Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List

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Raid: Shadow Legends is a fantasy-themed, turn-based role-playing gacha game. The game’s story takes place in the fictional realm of Teleria, which has been subjugated by the Dark Lord Siroth. Players take the role of an ancient Telerian warrior resurrected to defeat the Dark Lord and restore peace and harmony to the territory. 

Players must assemble an army for battles in settings such as castles, dungeons, deserts and temples defended by enemies and possible allies. Throughout the game, players accumulate Shards, vessels containing the souls of past warriors. Shards come in four types with different properties. 

The game has two forms of currency: Silver, which is relatively easy to come by, and Gems, which are a lot more difficult to acquire. There is also a cost in Energy for running any of the campaign and dungeon stages. Without Energy you can’t progress in the campaign, it runs out quickly, and after the first day players will have to be very careful not to waste it.

The game consists primarily of a story-driven single-player campaign with twelve levels, each level made up of seven stages with three levels of difficulty. The single-player campaign is interconnected with a multiplayer component, the Arena, to decide player rankings. Players can also join Clans, through which members fight a Clan Boss together, which brings advanced rewards.

(Image Credit: Raid: Shadow Legends)

As with many video games that offer an aspect of multiple unique characters, there is usually a list of those characters that is compiled to identify and help players to pick and choose which characters they want to use, based on which ones are the most powerful.

In general, tier lists are a way to rank the members of a category against each other. Most commonly they are used to rank characters against other characters in terms of how “meta” they are, however you could also make a tier list for weapons or for any other unique aspect or feature of something.

This list will break down the best Champions to use for your armies and will also categorize them based on their tier rating, role, faction and affinity. To understand more about the Champions in the game, their affinities and roles, here is a brief explanation.

Champions roles:

As well as roles, Champions also belong to one of four affinity groups:

Affinity Strong Against Weak To
Magic Spirit Strength
Spirit Strength Magic
Strength Magic Spirit
Void None None

Champions are also given rarity groups in Raid: Shadow Legends so this list will break down the different Champions in each rarity group, as well as their tier rating, which will be from S to F. The rarity groups are legendary, epic and rare.

S-Tier (Legendary)

These are the best Champions you can have within the game as it is. 


Champion Faction Role Affinity
Dracomorph Lizardmen Attack Magic
Arbiter High Elves Support Void
Bad-el-Kazar Undead Hordes Support Strength
Big ‘Un Ogryn Tribes Attack Magic
Duchess Lilitu Demonspawn Support Spirit
Krisk the Ageless Lizardmen Defense Void
Lyssandra High Elves Support Spirit
Martyr The Sacred Order Defense Spirit
Ma’Shalled Undead Hordes Attack Spirit
Nethril Undead Hordes Attack Spirit
Raglin Banner Lords Support Void
Rhazin Scarhide Lizardmen Defense Strength
Siphi the Lost Bride Undead Horde Support Void
Turvold Barbarians Attack Void
Valkyrie Barbarians Defense Spirit
Venus The Sacred Order Support Void
Warlord Orcs Support Void
Zavia Dark Elves Attack Strength

A Tier (Legendary)

These Champions fall just short of the S tier category but are still excellent choices and very powerful.


Champion Faction Role Affinity
Abbess The Sacred Order Attack Strength
Altan Barbarians Defense Magic
Angar Orcs HP Void
Baron Banner Lords Attack Void
Belanor High Elves Attack Void
Blind Seer Dark Elves Support Void
Bloodgorged Undead Horde Attack Strength
Brakus the Shifter Skinwalkers Attack Strength
Cillian the Lucky Banner Lords Attack Magic
Cruetraxa Demonspawn Attack Void
Cupidus The Sacred Order Attack Spirit
Drexthar Bloodtwin Demonspawn Defense Strength
Foli Dark Elves Attack Magic
Fu-Shan Lizardmen Attack Strength
Ghostborn Dark Elves Support Spirit
Harvest Jack Undead Horde HP Spirit
Inithwe Bloodtwin Demonspawn Attack Void
Kantra the Cyclone Barbarians Defense Strength
Khoronar Skinwalkers HP Void
Longbeard Skinwalkers Attack Magic
Maulie Tankard Dwarves Support Spirit
Minaya Banner Lords Support Strength
Prince Kymar Demonspawn Support Magic
Rae Dark Elves Attack Magic
Robar Orcs Attack Strength
Roshcard the Tower The Sacred Order HP Magic
Rotos the Lost Groom Undead Horde Attack Magic
Royal Hunstman High Elves Attack Spirit
Scyl of the Drakes Barbarians Defense Magic
Septimus Banner Lords Attack Spirit
Sethallia Banner Lords Support Magic
Shamrock Ogryn Tribes Support Spirit
Sir Nicholas The Sacred Order HP Void
Skartosis Undead Horde Support Strength
Soulless Knight Revenant Defense Void

B-Tier (Legendary)

These Champions are capable in some areas of the game in your ranks.


