Subnautica Aurora Door Codes

How to gain entrance to the depths of your old ship

Subnautica Aurora vessel
She's gonna blow! (Images via Unknown Worlds.)

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Underwater survival game Subnautica has many aquatic mysteries to solve. Central to most of them is the fate of the Aurora, the ship you were the sole survivor aboard before it splashed down. By swimming aboard the vessel and keying in the Subnautica Aurora door codes, you’ll be able to understand how you came to be stranded on planet 454B

The Aurora begins the game as a smoldering hulk atop the water, but once the ship is breached it can be explored. However, before you head over to sift through the wreckage at the east of the map, you need to amass some equipment.

Since the breach opened the ship’s reactor, you first need a Radiation Suit. Also essential is a Repair Tool, for fixing doors and the Drive Room. The Laser Cutter will also allow you to gain access to various areas of the stricken vessel, such as the Black Box Terminal and Prawn Suit Bay.

Recommended items include a Scanner and a Propulsion or Repulsion Cannon, for removing obstacles that block the Main Hallway and Laboratory. It also doubles up as a weapon, which has obvious benefits. (Consider carrying a Survival Knife as well – for close encounters). Finally, take a Seaglide with you, as the propulsion device will allow you greater opportunities to explore the depths of the ship. Don’t bother taking a Seamoth – it’s too much hassle

Now you have everything you need to survive, all you need to progress are the Subnautica Aurora Door Codes:

1869 – Cabin No. 1
2679 – Captain’s Quarters
1454 – Cargo Bay
6483 – Lab Access
6666 – Robotics Bay

Good luck over there and stay safe!

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