Halo Infinite Multiplayer free to play for Xbox and PC- supports crossplay

Microsoft revealed much more about Halo Infinite multiplayer and crossplay during E3.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer
Microsoft has revealed features regarding Hale Infinite Multiplayer and Crossplay. Image via 343 Industries.

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Microsoft has announced during their E3 2021 press conference that the Halo Infinite Multiplayer is free-to-play for both Xbox and PC gamers.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Microsoft revealed a sneak peek into the Halo Infinite Multiplayer, showcasing some details into a few multiplayer maps, weapons, vehicles and game modes. While there was nothing concrete, it was nice to see some of the classics returns, along with a few nice additions to the franchise.

For those who loved Halo 3, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is getting Halo 3 gadgets that players can find throughout multiplayer maps. The first is a Threat Sensor, which is an area-of-effect support device that periodically pulses and illuminates enemy players within its radius. Furthermore, the Repulsor can be used to deflect projectiles and anything else that gets in the way. If anyone likes to move really fast, then the Grappleshot is going to be a favourite of yours. Based on the trailer, you can grapple hijack aircraft, grapple to structures, or even pick up Fusion Coils to launch at enemies. Defensive players can enjoy the Drop Wall,  allowing players some more defensive and strategical options..While these are the four joining the game at launch, the live service game and its seasonal upd\tes may allow room for new gadgets to join the game.

New gadgets are not only the latest feature coming to Halo Infinite. Vehicles are getting a spruce up through the customization features. Not to mention that the game now features play against bots support for custom games, practise modes, and even casual online games when waiting for extra players to join. Alternatively, you can play against bots and try out different builds for those looking to train.

While character customization has always been a part of Halo, it is getting an upgrade for Infinite. Microsoft has confirmed there will be no loot boxes, with all the customization unlocked through the store, achievements, and other content.

Halo Infinite Crossplay

Good news for both Xbox and PC player, Microsoft announced Halo Infinite crossplay and cross-progression. Regardless of the platform, players can sync up with each other and play. However, there is no news on if players can turn Halo Infinite’s crossplay off, so there’s more news to come on that front.

If crossplay isn’t your thing, then the game supports the classic local split-screen for multiplayer too. Speaking of local crossplay, the game features the essence of what the story is about, with Chief trying to work out why his new AI hasn’t been destroyed, and what that means for the now missing Rogue AI Cortana.

Players can see more about the Halo Infinite Multiplayer during the 343 Industries Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview at 8 AM PT 11: ET, 16:00 BST, and 17:00 CEST on June 14. Players can expect the game to launch sometime closer to holidays in 2021.