Is Aliens Fireteam Elite Couch Coop?

Is Aliens Fireteam Elite Couch Coop? The answer is no :(

Is Aliens Fireteam Elite Couch Coop
Aliens Fireteam could be so much better with couch coop. Image via Cold Iron Studios.

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Aliens Fireteam Elite is the latest coop horde shooter that sees us return to the fringes of space working for Weyland-Yutani. The game features three-player coop, with solo play options available if you would rather be accompanied by Synthetics than living and breathing badass marines. While the game features online coop, many fans of the Aliens series are asking, ‘is Aliens Fireteam Elite Couch Co-op?’. Sadly, the answer to that is no.

Is Aliens Fireteam Elite Couch Coop?

Aliens Fireteam Elite is an online-only game and has no couch co-op at the time of writing. One of the reasons what there is no couch co-op is because of its ARPG-like gear progressions. The game needs to be online to record your character’s power level and to adjust for difficulty levels for your campaigns and missions. It does mean that the game actively requires you to gear up and get better to be able to face the harder difficulties. Once you leave the Standard difficulty level, you will move on to Intense, roughly when you get to 300 Combat Rating. The difficulty settings actively advise not to use Synthetic allies due to the game’s natural difficulty, therefore strongly recommending online coop.

However, since Synthetic AI teammates don’t use a class system or load-outs, they could easily become couch co-op partners. There is no harm in them becoming a human player since the game becomes harder the more your progress. The option to replace one of the AIs with a human player would allow players to strategize and communicate with each other.

It would be nice if Cold Iron could create a couch coop mode in addition to the online coop gameplay. We do know that Aliens Fireteam is getting free content updates in the future. Perhaps the developer may find a way to make Fireteam Elite couch coop in a future update. After all, sitting in your living room playing a cooperative game that’s reminiscent of the Aliens film would be great with a friend.