Best Oblivion Console Commands and Cheats

A list of useful Oblivion console commands for some Skooma?

Oblivion Console Commands
This Knight might judge you if you use any Oblivion Console Commands. Image via Bethesda.

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Oblivion is Bethesda’s massive RPG release of 2006, taking fans of the Elder Scrolls Series to the heart of the Imperial homework do Cyrodil. While the size of Skyrim now dwarfs Oblivion, it is still an Elder Scrolls game that fans still come back and enjoying for over 15 years. If you fancy going crazy on one of the Elder Scrolls’ best games, here are some useful Oblivion console commands and cheats to play around with.

How to use Oblivion Console Commands

If you want to use Oblivion console commands, you’ll need to play the game on PC. The reason why is because the console only opens at the push of the tilde key “~”. Pressing the key will open a new text box where you can input cheats into. You can typically find the tilde key to the left of “1” or below the escape key “ESC”. On some keyboards, the tilde key may share the same space as the hashtag key.

If you plan to use a cheat that requires an ID, you can find spell IDs, Item Ids all on the official Oblivion Console command Wiki. Unlike other younger Bethesda RPG titles, this game essentially identified the need for a text file in a game’s directory, helping players work out ID’s so they can cheat to their heart’s content.

Commands and Cheats

Oblivion Locked Box
Who needs lockpicks when you can just cheat it open. Image via Bethesda.


Command Description Cheat Example
Activate Activates a dormant target. activate
Add Spell Adds a selected spell to your character’s spellbook. addspell <SpellCode>
Attributes Allows you to change your attribute levels. setav <attribute> <#>

Setav strength 50

Changes your strength attribute to 50.

Complete Quest Instantly complete a quest as long as you have its ID and it is active in your quest log.

Alternatively, you can type caqs to complete all quest stages of your current active quest.

Completequest <ID>


Duplicate Item This oblivion console command duplicates an item. It can also spawn new items into the game. Placeatme <itemID> <quantity>
Fame Alters your current fame level. Set fame <#>
Fog of War Toggle the fog of war so you can see the entire local area clearly on your map. tfow
Free-roaming Camera Toggle free-flying camera – great if you want some scenic screenshots. tfc
God-Mode Toggles God-Mode, granting you immunity to all damage. tgm
Grass Toggle grass so you cans ee better. tg
HUD Toggles menus if you want to play a hardcore-like mode with less HUD (heads up display). tm
Infamy Set your current infamy level Set infamy <#>
Kill Kills the target you are looking at. You can kill a specific character if you type in its name after the command. kill
Leaves Toggle leaves in case you hate nature. tlv
Level up Force your character to go up a level immediately. advlevel
Map Markers Toggle all map markers

1=Show 0=Hide.Useful for taking care of a cluttered compass.

tmm <#>
No Clip You can enable no clip allowing you to fly through everything and everyone. tcl
Resurrect Resurrect a character who has died by typing their name in after resurrect. The corpse needs to be present to work. Otherwise, you’ll need to spawn a corpse in for their ID to possess – spooky. resurrect <#>
Sky Effects Toggles the sky if you would rather stare into a different type of ‘oblivion’. ts
Spawn Item Spawns an item you want as long as you know the item’s ID code. placeatme <BaseID> <#>
Stealth Toggle AI detection, allowing you to be permanently invisible as far as the AI can tell. tdetect
Subtitles You can toggle the subtitles of NPC dialogue on or off. Show subtitle
Toggle AI Toggle AI, leaving you with a barren world. tai
Toggle NPC Combat Toggle combat AI – Congratulations on achieving world peace. tcai
Trees Toggle trees so you can no longer see them. You will still run into them, though, despite not being able to see them. tt
Unlock Unlocks a locked container you are interacting with. This Oblivion console command works exactly like the Fallout 3 commands. unlock
Water Toggle water rendering, draining the world of water. tws


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