Warface crossplay activated for consoles

14 million console gamers can now enjoy Warface crossplay

Console Warface crossplay
PS4, Xbox One, and Switch gamers can now get their Warfaces on together. (Image via MY.GAMES.)

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Despite being originally released for PC in 2013 and ported to PS4 and Xbox One in 2018, it was still something of a surprise when Warface flashbanged its way onto the Nintendo Switch in February 2020. Naturally, with crossplay fast becoming all the rage at the time, it wasn’t long before players of the popular free-to-play multiplayer shooter started demanding similar functionality from their game of choice. Thankfully, after linking PS4 and Xbox matchmaking earlier in the year, a recent update for the Switch version means that three-way Warface crossplay is finally up and running.

Publisher MY.GAMES claim there are more than a million registered Warface players on Switch, to add to the 80 million or so joining the game from other platforms. Sadly, PC players – the vast majority of the game’s community – are having to be excluded from Warface crossplay, with no plans to unite PC and console players any time soon. Thankfully, for those benefiting from the recent update, there are a reported 13 million Warface gamers across PS4 and Xbox. The now 14-million strong console crowd should ensure the CryEngine-powered shooter continues to draw from a sizable audience for some time.

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