Champion Faction Role Affinity
Suzerain Katonn Undead Horde Attack Spirit
Tormin the Cold Dwarves Defense Void
Tyrant Ixlimor Demonspawn HP Magic
Visix the Unbowed Dark Elves Defense Void
War Mother Ogryn Tribes Attack Magic
Astralith Dark Elves Attack Spirit
Basileus Roanas High Elves Attack Strength
Black Knight Banner Lords HP Strength
Crypt-King Graal Unead Horde Support Magic
Elder Skrag Barbarians Attack Strength
Elenaril High Elves Attack Magic
Errol The Sacred Order Attack Strength
Grohak the Bloodied Orcs Attack Magic
Gurgoh the Augur Ogryn Tribes Attack Void
Hakkorhn Smashlord Skinwalkers HP Magic
Hegemon Knights Revenant Attack Void
Ignatius Ogryn Tribes Defense Magic
Ithos High Elves Attack Void
Lanakis the Chosen Dark Elves Support Magic
Lord Champfort Banner Lords HP Magic
Lord Shazar Demonspawn Attack Spirit
Lugan the Steadfast Banner Lords HP Spirit
Norog Skinwalkers Defense Magic
Queen Eva Dark Elves Attack Spirit
Richtoff the Bold Banner Lords Attack Spirit
Shirimani High Elves Support Strength
Teela Goremane Orcs Support Magic
Tomb Lord Knight Revenant Support Spirit
Trunda Giltmallet Dwarves Attack Magic

C-Tier (Legendary)

These Champions are average and we would advise not using them if you have higher tiered units in your ranks.

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Vizier Ovelis Dark Elves Attack Strength
Warchief Skinwalkers Defense Strength
Wurlim Frostking Knight Revenant Defense Void
Yannica High Elves Attack Spirit
Bystophus Knight Revenant Attack Strength
Candraphon Demonspawn Attack Strength
Gurptuk Moss-Beard Ogryn Tribes Support Strength
Mortu-Macaab Demonspawn HP Spirit
Mountain King Dwarves Attack Strength
Skull Lord Var-Gall Lizardmen Defense Strength

F-Tier (Legendary)

Legendary Champions do not have an F Tier because they are extremely powerful.

Next up is the tier list for Epic Champions.

S-Tier (Epic)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Madame Serris Dark Elves Support Void
Miscreated Monster Knight Revenant HP Magic
Peydma Demonspawn Defense Void
Sinesha Knight Revenant Support Strength
Stag Knight Banner Lords Support Spirit
Tayrel High Elves Defense Magic
Alure Demonspawn Attack Magic
Basher Skinwalkers Attack Void
Aothar The Sacred Order Attack Strength
Battlesage High Elves Support Void
Cagebreaker Ogryn Tribes Attack Spirit

A-Tier (Epic)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Doompriest Knight Revenant Support Strength
Exemplar High Elves Attack Void
Golden Reaper Knight Revenant Support Void
Gorgorab Undead Horde Support Magic
Ghrush the Mangler Orgyn Tribe Defense Spirit
High Khatun Barbarians Support Spirit
Infernal Baroness Demonspawn Defense Strength
Juliana The Sacred Order Attack Magic
Lightsworn The Sacred Order Defense Void
Lua Dark Elves Attack Void
Luria Dark Elves Attack Spirit
Maneater Ogryn Tribes HP Void
Mausoleum Mage Undead Horde Support Strength
Nazana Demonspawn HP Strength
Oathbound Banner Lords Defense Strength
Rearguard Sergeant Dwarves Defense Strength
Reinbeast Skinwalkers Defense Strength
Romero The Sacred Order Defense Strength
Royal Guard High Elves Attack Magic
Seeker Undead Horde Defense Magic
Sepulcher Sentinel Knight Revenant Defense Strength
Skullcrown Knight Revenant Attack Void
Skullcrusher Ogryn Tribes Defense Strength
Steelskull Skinwalkers Support Spirit
Thenasil High Elves Support Strength
Umbral Enchantress Demonspawn Defense Void
Vergis High Elves Defense Spirit
Vrask Orcs HP Spirit

