Silent planting of spike glitch in Valorant

You may encounter this in your games so stay vigilant!

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A Valorant player has discovered a glitch that lets you plant the spike without making any noise, until the spike is actually planted and this information is presented on your screens.

As with almost all of these unconventional and wacky features that players may be able to find in video games, the silent spike planting method is a glitch and is one that will inevitably be addressed by Riot Games as soon as they are made aware of the issue.

The way in which you trigger the glitch is very easy, which makes it even more frustrating for those players who appear on the receiving end of it. The glitch involves the player planting the spike and simultaneously opening up the map display. 

Somehow, opening up the map display mitigates the spike planting sound and whilst the player is able to see the map, the spike is being planted at the same time, and in total silence.

The glitch was first discovered by a Valorant player and posted on Reddit.

It is possible to exploit this glitch anywhere on the map, where you can successfully plant the spike on a site and you can use it on other maps too. However, you cannot silently defuse the spike and this glitch is for the spike plant only.

As we know, if you are a Valorant player, or have come from other tactical shooter games like CS:GO, audio and sounds are paramount to the success and functionality of games. Audio allows players to pick up footsteps of nearby enemies, of abilities that may be used closeby and of course, when a team plants or defuses the spike.

This glitch is a huge problem for the competitive integrity of the game and whilst the glitch is still in full effect on live servers, we encourage those of you who take the competitive mode of Valorant seriously to ensure that you are communicating even more effectively than usual.

As we mentioned before, the issue will definitely be addressed with Riot soon, as they have proved in the past with prior bugs that affected the game, so you could either be extra vigilant in your games or simply just take a break from the game and wait for the glitch to be resolved.