TBC Reputation Guide: How to get rep with TBC Factions

Here are all the reps and ways to increase your standing with them

TBC Reputation Guide Netherwing
Here is reputation guide for all the TBC Reps in WoW. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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Reputations are one of World of Warcraft’s core mechanics. In The Burning Crusade, reputation was an important part of getting some pre-BiS gear, while offering players ways to make money through dailies, get powerful enchants, and earn mounts. For anyone looking to get themselves any of these rewards, here is a TBC reputation guide to help inform how to get your rep up for each of the reputations in the expansion.

Please note, the majority of the reputation farming methods for the factions in TBC are still relevant to the modern game. Anyone playing Retail can use the farming methods here to get up to speed with the TBC reputations.

Shared Features

TBC is widely known for its attunement process, and many reps are crucial for advancing through the attunement process for raids. Alternatively, lots of Heroics drop pre-raid bis for lots of classes, and getting gear through Badges of Justice is a nice method of getting decent loot too. Keep this in mind for lots of the reputations, which we will go into further detail for each rep in the TBC Reputation Guide.

TBC Reputations

Netherwing Reputation Guide

Starting off with one of the most lucrative is the Nethwerwing. The reason why is because they are one of the only accessible mounts with 310% flying speed for the average player. Therefore, many players will likely flock to Shadowmoon Valley to earn themselves to the right to fly the fastest mount in the game. Alternatively, the other 310% mounts are the Arena mounts awarded to the top 0.5% of Arena teams in their respective queue, or those lucky enough to grab the Ashes of A’lar. With that said, it is rather clear that the Nethewing reputation is desired by many. Here is the Netherwing TBC reputation guide.

Players start off their reputation with the Netherwing on 0 rep into Hated. There is quite a long process to begin gaining rep, with the first quest starting from Mordenai at the bottom right of Shadowmoon Valley. Completing the quest chain will grant the player a fast track rep to neutral, where the grind really begins.

After achieving neutral, you’ll have to earn yourself Master Riding, which rewards players 280% flying speed. The flying speed costs 5000 gold in TBC Classic, so it requires quite a lot of grinding. It is necessary because you need to fly to Netherwing Ledge, disguise as an orc and do dailies for the Dragonmaw over there. Alternatively, you can try and find as many Netherwing eggs as possible. They spawn all over the caves on the ledge and on the outside of the ledge. Mobs in Shadowmoon Valley also have a small chance to drop the eggs too.

Every time you get to a new rank in your reputation grind you’ll also get a brand new quest chain to follow. Moreso, the quest chain continue to award rep and story progress for the reputation.

Aldor and Scryers

The Aldor and Scryers are two pathways players get to experience the expansion through. Both reputations have unique items available, as well as enchants, profession recipes, and storylines as the phases roll out. Although, the player has to ally with one or the other as they begin their journey. Once a faction has been chosen, players can raise their rep with one, while lowering the other. If a player wants to switch reputation at any point, there are repeatable quests that essentially reset the entire process over many item farms and quest turn-ins.

For a more detailed guide on how to get rep with the faction, the items in their quartermasters, switching faction and what rep is better for each spec, check out our guide here.

Cenarion Expedition Reputation Guide

Zangarmarsh TBC ClassicZangarmarsh is home to the Cenarion Expedition and Sporeggar factions. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The Cenarion Expedition is one of the earliest reputations you can encounter in the Burning Crusade. The faction follows the Cenarion Circle, which is a Druidic faction from Azeroth. They are the main quest givers of Zangarmarsh and offer interesting items, and the Cenarion Hippogryph mount with 280% flight speed. Here is a Cenarion Expedition guide as part of the TBC Reputation Guide.

Unlike the Netherwing, this reputation is one of the easiest reputations to get exalted with, with several dungeons, quests, dailies and repeatable quests to look at. The Slave Pens is the dungeon that is attached to the Cenarion Circle. Players can grind reputation by going to the dungeon and doing runs in there. However, like most reputations in the TBC Reputation Guide, getting reputation with from most of the attached dungeons largely ends at honoured, meaning players need to farm rep through quests.

While levelling, you could potentially level through dungeons through the Zangarmarsh dungeons for Cenarion Expedition rep. After reaching honoured, you do Cenarion Expedition quests in Zangarmarsh, Hellfire Peninsula, and Terrokar Forest to benefit the most from the rep, Furthermore, there is a repeatable hand in the quest for Unidentified Plant Parts for Unidentified Species, which awards 500 rep each. Although, if you wanted to, you can skip out on the dungeons till honoured, as the Steamvaults is the end game dungeon you’ll farm for rep and gear anyway. Likewise, the Steamvaults grant Coilfang Armaments from looted Naga, which be handed in the Cenarion Refuge more rep.

For those farming reputation with Cenarion Circle, it is worth getting enough rep to unlock Salve Pens Heroic, as there is some nice catch-up gear for alts or for Phase 1 gear from Lord Ahune in the Midsummer event.


The Consortium is a reputation scattered all throughout Outland, lead by Nexus-Prince Haramad. Like most alternative factions, they don’t necessarily offer the player amazing gear, but there a few tricks up their sleeves. One of those is for Jewelcrafters, as the quartermaster offers many varieties of gems, such as the Swift Skyfire Diamond for +24 attack power,  +14 spell damage from Don Julio’s Heart, and Bracing Earthstrorm Diamond for Healers.

To start the reputation the most optimally, players can get a quest called ‘The Consortium Needs You’ in Nagrand. It serves as an entry into the hub as long as you haven’t already completed some of the quests already. From there, you can do their quests as normal, or farm instances like Mana-Tombs for the rep. Further farming Mana Tombs on Heroic grants more reputation than normal mode.

