Lord Ahune Guide for TBC Classic

Here is a guide for Lord Ahune when he activates during the Midsummer Festival in TBC Classic.

Midsummer Fire Festival WoW
The Midsummer Fire Festival is an event scheduled for peak summer on the WoW Calender. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Lord Ahune, one of the Water Elemental bosses, is returning to TBC Classic. In a recent Blue Post, Blizzard revealed that the Midsummer Fire Festival is being delayed till July 20. When the event returns, you can experience Lord Ahune and all the drops that come with it. Here is our Lord Ahune guide for TBC Classic.

Please note, the contents of the guide follow the original Burning Crusade format. If Blizzard ‘some changes’ anything, we will update the guide accordingly.

How to Summon Lord Ahune

Zoram Strand WoW
Zoram Strand is in the top left of Ashenvale, with Blackfathom Deeps in the area. Image via Blizzard.

Lord Ahune is a boss that is summoned during the Midsummer Fire Festival, located in the Slave Pens. To unlock him, you must first start a quest chain called ‘Unusual Activity’ from an Earthern Ring Elder inside any major city. Eventually, they will lead you to the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale, where you will pick up a Twilight Correspondence from any Twilight member in the area.

Once acquired, use your Totemic Beacon provided when accepting the Unusual Activity quest, which allows you to speak to an Earthern Ring Guide. They’ll give you another quest called ‘An Innocent Disguise’, which asks you to spy upon the Twilight Camp in the Zoram Strand using the Orb of the Crawler disguise. Once completed, speak to the Earthern Ring Guide to hand in the quest.

After completing the quest chain in Zoram Strand, you will be told to return where you accepted up the Unusual Activity quest. Once again, you’ll have to travel to a new zone, Zangarmarsh, venturing into the Coilfang Reservoir to meet Numa Cloudsister in The Slave Pens. Upon entering the instance, you will find Numa right at the start of the instance, who you can hand in the quest. Finally, head towards Luma Skymother further down the instance’s main pathway. Luma will give you a daily quest to summon Lord Ahune. Every time you summon Lord Ahune, you’ll need to clear your way to the trash, with the tank ideally going to the Frosted Cone on the floor. Once activated, the boss will spawn, shooting them away.

Lord Ahune Tactics

Lord Ahune Guide Slave Pens Midsummer Festival WoW
Lord Ahune is a summonable boss during the Midsummer Festival located in the Slave Pens. Image via Blizzard

Lord Ahune does the same thing on both Normal and Heroic in TBC, so the guide works for both difficulties. As mentioned, the fight starts with one player summoning the boss with the daily quest item.

After that, the boss will appear from the Frosted Cone on the floor, launching the summoner backwards. The boss will enter combat and will have a huge damage reduction buff during the time. Also, the boss will spawn several Water Elementals and a Frost Giant to attack the party. The tank needs to gain threat on the mobs, with the DPS aiming to kill them within a minute. Although, Melee DPS and the Tank need to be cautious with the big Ice Giant Elemental, as it causes melee classes to take damage after every third melee attack. Therefore, the Ranged DPS should focus on the Giant first, while the melee DPS kills smaller ones.

After the minute is up, Lord Ahune will lose his damage reduction buff. Ideally, the trash will be dead by this point, allowing everyone to nuke the boss during that phase of the fight. Use as many offensive cooldowns as possible during this phase to guarantee the kill within that moment.

Some groups may not have the gear to take down Lord Ahune in the first, second phase of Heroic difficulty. Healers should take the time to not cast any spells during Phase 2 to ensure their spirit kicks in, granting them mana for the following add phase. Fortunately, the boss doesn’t get any harder, meaning rinse and repeat until the boss dies.

Loot Table

Killing Ahune offers two different loot tables, depending on difficulty. The normal version of the kill grants several cloaks, each themed around Healing, Spell DPS, Physical DPS, and Defense. Also, the boss may drop the Frostsythe of Lord Ahune, a spellcaster staff, Deathfrost enchantment recipe, and possibly even a pet. A table of Lord Ahune’s loot is visible below. Feel free to look up the items using Atlas Loot or look online for more information regarding those items.

[ninja_tables id=”530629″]

It is important to list the value of the loot in the Lord Ahune guide. The cloaks are solid options for Phase 1 prebis cloaks. For example, the Shroud of Winter’s Chill from Ahune provides 16 Stamina, 17 Intellect, 46 Healing, 16 Spellpower, and 8 MP5. On the other hand, the healing BoJ item, Bishop’s Cloak costs 25 Badges of Justice from G’eras in Shattarath City. In this example, the Bishop’s Cloak offers the same stats as Ahune’s. It is a decent option for a Healer’s Phase 1 prebis, and It will certainly save you the 25 badges that can go elsewhere. The same can be said with the Physical, Ranged and Tank BoJ vs Ahune cloaks. While those items are not the definitive best cloaks, they will make that slot raid ready for Phase 1 raiding content.

As for Heroic, the boss also grants access to BoJ equivalent Necklaces. For example, Frost Lord Ahune’s Amulet of Bitter Hatred is a physical DPS necklace with the same stats as the BoJ Choker of Vile Intent. For specs like the Fury Warrior, the necklace drop from Heroic is equal to their definitive best Phase 1 prebis piece of gear in that slot. Therefore, we highly recommend getting revered with the Cenarion Expedition to unlock Slave Pens Heroic in this Lord Ahune Guide. Reminder, the Midsummer Fire Festival is available from July 20 – August 3, so there’s plenty of time to get your main, or maybe even an alt, ready for the event.