. Valora is the Defender Explorer, dropping domes that protect those stood inside. Combine this with her shotgun, and she is one of the best bunker down Explorers in the game. One of the most iconic things about her kit is her T2 passive tree. The passive row allows her to gain shield back when pressing her ability, and for every kill, she gets, her overall ability cooldown is lowered. Combine this with a chance to stun enemies as her shield breaks, and she can have an interesting stun, ability, shield stun combo. 

However, there is a glaring weakness to it. Only two Explorers who will realistically get close enough to get stunned is Cruz and Jae. Her performance as a close-range turtle doesn’t seem effective.  Although, Valora can play aggressively instead, getting in the face of her enemies to make this perk work. Despite the varying levels of success of these perks, her Devastator Shotgun is still one of the best signature weapons in the games. Furthermore, Letty’s EMP is a massive counter, even after she deploys her barrier.

Valora players should consider the defensive capabilities she has, using it to take favourable positions, control fires, and use and using it in the Shuttle fights. Not to mention her ability is almost always effective on the open field. Remember, Scavenger’s progression systems require extracted resources you collect in games. Valora is one of the best Explorers for making sure that happens. For this reason, she is a solid A on our Scavengers Tier List.  On a side note, Valora is S Tier in many players eyes due to her Shotgun and ability strength. But with Letty a clearly counter, and many players learning of her hard counter ability, Valora sits as an A Tier pick all in theory. 


Valora Perk Passive Scavengers
One of the more powerful perks for Valora. Image via Midwinter Entertainment.


B Tier Explorers


Letty B Tier Scavengers Tier List
Letty is an interesting Explorer, with potential to b S Tier but remains B Tier, for now. Image via Midwinter Entertainment.


Letty is one of the Explorers that sits in an awkward spot. She feels like a B Tier picks, with her Rosie signature pistol dealing damage, but not quite reliable as other weapons. Furthermore, her EMP Grenade is very practical but hard to pull off.

The best use for this Explorer is for pushing teams. If she manages to get a clutch EMP grenade onto targets like Jae, Halden, or Valora, then she can turn a fight. Of course, this is if she can land the ability before any of those press their abilities, excluding Valora barrier. Also, she can knock opponents away with, making it one of the only CC tools in the game. Finally, her EMP is one of the only counters to vehicles, other than heavily spraying them down. Unfortunately, using an EMP grenade on a vehicle is an unlikely scenario given the size and the openness of the map.

As it stands, Halden and Valora are two very popular picks, so you can elevate Letty higher up the Tier List if you so wish. But as she is a counter pick, we want to place her as a B Tier as at any point the Scavengers she counters could fall down. At least in theory anyway.



At the moment, Jae is the worst pick on our Scavengers Tier List, but that doesn’t make him bad. The reality is he is rather a niche. The clear strengths of Jae is his ability to recharge his shield, which gets even stronger the more he upgrades his shield through scrap. He also has a strong signature melee weapon.

However, it feels like the power difference between Jae’s signature and melee weapons found in the world is that big. Furthermore, one of the best ways to get in melee range is to use his ability to survive closing the gap. It feels like Jae needs to be paired with a Cruz to perform, or an Active Camo close range Kal playstyle. Other options include painting with Letty for the joint EMP charge forward or Halden for the healing synergy.

Also, one of the best scenarios for Jae is to engage on Explorers bunkered in a Valora dome. Sadly, her signature is a shotgun, so it also counters his melee push too. As it stands, Jae seems like he has many strengths, but just as many weaknesses. Definitely, one that needs to pick his fight carefully in order to succeed in the open world. For these reason, he is a comfortable B Tier Scavengers on our Scanvergs Tier List.