Summer Game Fest 2021 Day 1 Recap

Here is a recap for all the announcements from the Summer Game Fest 2021 showcase

Summer Game Fest 2021 Branding
Here is a recap of all the major announcements and updates from the Summer Game Fest 2021 Show. Image via SGF.

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June 10 featured the day of the Summer Game Fest 2021 season. The first broadcast lasted roughly two hours, with back-to-back content drops for live service game, new titles, and other feature pieces. For those look for a quick Summer Game Fest 2021 recap, we have a full list of titles so you can catch up on its announcement heavy day 1.

New Game and Show Announcements

For those wanting fresh new games to look forward to, there are some close to launching and others still a while from getting a hard release date.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Wonderlands is a High Fantasy take on looter shooters from Gearbox. The developers have taken clear inspiration from their hit game series, Borderland, along with typical D&D High Fantasy worlds. However, unlike Borderlands, players can customize their characters while having Tine as the overarching narrative figure. Eventually, players can expect to fight a Dragon Lord at the forefront of the narrative.

Jurassic Park Evolution 2

So our Jeff Goldblum made an appearance to announce Jurassic Park Evolution 2. Unfortunately, we only got a teaser trailer for the game, but rest assured, a fully-fledged sequel is on its way to the Jurassic theme park building game.

Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds stars as Guy, which is all about a guy that puts glasses on and enters an AR video game. Guest-starring Ninja, Pokimane, Jack Septiceye, and other gaming and Hollywood celebrities.

Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice is a platforming action game for Playstation 4 and 5, which takes on the dark fantasy and hard gameplay RPG mechanics from Dark Soul like games. Play as one of many different classes, including mages, rogues, warriors and more, taking on massive bosses. Furthermore, the game has local and online coop to part with one other player. Expect to see the game in 2022. The announcement was accompanied by release date for the PS4/5 painting game, Chicory.

Two Point Campus

The Two-point is getting a new game on the hit franchise. Two Point Campus is the latest addition, with players building school, college, and university campuses creating sporting, residential, and scientific places to get the place running. The teaser trailer features entertainment buildings like sporting, music venues, and basics like Assembly Halls and other campus-related buildings. Expect the game in 2022.


It looks like we have a Vampire the Masquerade multiplayer game called Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt. Use supernatural abilities in the game, while playing as survivors. The game features character customization with cosmetics and more. Players can sign up for an alpha test along with reading more about the upcoming Battle Royale here.

Tribes of Midgard

We are once again blessed with a Coop Story RPG Viking game that isn’t Valheim. Tribes of Midgard is playable either solo or fully coop if you want. The tribe starts with nothing, as they try to gather gain and tech up their village and gear. Once when you tech up, you fend off dark spirits to survive the night. But the late-game implies that some Frost Giants will eventually come to try and ruin the game’s progressions. The game seems like a Don’t Stare Together game, mixed in with a Viking theme. The game launches on Steam and PS on July 27.

House of Ashes

Military expedition falls into a  cave, with some alien threat underground picking off the troops down there. The villain appears to be some form of Demon Bat. The aim of the game appears to escape with your life while working out the mystery deep in the cave.

Metal Slug Tactics

8-bit themes with classes baked into characters. Still a tactical Strategy game with map movement, abilities and other content.


Exclusive Demo starting on June 12. The game allows players to explore the wilderness and washed up islands. You play as a washed-up fox on a beach with no sense of what’s going. However, players find bits and pieces to use and continue to explore as they learn the game through environmental storytelling.

The Anacrusis

Anacrusis is a 4 Player Horde game set in space. Defend against waves of enemies in multiplayer coop shoot ‘em up. The game’s various maps feature space stations, alien planets and more. There is still plenty to come on this title so keep your eyes peeled for future events.

Planet of Lana

2022 release game for Steam and Xbox from Swedish studio. The game seems like an evergreen world, which changes with several drop pods falling from the sky. The game is a platformer adventure game with a character and a cat-like creature travelling the world.

Content Updates

Many games featured during the Summer Game Fest Day 1 featured games already launched. Here is what to expect from some of the live service titles still popular with gamers worldwide.

Hideo Kojima

An interview with Hideo Kojima popped up through the show. He mentions something about a new game taking on societal elements. But other than that, it was incredibly vague. Just know he mentioned it was like an alien coming into his dreams.

Oh, and it appears there are some PS5 Death’s Stranding Director’s Cut got a teaser trailer. We should expect a full announcement sometime in the summer.


Smite is getting a crossover with Stranger Things. The teaser trailer shows of Eleven themed skins, along with some Gods getting Demogorgon themed skins. The Season pass launches for Smite on July 13.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Season 4 is getting a release on June 17. With the content dropping, we can expect content for both Warzone and Cold War. In addition, expect more content for zombies, multiplayer maps and Operators, along with a Twitch Rivals event. You can read more in-depth about the news here.


Riot Games a new Agent coming to Valorant within the next month or so. We should expect another robotic themed Agent, with more information coming soon. However, it appears the next Agent has some connection to Killjoy.

Rocket League

Rocket League is teaming up with Nisson Skyline, Dodge Charger, and F9 Pontiac as part of the game’s cross over with Fast and Furious on June 17. Expect car skins fitting the film franchise.

