New World Beta: How to Get the Closed Beta, Beta Length, and More

Fancy grabbing a taste of New World before release?

New World Beta invites
You and your friends could be jumping into the New World Closed Beta test before its full launch on August 31. Image via Amazon Games.

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Set in the colonial era, New World is an upcoming MMORPG by Amazon Games taking us to a mysterious island filled with mysticism, magic and all-out warfare. The game has gone through several beta tests over its development period, however, that phase is coming to an end, with the final New World Beta scheduled for July 20.  The closed beta will feature almost all the New World content features you’d expect at launch. If you are wondering how to get into the New World Closed Beta, or perhaps how long the beta lasts, we have everything you need to know.

How to get New World Closed Beta

There are a couple of ways to get into the New World Closed Beta. The guaranteed way to gain access to the New World Closed Beta test is to preorder the game. It doesn’t necessarily matter where you preorder the game, so long as the beta invite gets sent to your email address or Amazon account, depending on how you signed up.

If you would rather leave it to fate, you can sign up for the closed beta by heading over to the testers’ page on Amazon’s website. There is no guarantee you will get a key since Amazon haven’t revealed how many beta keys will be available.

How long does the New World Closed Beta last?

The New World Closed Beta kicks off on July 20 2021, with the test lasting until August 2. It gives players a two-weeks to dive into the beta and test out the levelling process, quests, crafting, housing, and other features.

If you are wondering what time the New World Closed Beta kicks off, we believe it will be at 9 am PT. The start time coincides with Amazon’s dev stream to celebrate the Beta’s launch on July 30. We will update the beta’s launch time when it’s confirmed.

Can I stream New World Closed Beta?

The New World Closed Beta is under no embargo. Any game sensitive information relating to the game itself will no longer be relevant, allowing streamers, content creators, and others to produce content to their heart’s content.

Final Remarks

If you do manage to get into the New World Closed Beta, remember to give crucial feedback on the game’s progression. Amazon Games Studio has had quite a disaster with game launches in recent years. No one remembers there is a Grand Tour game, followed by Crucible’s and Amazon’s LOTR MMO cancellations in the last 12 months. Furthermore, New World has been delayed for over 18 months, with Amazon’s original intention to launch the game back in Spring 2020. So, make sure to submit those bug reports and balance reports to the devs. If New World launches with as few issues as possible then it will be good news for MMO fans and Amazon Games.

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