Raid Shadow Legends Guide and Tips

You'll be taking over Raid Shadow Legends in no time.

Raid Shadow Legends Guide Cadiel
Do you need an angel looking over you while you get to grips with RAID: Shadow Legends?

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RAID: Shadow Legends is one of the most popular mobile gacha games in the world. Its aggressive marketing campaign has found itself getting millions of downloads on the Apple and Android stores. If you’re new to the game or need a few tips to make it to the next level, then look no further as this RAID Shadow Legends guide will deliver.

Starting Out

Raid Shadow Legends Starting Champions
These are the four starting Champions. Choose wisely.

When you’re first starting RAID: Shadow Legends, you’ll immediately get thrown into a battle commanding four Champions: Elhain, Kael, Galek and Athel. Each character has entirely different playstyles: Elhain is the Elven Archer, Kael is a High Elf Warlock, Galek is an Orc Warrior, and Athel is a Human Cleric. You’ll battle through a dungeon, taking out foes in a scripted scenario. However, you’ll come across a boss you cannot kill, eventually slaying all four of your characters.

After the battle, you’ll meet a character called the Arbiter, which is the campaign’s guiding figurehead. She mentions that you can only resurrect one Champion. The choice you make is permanent, so pick the one you like the most. There is technically a best starting character of the four, but they are all nothing in comparison to the super rare and multi-star summons you’ll make much later on in the game. Any of these four characters will take you to the late game, allowing you to complete the campaign and take on harder difficulties. You can even build entire comps around the champions as they are that good. However, don’t worry about the min-maxing and creating perfect teams until you are way further ahead.

How to summon new characters

Raid Shadow Legends Summoning Shards
You use Summoning Shards to summon new Champions to your roster.

Now that you have chosen a Champion, you will begin your adventure proper. You’ll get a few shards to start summoning a roster of Champions. Every time you do, you’ll need to head back into the town screen and click on the summoning portal in the top left. This will take you to the summoning screen, allowing you to use different tiers of Summoning Shards. These shards essentially define the quality of the character you get.

At the start of the game, you will mainly earn Common Summoning Shards, which will attract the worst of the worst characters. When you start playing Raid: Shadow Legends, you’ll have no units, so these early characters are actually somewhat useful. As you progress and your team gets stronger, the starting summons becomes less and less relevant. When you get to that point, one tip worth remembering in the Raid Shadow legends guide is to keep your terrible characters. You can start sacrificing them in the Tavern to create resources that improve the best Champion or the ones you love using.

Affinity System

Now that you have started summoning Champions, you may have noticed the different colours allocated to each character. Each colour represents what ‘school’ they belong to. These combat schools are:

  • Magic (Blue)
  • Spirit (Green)
  • Force (Red)
  • Void (Purple)


Blue, Green, and Red are a rock-paper-scissors match up. Blue beats Green, Green beats Red, and Red beats Blue. You will need to keep these three colors in mind every time you send a team into battle regardless of game mode. One important tip worth mentioning in the Raid Shadow Legends guide is to make sure your characters are hitting opponents they counter. Doing so guarantees bonus damage, which is an effective way to clear enemies off the board.

The Void School is a very special late game or storytelling school. If a character or an enemy is considered a Void character, then they do not have a strength or weakness relative to the other schools.

Play the Campaign

When you start playing Raid Shadow Legends, you’ll have to play through the campaign to progress. The campaign is your first source of Champion experience and improving your overall level. As your account levels up, you’ll unlock more features in the town and discover more game modes to play.

While that is incentive enough, the campaign also has a fairly decent story and teaches you the basics of combat. The first few campaign chapters are not that difficult, which means you get to experiment with building different teams to enter battle with. Not to mention it gives you the opportunity to practise with the affinity system. However, the biggest incentive to play the campaign is to gain Champion experience, artifacts, new Champions and Summoning Shards.

Artifacts, Sacrifice, and Masteries

Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts guide
Here is how to find artifacts for your characters.

