Destiny 2 Season 15: Season of the Lost Release Time

Destiny 2's new season is launching at the end of the Destiny 2 Showcase

Destiny 2 Season 15
Destiny 2 Season 15 is due to come out today (August 24). Here is what we know. Image via Bungie.

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With Bungie’s recent announcement of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, the Witch Queen, Destiny 2’s Beyond Light moves into its final season. The final season of the expansion aims to keep you playing Destiny 2 for the next six months, with the Witch Queen expansion getting a February 22 release date. Here is what we know about Destiny 2 Season 15’s launch time and content.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Release Date

Destiny 2 Season 15 is called the Season of the Lost. The Destiny 2 Season of the Lost release introduces a new battle pass, exotics and other collectable content. The release date for Season of the Lost, aka Destiny 2 Season 15, is today (August 24). This means that today’s Destiny 2 reset will bring the last mile of content before you explore the content that awaits in the Witch Queen expansion. The full content will come during the Destiny 2 Showcase for the Witch Queen expansion. We will update the article when we know what content is coming when we get it.

Season of the Lost Content

The Season of the Lost content features the story of the Dreaming City and the Tower coming together. The two need to unite as the Hive Queen’s presence has sturred up Awaken technology, causing issues for the Guardians. During the new season, you will encounter a Wayfinder’s Compass, which will guide you through the Ascended Realms you will encounter during the Season of the Lost. You will also get some Queen-like armor sets and other cosmetics through the event.

When Does Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

Today’s Destiny 2 reset will launch the Destiny 2 Season of the Lost across all regions, commencing:

  • US West Coast: 09:00 PST
  • US East Coast: 12:00 EST
  • UK: 18:00 BST
  • Europe: 19:00 CEST

Bungie will lift any weekly caps as soon as the weekly reset occurs, along with deploying any new content patches. The following resets are typical every week.

  • Rewards progress for Strikes, Gambit and Crucible playlists are reset, along with raid and dungeon content.
  • Reward progress is reset for weapons or Nightfalls.
  • Hawthorne clan progress resets who is found in the Tower
  • A new Weekly Mission.
  • New Eververse inventory for you to collect. Xur will also reset his location and inventory at this time.


We hope you enjoy the latest season of content and are as excited as we are for the new Witch Queen expansion!