Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life coming June 22

Pirates of the Caribbean is coming to Sea of Thieves

A Pirate's Life Sea of Thieves
A Pirate's Life is the latest content expansion coming to Sea of Thieves on June 22. Image via Rare.

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Rare has confirmed that Sea of Thieves is getting a new free expansion, creating the ultimate pirate cross over with Pirates of the Caribbean. The new expansion pack is named A Pirate’s Life, adding in Jack Sparrow, Davey Jones, and other notable characters from the film franchise.

A Pirate’s Life is launching as part of the free season three update, consisting of five tales. Each tale tells a story through the Pirate’s of the Caribbean themed world, taking you to Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones.  Like other tales in the game, players can complete them solo or in a party, and feature side quests to complete and secrets to find.

While undertaking these quests and tales, expect to encounter enemies pulled directly from the films. Sirens can attack pirates as they sail through the seas. Likewise, you’ll get to fight off phantoms and ocean crawlers alike. These enemies are not just for A Pirate’s Life, and feature in the permanent game world. Rare go on to explain they worked closely with Disney to create this A Pirate’s Life experience.

Fans of Sea of Thieves can look forward to more content regarding the new expansion as we get closer to launch. With that said, the Season Three content drop comes on June 22, which is right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled to the Sea of Thieves social channel in order to see more that they have teased during E3.