Netflix Geeked 2021: Reveals Witchercon, Resident Evil cast and more

Here are all the shows we got information on from the Netflix Geeked 2021 show.

Witchercon Netflix Geeked 2021
Netflix Geeked 2021 announced the upcoming Witchercon for the Witcher show and games on July 9. Image via CD Projekt Red.

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As part of the Summer Game Fest, Netflix aired their show, Geeked, featuring various Netflix, Film, TV, Anime and other video entertainment merging with video game IPS. From League of Legends to Resident Evil, there were many new shows, cast announcements and more. Here is what we learned from the Netflix Geeked 2021 event.

LoL Anime Series Arcane Snippet

Riot Games and Netflix shared a snippet of what to expect from the Arcane Anime. The snippet of the anime relates to Jinx entering an old arcade or boxing gym – It is hard to tell with all the Piltovian tech inside.

We see Jinx enter the building from the scene, get flashbacks of her rivalry with her sister, Via, and how she was the better boxer. Then, the scene flashbacks to Jinx in the current day, and she begins to trash the place up, showing her frantic side of life. She then proceeds to shoot the machine that then trainer her sister up when they were younger. 

Cup Head and Mugman

The other big announcement of the show was the Cuphead Show. The Cuphead Show is a direct take on the platforming game Cuphead. Expect to see more of the animated 1930’s cartoon style show featuring both Cuphead and Mugman.

Throughout the show, fans can experience Jazz style music to continue with the 1930’s setting and the cast of Wayne Brady playing the villain of the show, King Dice. We got a taste of what to expect from Wayne Brady’s character, King Dice, running a luck-themed game show during the stream.

Castlevania Netflix Animates Show

While the fourth and final season of Castlevaniaat an end, the animation studio behind it has announced a new series in the Castlevania universe. The new Castlevania Netflix show is centred on the Frech Revolution, with characters Richter Belmont and Maria Renard the focal point of the new series. Sadly, there was no other news on the font other than fans of the current Castlevania series have something new to anticipate.

Also, if you’re a fan of the Vampire genre, why not check out the recently announced Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt game during the Summer Game Fest.

Captain Laserhawk

Ubisoft had a major reveal for the Netlfix Geeked 2021 event, despite having the Ubisoft Forward event on June 12.  They, too, are joining in on the Netflix fun with their reveal of Captain Laserhawk.

Captain Laserhawk is an animated series braces on Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon DLC, titled Captain Laserhawk: Blood Dragon Remix. The series is based on the 80’s synth-wave genre interpreted through an anime setting. So expect to see the usual bright neon, fast cars and explosions, and cheesy 80 action content in anime form.

The show is bout 1950’s automation, social upheaval, social control, big data and other dystopian features. Dolph Laserhawk is the show’s character who wants to do one big heist before he can retire with his boyfriend. Expect to see violence, wrestling, anime, with gaming graphic animations. 

Content director Adi Shankar is leading the script, along with french animation studio, Bobbypills. Adi explained that the show is based on several inspirations, such as Elseworlds from the DC universe, Captain N Gamemasters, and the Bootleg films from Adi’s own work.

Captain Laserhawk is inspired by the Elseworlds from DC comics, with the other the Captain N Gamemasters. Also, the other big inspiration is the Bootleg fan films from franchises in the ’80s, which is Adi’s own work. In 2016, Ubi contacted Adi to begin working 80sfying Ubi’s IP,s with the show now selected from the Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon 80’s themed DLC.

Furthermore, Sam Fisher is getting an animated series, though it was only mentioned in passing during the actual press conference.

The Witcher Season 2 Update

Geeked week shows us a preview of what to expect from the Netflix Witcher Series 2. Got a few images of Siri, voices floating around and some really fast snippets. It seems to piece some clues of weapons, runes, and environments. Seems to be some big easter eggs for big fans from the series. Also, CDProjekt Red and Netflix are teaming up for the upcoming Witchercon on July 9. The convention features all things, Witcher, whether that is the show or game.

Resident Evil Live Action

Netflix announced a live-action Resident Evil show last year, but it is now confirmed in production. The Resident Evil live-action cast features:

  • Adeline Rudolph
  • Seine agudong
  • Lance Reddick – as Albert Wesker
  • Paola Nuñez
  • Tamara Smart
  • Ella Bolinzka

Other than that, there was no real development as to what the show is about, who the actresses play, and other important plot points.

The show featured a few other things, such as Cobra Kai teaser, but nothing else on the show. Also, they mentioned much more is out there for Dota and other gaming shows, nothing quite just yet to talk about. So this concludes the Summer Games Fest Netflix Geeked 2021 event. Hopefully, there was something for everyone.