Starbreeze say Payday 3 Release Date is ‘years away’

Payday 3 may be years away, but it could mean 2023 at the latest

Payday3 Release Date
A Payday 3 Release date is years away, says Starbreeze dev on stream. Image via Starbreeze.

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Developer Starbreeze Studios revealed during the Koch Media Summer Games Fest stream that Payday 3 release date is “years away”. Although, there seems to be a big narrative building, along with signs the game is plodding along nicely with a lore build up.

While the release of Payday 3 is years away, the news isn’t that devastating to hear. As it stands, the Starbreeze website indicated that the actually Payday 3 release window is still scheduled for 2022-2023. The Swedish Developer’s website also mentions the game is still in the design phase, which appears to be true based on the revelations during the Koch stream.

One developer during the broadcast spoke about the lore of Payday 3 in some detail. The setting for the third game seems to elevate the gang to a new level of notoriety, with the dev describing them as the tightest gang ever. In the lore, they are dominant in the underground crime world with the underworld going their own way or joining the gang become some sort of prestige.

Erik Wonnevi, Game Director of Payday said: “In their exploits, the Gang has become, as they call it, the tightest crew ever. The wider criminal underworld of Payday lives its own life where movers and shakers want a piece of the action or a piece of the Payday Gang.”

It could mean that there are going to be more characters join in on the story, perhaps even more of a storyline within the game. On another note, this year marks 10 years of the Payday franchise, and Payday 3 is only just the beginning of the franchise. With that said,

Payday turns 10 this year, and so we could potentially more snippets of information from other E3 events, Gamescom and other random information as Koch Medias’ new Prime Matter Label looks to take off. Only time will tell what is in store, but it certainly could be big.