Lillie and Lunala are joining Pokemon Masters EX

Three new sync pairs are coming to Pokemon Masters EX, including Lillie and Lunala

Pokemon Masters Lillia and Lunala
Pokemon Masters EX is getting three new Sync Pairs, including Lillia and Lunala. Image via DeNA.

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Pokemon Masters has revealed three new sync pairs coming to Pokemon Masters EX. The game’s three new characters feature Pokemon Masters Lillie and Lunala, Steven with Rayquaza, and N and Reshiram. The three new sync pairs will be joining the game during Pokemon Masters EX’s two-year anniversary in September 2021.

Pokemon Masters Lillie and Lunala

Pokemon Masters Lillie and Lunala is a Sync Pair that comes from Pokemon Sun and Moon. You could say her inclusion is like Nebby finally getting in the bag. Interestingly though, she is not accompanied by Nebby, she is instead syncing up with the first cover of Moon, Lunala. Nebby can evolve into Lunala though, so it is not entirely out of the theme of the character. Therefore, Lillie and Lunala is a ghost type pokemon sync, moving us away from the Gengar hype train in Pokemon Masters EX.

If you are interested in grabbing Lillie and Lunala, do know this Sync Pair is only available through August 27 and September 29. The Lillie and Lunala Sync Pair offers incredibly special attack power, focusing on using the Moongeist Beam to devastate its foes.

Steven with Rayquaza

Steven and Reyquze both are making a return to Pokemon Masters EX. The Sync pair is taking Steven, who is already in the game, alongside the returning Rayquaza. In our Pokemon Masters tier list, Rayquaze does not perform all that well. However, as a duo, this new sync pair could rank much better.

The Steven and Rayquaza sync pair are a Flying-type strike Sync Pair. The interesting thing about Steven and Rayquaza is a unique passive that converts their lowered stats into stat increases, making them an interesting counter to debuffer comps in PvP. If you want to summon Steven and Reyquaza, you may do so from August 31 to September 29.

N and Reshiram

N makes a return by syncing up with Reshiram. While N is already in the game, N has a whole new sync pair to devastate foes with. The rival makes his return on August 30 and will remain available until September 28. This sync pair was initially revealed during the Pokemon Presents stream earlier in August and was teased to use abilities that could target all Pokemon. Sounds like N might be making another S Tier appearance before too long.


Are you hyped for the new Pokemon Masters Lillie and Lunala, Steven and Rayquaza, or N and Reshiram Sync Pairs? Let us know in the comments below!