Although, if you’d rather farm rep from world content, you can hand in the same beads the Kurenai need or farm the Nexus Stalkers for the Zaxxis Insignias just south of Area 52 for the repeatable, ‘Another Heap of Ethereals’. There are also Consortium quests from ethereal mobs scattered around Nagrand and Netherstorm.

Honor Hold / Thrallmar Reputation Guide

Both the Honor Hold and Thrallmar are the two reputations you meet first as either the Alliance or the Horde as you ented Outland. There both have two bases in Hellfire Peninsula, with the Horde towards the north and the Alliance towards the south.

Both factions don’t really offer that great of rewards but are one of the factions you want to grind because of the Heroic dungeon keys. Both the Shattered Halls and the Blood Furnace are great pre-bis gear sources for many classes, so getting to revered is ideal.

Getting rep is fairly simple, grinding the end game dungeon, the Shattered Halls to Exalted. Furthermore, killing Red Orcs near Hellfire Citadel and finishing dailies and quests around the zone grant reputation. While levelling you’ll naturally get reputation from quests and dailies in the zone. If you really wanted to, you can farm reputation until honoured through Ramparts or Blood Furance, and then do the quests after to maximize the reputation gain.

Keepers of Time Reptation Guide

The Keepers of Time is a reputation associated with the Caverns of Time. This is one of the easier reps to acquire as the vast majority of their rep comes from the Old Hillsbrad Foothills and Black Morass dungeons. It is also necessary to get this reputation done as completing the Heroic Dungeons grants further access to the grander scheme of attunements later in the expansion.

Lower City Reputation Guide

The Lower City is a faction located in Shattarath City, which connects you to Terrokar Forest and the Aucindoun Crypts Dungeons. Gaining reputation with the Lowered City is another important source of gear as you progress through TBC. It unlocks Heroic Auncindoun dungeons and grants some strong quality pre-BiS gear, while the quartermaster offers DPS casters and Healers the Gavel of Unearthed Secrets.

Farming rep is no problem for them, with quests in Terrokar Forest granting rep with the Lower City and the several dungeons of Auchindoun Crypts granting them. At max level, you can reasonably grind Shadow Labyrinth to make your way to exalted reputation. Not to mention that the Shadowlabs is a dungeon many players will repeatedly run for the Karazhan attunement anyway.

Mag’Har / Kurenai Reputation Guide

Nagrand TBCThe Mag’Har and Kurenai rep offer players the opportunity to get the Talbuk mounts. Image via Blizzard.

The Mag’har and the Kurenai are two factions in Nagrand, representing either the Alliance or the Horde. Blizzard implemented this rep as entirely optional, granting some okay pre bis items, and creating the Talbuk mounts for collectors. To get a reputation with the faction you need to farm the Ogres throughout the zone and collect their beads to turn in for rep. Also, players can increase their reputation with them by completing quests associated with their camps in Nagrand.


Ogri’la is a reputation associated with the half-orc half-ogre tribe. They are an end game reputation, that requires flying to get to. Alternatively, getting exalted with the Sh’Tari Skyguard grants an exclusive flight point to their base. Getting rep with the faction simply comes through dailies from their base, and farming Apexi Crystals. The rewards from the Quartermaster are not that noteworthy either and is one of those completionists can work towards if they so wish to.

Sha’Tar Reputation Guide

The Sha’Tar is an end game reputation, based in Shattarath City. They are the point of contact for Tempest Keep Heroic Dungeons and are the central story hub for progressing throughout the expansion.

Players will want to farm the reputation by simply doing quests related to the faction, and continue to run any normal dungeon attempt Keep. Getting Exalted with the reputation is really nice, especially if you are a physical damage dealer or healer, as they reward Gavel of Pure Light and A’dal’s Command items.

Sha’Tari Skyguard Reputation Guide

Likewise, the Sha’tari Skyguard are another optional reputation to grind, just like the Nagrand reps. They offer players to opportunity to collect Nether Rays. Lots of the quests for the faction become available at level 70, and require dailies to increase reputation further. For those committed to the cause, you can do a repeatable Shadow Elixr quest. Doing the bare minimum for the Sha’Tari Skyguard will reward Exalted Reputation after 37 days at the earliest.

Sporeggar Reputation

The Sporeggar Reputation is another optional faction in Zangarmarsh. The rep consists of the mushroom people in Zangarmarsh, but they offer some interesting loot, especially for Dungeon tanks. Their most decorated item is the Petrified Lichen Shield, a decent blue quality shield, but it reflects poison at its attackers every time a block is made. Ultimately, this adds so much more threat to the tank, which is incredibly good for tank damage, boosting their threat. The best thing is this item is accessible from honoured, so it really doesn’t take all that long to farm.

To farm reputation with Sporeggar, simply complete their quests associated with them while levelling, followed by the dailies. The quest called Sporeling’s Plight and Natural Enemies makes the player go from unfriendly to neutral. From there, More Glowcaps for Alliance or More Spores for the Horde is repeatable until honoured. Also, farming the Bog Giants and  Marsh Lurkers, or farm The Underdog for reputation. Picking up the Sanguine Hibiscus grants reputation to the Sporregar quests and associated repeatable quest.

The Violet Hold

The Violet Hold is one of the first raid reps you’ll encounter in phase 1. It is a reputation that players progress through simply by performing quest with Violet Hold members and by running the raid. While the reputations aren’t that interesting, every ranking of the rep grants an increase in power level for a ring of your choice. It is a nice purp to accompany your gear, especially if you’ve to managed to get something from elsewhere.

We will update this guide as more reputations are included during the phase cycle of TBC Classic.