Dice Reveal Battlefield 2042 teaser ahead of E3 Gameplay

Dice and EA has revealed a teaser for Battlefield 2042

Battelfield 6 2042 logo
Dice has revealed Battlefield 2042 as the next instalment in the Battlefield series. Image via Dice.

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Electronic Arts and Dice have announced the latest Battlefield, in a Battlefield 2042 teaser. The game is a near-modern setting sometime in the future, with nations at war over precious remaining resources. The speculation comes after the Premier Teaser Trailer had an hour countdown. The last three minutes of the countdown had a news bulletin mentioning war between Russia and the US over limited resources.

However, the trailer did not offer all that much regarding the game or its features. Although, based on a press release, we know that the game features 128 player servers on the new-gen consoles and pcs, along with a new class system called specialists. Furthermore, the game is adding a new squad-based matchmade game mode, with high stakes. Not too sure what it means yet, so we’ll likely know more from the gameplay trailer.

The trailer was merely a teaser, demonstrating some of the potential vehicles, maps, and gameplay. The game features stylistically similar maps to old battlefields like 3 and 4, with Cityscapes and other typical maps of that nature. However, a few standout features, such as the City with the Supercharged sudden storm with tornadoes and lightning. Dice mentions that the weather hazards are a common feature of new Battlefield 2042 maps, with tornados ripping up streets and sandstorms blocking out the sun.

Furthermore, the trailer takes us to some Arctic or Antarctic map, with ice amphibian vehicles and other new looking content. Other than that, there wasn’t all that much else to show off. The Premier detailed that EA would show off more gameplay for Battlefield 2042 on June 13, which is the Sunday of E3 2021.

For the full level environments we managed to see, here is a list of what we could expect as actual gameplay features:

  • Frozen Maps
  • Space Launches
  • City Scapes
  • Dog Fighting
  • Supercharged weather
  • Wing Suites

Battlefield 2042 teaser potential map
Here is a map we could see in Battlefield 2042. Image via Dice.

While some of the gameplay isn’t actually new, it is a good sign we are getting some of the old classic Battlefield features from other titles. Only time will tell what exactly all the above actually feature in the game. Still, either way, it seems Battlefield is taking an interesting approach to a futuristic genre they haven’t visited since 2142 in 2006.  Battlefield 2042 release date is on October 22.