Best Rogue Company Characters

Here are some of the best Rogues available in Rogue Company.

Best Rogue Company Characters - Switcblade
Rogue Company has many different characters. Find out which are the best ones you should be playing. Image via Hi-Rez Studios.

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Rogue Company is Hi-Rez Studios’ third-person shooter, blending CS:GO’s round-based economy with playable heroes (Rogues) akin to Overwatch and Rainbow Six. Since its release, Rogue Company has continued to release new maps and Rogues in free updates and seasons. If you are new to the game, perhaps stumbling on it with the game’s recent upgrades to next-gen consoles or through its Steam release, then you might want to know more about the Rogues. If you’re interested, we will take you through some of the best Rogue Company characters you should pick up and play.

Best Rogues


Rogue Company Lancer
Lancer is easily one of the best characters in the game. Image via Hi-Rez.

Lancer is easily one of the best Rogue Company characters in the game. She is the most self-sufficient character, with a reliable SMG and an ability to run quickly and move quietly. However, the best part of her kit is she instantly reloads whenever she rolls. The instant reload makes her one of the best duelists in the game, as she can always have a full magazine while wasting her enemies through sporadic rolling in any direction.

While having a firefight with Lancer is one thing, her utility makes her even harder to beat. One of Lancer’s gadgets is a Smoke Grenade.  She can use these smokes to obscure vision to cover your planter or dangerous lines of sight. You can even upgrade your Smoke Grenades capacity to two. She can use her Smoke Grenades to build smoke walls to attack a site, rotating around the map or in a post-plant scenario. If you’re playing on the defence, two good smoke grenades could be all you need to stall an attack completely. Lancer may even use her ability early in the round to rush towards objectives – she may even have her smokes set up before the enemy team is ready to fight back using that momentum.



Saint is the easiest support character in the game to play. He has a very good assault rifle, with the option to get an ACOG zoom to play first-person while aiming. This makes him very good at controlling long angles, which only sniper characters can match. Not to mention he can send his drone to any downed ally anywhere on the map to begin reviving them. The biggest weakness of the drone is travel time (albeit not much). The other major weakness is that it can be destroyed by enemy gunfire or EMP charges. However, it is very easy to use and often causes more revives than not. You’ll often find a Saint in almost every single team because of how reliable this Rogue is.

One other aspect that makes Saint one of the best Rogue Company characters is that he is free. That is right; Saint is one of the starter characters. If you like playing the support utility role for your team, then Saint is a main from the get-go.



Chaac is a personal favourite here at Gaming Verdict. Chaac is a character with an inbuilt revive and heal, allowing him to battle just about anyone. If that wasn’t enough, his Spas-12 is one of the best shotguns in Rogue Company, and his SMG has one of the fastest rounds-per-minute. Learning how to aim in close quarters will reward the Chaac player with some incredible kills. Sure his major weakness is when fighting at medium and long ranges, but that is nothing a Semtex cannot fix. If you need a flexible duelist that can flank, take over sites, or hold objectives, Chaac is your guy.



Ronin is a very flexible duelist in Rogue Company. She can play as a defensive character angled at the back of a site unleashing the power of her assault rifle. Moreso, she is equipped with a handy explosive throwing knife, immediately downing enemies she directly hits. If you would rather use it as a proximity mine, attaching it to surfaces, then that works for more defensive plays. Do be aware that enemy rounds can destroy her boobytrap knife.

If you need to play Ronin on the attack, her assault rifle makes her one of the only duelists that can pressure longer angles. Most other duelists need to get close range before becoming effective, whereas Ronin can match defenders, snipers, and other longer-ranged roles. This positioning allows her to chip away at her enemies’ health bar, creating breathing room for her allies to taking the objective. You can easily get someone out of cover if you combine your throwing grenades and explosive knife against defenders’ positions. When they are out of cover, they’ll become exposed to your team’s barrage of bullets. If anyone tries to stealth defuse, they’ll get blown up instead. If the enemy does manage to spot the knife, a gunshot will reveal their intentions. There are many creative opportunities available for Ronin, which is why she is one of the best rogues in Rogue Company.



Talon is one of the best Intel rogues in the game. His key ability is the Recon Dart, which has a very fast and long throwing range. When the Recon Dart lands, it places a mini radar in the area, and enemies that walk in its range are highlighted on the mini-map. While there is no guarantee it will work, Talon can retrieve the dart with his magnetic glove, making it easy to retrieve his device and redeploy it somewhere more useful. The other must-know thing about the Recon Dart is that it picks up enemies through cover. If you manage to track multiple enemies, it allows more time for your team to flank the enemy or support your team on a site and adapt to your opponents’ strategy.

If his ability wasn’t enough to make him appealing, then Talon’s SMG is one of the strongest in the game. His SMG does 16 damage per round and has a decent range to it. If you prefer more dedicated range weaponry, his Marksman rifle makes him adaptable at sites with more open space and range. As you can see, Talon is a very flexible character that can bring a lot of worth to many teams and maps.



Switchblade is one of the newest characters to join Rogue Company. Switchblade is considered a Breacher, so her purpose is to crack open sites. She does this through her Chaos Launcher, which leaves clusters of napalm around the blast zone. If anyone sticks around in them, they’ll die. This is ideal for two situations: the first is to push the enemy out of cover and prevent them from getting back into it. The other is to prevent enemies from getting near the bomb site, whether to plant or defuse. The best way to think about Switchblade is that she has the same effectiveness as Vy but has a more practical ability range.

As for her weaponry, Switchblade has two very good guns. One of her weapons is Saint’s ACOG AR. You can get the same range advantage and the zoom-in ACOG if you like that style of play. If you prefer to run and gun with your duelists, she has access to Lancer’s 24S SMG. While Switchblade can’t instantly reload, the 24S is still a decent firearm. Overall, Switchblade is easily one of the best Rogue Company characters to join Rogue Company in recent memory.


This concludes our best Rogue Company characters list. Perhaps there is a character that we think is worth joining our list? If so, let us know in the comments below.