Artifacts are a source of power for all your characters. When you start the game you’ll get some decent quality gear as you make your way through the campaign’s early acts. This is extremely beneficial for the Champion you picked at the very start of the game, as they become so much stronger than the rest of the Champions you earn or summon. If you put the best damage gear on your character with useful gear set bonuses, then your starting champion will carry you to victory.

While you do get some powerful starting items, you’ll also get less valuable gear. These items can be a mixture of defence gear for your Spirit characters, magical damage for your Magic champions and so on. One thing you should know is that it does cost to take gear away from characters who have already equipped those items. At the start of the game, you get that much silver it makes little impact. However, the further you progress, the more it pays to smart planning what character gets which items.



Raid Shadow Legends Sacrifice guide
Sacrificing Champions to upgrade your favourites are an important progression mechanic.

Sacrificing Champions is one of the best ways to increase the strength of the ones you want to hold onto. The idea behind sacrificing characters is to fill a resource bar that you can later spend on levelling your main character’s Rarity. Increasing a Champion’s Rarity boosts their power beyond that of adding bonus stats through gear or levelling them up naturally.

We strongly recommend not sacrificing your spare characters without any real strategy or plan, as this could come back to bite you in the future. The first major tip we recommend is to never sacrifice any rare or very high-quality Champions you get. The developers behind gacha games consistently release more and more characters. At any moment a rare character could climb up a Raid Shadow Legends tier list simply because a new character compliments them. The last thing you want is regret creeping up on you. If you do regret your decision you’ll need to start grinding the appropriate Summoning Shard. Alternatively, you can always buy more Summoning Shards with real money, which we do not advise. Don’t go blowing your precious time or income because of an easy to avoid mistake. Only sacrifice higher level characters if you have a duplicate.

The other major Raid Shadow Legends tip we have for you is to keep a hold of any of your terrible Champion. The reason why is because, as you progress through the game, you’ll come across powerful characters later on. There are plenty of really good summons out there waiting to be unlocked. Once you finally find an enjoyable and super strong Champion, you’ll know it is time to spend to use the sacrifice feature to improve their rank. You’ll want to throw any duplicate or terrible picks you have no intention of using on them. Therefore, keep your War Boys penned up ready to be thrown into the exp machine for someone vastly superior.



Scrolls are a fairly rare resource in the early game, therefore, this section of the Raid Shadow Legends guide is dedicated to advanced players. You will spend these scrolls on speccing your Champions into very specific build paths. The Mastery tree is a generic RPG tree, allowing you to invest your characters into different passive bonuses to further increase their efficiency. For example, speccing a character that’s really good at tanking enemies into more health and defense will make them better at their job.

Please note that we highly recommend saving your scrolls until you start summoning the rarer and better Champions. Scrolls are hard to come by, so only use them when you are comfortable doing so. You can buy them with real money, of course, but however you acquire scrolls,  we recommend you not use them when you get them, ensuring you get to better spend your resources for the late game. If you take anything away from this Raid Shadow Legends guide, it should be that planning for the future is an important part of beating this gacha title.

Avoid throwing unnecessary money away

Do not throw your money into the game unless you are sure you like the game. Raid Shadow Legends is filled to the brim with microtransactions. One of the first things I spotted when I first started playing is the consistent spam of popups to new player packs, flash sales, time exclusive sales and other shit you don’t need. If you really enjoy the game, by all means, support the devs that are bringing you countless hours of fun. However, we feel it is important to mention that the game is designed to be addictive and grindy. There are plenty of pay-for convenience store options,  whether to rectify a mistake (remember earlier) or buying shards to better your chances of getting a new Champion that just launched. If you make small purchases here and there, whether it’s down to your love of the game, convenience, or even a borderline addiction, it becomes easy to blow more money than you ever intended.


This concludes our Raid Shadow Legends Guide. We hope you enjoy your time playing the game. Just be cautious of the obvious pitfalls the game has. We have done our best to bring them to your attention so you don’t go kicking yourself or your bank account later on in the game.