B-Tier (Epic)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Warden Dark Elves Defense Spirit
Zargala Orcs Attack Strength
Zelotah Undead Horde Support Spirit
Atur Barbarians HP Magic
Baerdal Fellhammer Dwarves Attack Void
Bloodfeather Orcs Attack Strength
Captain Temila Dark Elves HP Magic
Cardinal The Sacred Order Support Void
Crimson Helm Dark Elves Defense Spirit
Crypt Witch Knight Revenant Attack Magic
Dark Athel Undead Horde Attack Magic
Dark Elhain Undead Horde Attack Magic
Defiled Sinner Undead Horde Attack Strength
Delver Dark Elves Attack Spirit
Erinyes Demonspawn Attack Strength
Excruciator Demonspawn Attack Magic
Fang Cleric Dark Elves Support Spirit
Fenax The Sacred Order Attack Spirit
Galkut Ogryn Tribes Attack Spirit
Grimskin Ogryn Tribes Defense Magic
Grizzled Jarl Dwarves Defense Magic
Hellgazer Demonspawn Attack Spirit
Hordin Banner Lords Attack Magic
Husk Undead Horde HP Strength
Jarang Lizardmen Attack Magic
Jareg Lizardmen HP Magic
Jinglehunter High Elves Attack Spirit
Jizoh Lizardmen Defense Spirit
Kallia Barbarians Attack Strength
Karam Undead Horde Attack Strength
Lady Etessa The Sacred Order Attack Strength
Lich Undead Horde Defense Strength
Luthiea High Elves Attack Strength
Marksman High Elves Attack Spirit
Mistress of Hymns The Sacred Order Support Spirit
Necrohunter Knight Revenant Attack Magic
Psylar Dark Elves Support Void
Relickeeper The Sacred Order Attack Strength
Rock Breaker Dwarves Defense Spirit
Rowan Banner Lords Attack Void
Sandlashed Survivor Orcs Defense Spirit
Seer Orcs Support Void
Seneschal Banner Lords Defense Strength
Shatterbones Ogryn Tribes Attack Strength
Sikara Barbarians Support Magic
Skytouched Shaman Barbarians Support Void
Souldrinker Demonspawn Attack Strength
Spider Dark Elves Support Strength
Tainix Hateflower Demonspawn Support Strength

C-Tier (Epic)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Teshada Barbarians Defense Strength
Towering Titan Ogryn Tribes HP Void
Ultimate Galek Orcs Attack Magic
Ursine Ironhide Skinwalkers Defense Strength
Warcaster Banner Lords Support Void
Whisper Knight Revenant Attack Void
Adriel The Sacred Order Support Magic
Aina Barbarians Attack Magic
Alika Barbarians Attack Strength
Basilisk Lizardmen Attack Strength
Bonekeeper Ogryn Tribes Attack Strength
Broadmaw Lizardmen Support Void
Canoness The Sacred Order Defense Magic
Catacomb Councilor Undead Horde Attack Magic
Corpse Collector Undead Horde Support Strength
Deathless Knight Revenant Defense Spirit
Faceless Knight Revenant Attack Void
Flesh-Tearer Skinwalker Support Magic
Frostbringer The Sacred Order Support Magic
Gala Longbraids Dwarves Attack Void
Hexia Undead Horde Attack Strength
Hope The Sacred Order HP Magic

D-Tier (Epic)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Knight-Errant Banner Lords Attack Spirit
Kytis Knight Revenant Attack Spirit
Lordly Legionary Banner Lords Attack Magic
Occult Brawler Ogryn Tribes HP Spirit
Pitiless One Knight Revenant Attack Magic
Shaman Orcs Support Strength
Snorting Thug Skinwalkers HP Strength
Tallia The Sacred Order Attack Magic
Torturehelm Orcs HP Strength
Ursine Icecrusher Skinwalkers Defense Strength
Valla Barbarians Defense Spirit
Yaga the Insatiable Skinwalkers Attack Strength

F-Tier (Epic)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Azure Banner Lords HP Void
Bushi The Sacred Order Attack Spirit
Drake Lizardmen Attack Spirit
Jotun Barbarians HP Magic
Maeve Barbarians Attack Strength
Missionary The Sacred Order HP Strength
Ripper Skinwalkers Attack Strength
Suwai Firstborn Barbarians Attack Void
Taurus Skinwalkers Attack Magic
Terrorbeast Orcs HP Spirit
Woad-Painted Barbarians HP Spirit


The next ranking is for Rare champions. These champions are average but still may be useful if utilized correctly.

