Battlefield 2042 Crossplay Confirmed for Launch and Technical Playtest

Battlefield 2042 will feature crossplay for PC and consoles

Battlefield 2042 Crossplay
Battlefield 2042 is getting crossplay after all. Image via DICE.

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Battlefield 2042 is the latest installment of EA and DICE’s epic multiplayer first-person shooter. Set in the near future, the U.S and Russia are fighting over limited natural resources as the world strays closer to oblivion. With the hype for the game growing exponentially, players are wondering if Battlefield 2042 crossplay is a feature. Well, DICE has confirmed it is, with an upcoming dedicated Technical Playtest later this summer.

The new information on Battlefield 2042 crossplay comes from a recently published blog post from DICE. The post details many of 2042’s upcoming features, including specialist characters, maps, technical tests, EA Play, and of course, confirmed crossplay.

The only available information we have on Battlefield 2042 crossplay comes from this blog post. As it stands, players can test the crossplay feature during the Technical Test later this summer. If you are interested in trying out the crossplay test, you can update your interests via your EA account page.

DICE has said explicitly that the Technical Test is a dev build, as the developer is actively working on it ahead of its October 22 launch. PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players will get the opportunity to play together on whatever servers are available. We know that the PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 can play crossplay together, with an opt-out option available. As for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, they are paired together due to shared performance settings at all times.

Other Announcements

Battlefield 2042 crossplay was not the only announcement in the July 14 blogpost. The post went into greater detail on the types of maps, apocalyptic weather, and the specialist we will become familiar with. The blog post is a tidal wave of content and information, especially since we received a trickle of detail post-Battlefield 2042’s official reveal.

Either way, it is good to know we are getting lots of information. There is no doubt in our minds we will get more Battlefield 2042 details on July 22 during the EA Play stream.