Among Us Roadmap

The game is getting new roles, such as the sheriff and many more cosmetics, achievements, and map 5.


A new content update is coming to Paladins called Gen Lock. The content adds the cast of Rooster Teeth as playable characters.

Chivalry 2

It came with a launch trailer, but nothing exactly new to the game with its recent launch on June 8.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is getting a brand new costume featuring a cross over with game franchise.

Genshin Impact

Genshin is getting some more story content too.

Gameplay and Content Reveals

For those games announced in the past, this section is dedicated to a quick rundown on the new gameplay or feature footages for those titles.

Evil Dead

Evil Dead the video game is coming, with players controlling classic Evil Dead characters to take on the undead. However, you can play as the Demon from the film and battle the heroes. The game features maps from the film, with players aiming to grab parts to send the demon back to the underworld. Players can find melee weapons, guns, chainsaws and perform executions on the feral zombies. The game launches sometime in 2021 and seems to resemble games like Dead by Daylight and the now-dead Friday the 13th game.

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is getting a new map, feating a city block with Apartments, Playgrounds, Supermarkets, Schools, and other residential city environments. Lots of the indoor environments are dark, adding to that eerie risky Tarkov environment. Furthermore, it seems an APC can come onto the map with soldiers on the side. More is to come soon on the game’s content.

Overwatch 2

More information is coming to Overwatch 2. While the game recently announced changes from 6v6 to 5v5, we have more information on the game. The developers gave us a bigger deep dive on Baptiste on Sombre, detailing the improved character models from Overwatch 1. 

Dark Alliance Dungeon and Dragons

Arrive on Xbox Gamepass on June 22. The game is a squad-based coop RPG where the party takes on bosses, dungeons, and puzzles.

Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon was announced back in December 2020, but now we have extended gameplay. The game features some level design, featuring Crystal Defence as a game objective needed to remain alive. Otherwise, player’s lose the game. Furthermore, the game shows off some squad gameplay, with turrets and different gun types. Likewise, the game demonstrates some squad strategy building to make sure the missing is a success.

Far Cry 6

Giancarlo explains why he chose to play Anton Castille, the baddie in Far Cry 6. He explains that Anton wants to empower his country and that in his head, Anton is not a bad guy as he is doing it out of a love of the country. The character seems to take its inspiration on Fidele Castro and Cuba, but at the same time, it’s a blend of different dictators to get in the mind of the character.

Back 4 Blood

Quick tease on SGF featuring a new boss. The boss appears to be a Giant looking boss with two maces for hands. More to expect later in Summer Game Fest and E3 content 2021.

Release Dates

This section is a quick rundown on games that got an announcement. The section includes games getting new platform launches or already teased games getting a release date.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the major release date game revealed right at the end of the Summer Game Fest 2021.  The trailer demos more about the story, with the golden order getting broken. Furthermore, the demo features a warrior on horseback, fighting their way through demon-infested cities, roads and more. The George R.R. Martin, Dark Souls esque game, features many different boss battles, flying mystical deer, giants, cauldron men, and big bosses with more arms than reasonable. The game launches on January 21 2022, on all next-gen consoles and PC. You can read more about the announcement here.


Popular MMORPG in Asia is getting a release in the West. The game is partnered with Amazone Games for its Western Launch. The game is all about a high fantasy technological world under siege with Dragons and Demons. The game uses top-down graphics with controls and gameplay akin to Dungeon Crawling titles. As for a release date, it says Fall 2021.

Tales of Arise

Bandai Namco’s JRPG franchise is back. First, play as a squad of heroes, each with different abilities. Then, take on bosses in a hack and slash third-person action game. The game releases on September 10 2021.

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories comes to the Switch in July. The news comes with a  trailer ahead of the game detailing more of the story. It seems to involve a story regarding a creature that one character wants to awaken, with another faction trying to prevent that from happening. Furthermore, players can link their Monster Hunter Rise to the game to get exclusive rewards.


The visual game Sable is getting a release date in September. More is to come at the Tribeca game conference on June 11.

Solar Ash

A 3D boss fighting game is launching in 2021. Unfortunately, not much was said about it other than detailing a character hitting key weak points on a flying beast’s wings, taking it out of the sky.

Children of Light

The popular casual social indie game is getting a Nintendo Switch Port on June 29 with the Petit Prince season starting in July.

Studio Updates

Prime Matter 

Koch Media is making another publishing label, announcing a few games, and updating some more publishing news. They have acquired the publishing rights for games like Mount and Balde: Bannerlord when it launches on Xbox and full release on Steam. Furthermore, Prime Matter are the publisher behind Payday 3, set in LA, and are porting Kingdom Come Deliverance to the Switch. Likewise, many other games are coming in 2022 and beyond. The full list can be found on the Koch website

Deviation Games

Deviation Games is a new studio with developers from Call of Duty leading the charge. The new developers want to deviate from the industry’s norm to get back into creative freedom. The studio also has financial backing so they can go off and explore their best ideas. At the moment, they have nothing to show off, but they are actively working on building their team. They tease things to come, including a trailer for their own studio culture, revealing its partnership with PlayStation and Sony. 

Overall, this is all that was showcased during the Summer Game Fest 2021 broadcast. Continue to check up through Summer Game Fest June schedule to see several E3 and independent panels for updates from all your favourite developers and games.

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