S-Tier (Rare)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Apothecary High Elves Support Magic
Athel The Sacred Order Attack Magic
Bellower Ogryn Tribes Support Void
Coldheart Dark Elves Attack Void
Diabolist Demonspawn Support Magic

A-Tier (Rare)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Doomscreech Undead Horde HP Void
Elhain High Elves Attack Magic
Fellhound Demonspawn Defense Void
Grappler Skinwalkers Defense Spirit
Kael Dark Elves Attack Magic
Pain Keeper Dark Elves HP Void
Reliquary Tender High Elves Support Void
Seducer Undead Horde Defense Void
Soulbond Bowyer Barbarians Attack Spirit
Spirithost Dark Elves Support Spirit
Warmaiden Barbarians Attack Strength

B-Tier (Rare)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Bogwalker Lizardmen Defense Strength
Bone Knight Undead Horde Attack Spirit
Chevalier Banner Lords Defense Void
Coffin Smasher Knight Revenant HP Magic
Conquerer Banner Lords Attack Spirit
Executioner Knight Revenant Defense Magic
Fleshmonger Skinwalkers Attack Magic
Furystoker Ogryn Tribes Support Spirit
Galek Ogryn Tribes Attack Magic
Gator Lizardmen Support Magic
Graybeard Skinwalkers Defense Magic
Guardian Knight Revenant HP Spirit
Haruspex Lizardmen Support Void
Heiress High Elves Attack Strength
Hexweaver Dark Elves Support Spirit
Marked Barbarians Support Magic
Marquis Demonspawn Defense Void
Metalshaper Lizardmen Support Spirit
Mother Superior The Sacred Order Support Spirit
Penitent The Sacred Order Defense Spirit
Runic Warder Dwarves HP Magic
Skirmisher Barbarians Attack Void
Templar The Sacred Order Defense Spirit
Theurgist Knight Revenant Support Magic
Veteran Orcs Defense Void
Warpriest The Sacred Order Support Spirit

C-Tier (Rare)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Adjudicator High Elves Attack Magic
Amarantine Skeleton Undead Horde Defense Void
Anointed Barbarians Support Strength
Arcanist Knight Revenant Support Strength
Avenger High Elves Attack Magic
Banshee Undead Horde Support Magic
Berserker Barbarians Attack Spirit
Bloodbraid Barbarians HP Spirit
Bloodpainter Skinwalkers Attack Strength
Bulwark Dwarves Defense Void
Channeler Skinwalkers Support Spirit
Chaplain The Sacred Order Support Strength
Chopper Orcs Attack Magic
Confessor The Sacred Order Attack Void
Corpulent Cadaver Undead Horde HP Spirit
Courtier Banner Lords Attack Strength
Crimson Slayer Knight Revenant Attack Spirit
Cudgeler Dwarves Attack Magic
Daywalker Knight Revenant HP Void
Deathchanter Orcs HP Magic
Elder Barbarians Defense Magic
Eviscerator Dark Elves Attack Void
Fencer High Elves Attack Strength
Frozen Banshee Undead Horde Attack Magic
Gladiator Knight Revenant Attack Strength

D-Tier (Rare)

Champion Faction Role Affinity
Gnarlhorn Skinwalkers HP Spirit
Gravechill Killer Undead Horde Attack Magic
Grinner Undead Horde Support Strength
Grumbler Dwarves HP Magic
Halberdier Banner Lords Attack Spirit
Harvester Dark Elves Attack Void
Hill Nomad Barbarians Support Magic
Hollow Undead Horde Attack Void
Hurler Lizardmen Attack Strength
Hyria High Elves Attack Spirit
Ifrit Demonspawn HP Void
Ironclad Orcs HP Strength
Judge Dark Elves Attack Magic
Lamellar The Sacred Order HP Strength
Magus Knight Revenant Attack Magic
Master Butcher Dwarves Support Spirit
Myrmidon Banner Lords Defense Magic
Mystic Hand Dark Elves Support Strength
Ogryn Jailer Ogryn Tribes Attack Strength
Pounder Ogryn Tribes Defense Magic
Preserver Banner Lords Defense Strength
Raider Orcs Attack Spirit
Renegade Knight Revenant Support Void
Retainer Dark Elves Defense Void
Rocktooth Ogryn Tribes Attack Magic
Rotting Mage Undead Horde Support Spirit
Sentinel Barbarians HP Strength
Skink Lizardmen Attack Magic
Skullsworm Lizardmen Attack Strength
Slitherbrute Lizardmen Attack Magic
Sorceress Undead Horde Attack Strength
Stout Axeman Dwarves HP Magic
Temptress Undead Horde Attack Magic
Valerie Banner Lords Support Magic
Vanguard Banner Lords Defense Void
Wretch Undead Horde Attack Strength

F-Tier (Rare)

All other Champions fall under the bottom tier and they are not listed because it simply is not worth it! These ones are the lowest of the low and you should have no business considering them for your army.

And with that, our tier list is complete. Hopefully this article has been useful for you and be sure to refer back to it whenever you need guidance on choosing the right Champions!