Best Apex Legends Arena Characters: Season 9

Want to know the best Apex Legends characters for the Arena Mode. Here are a few of the best.

Best Apex Legends Arena Characters Mode
If you want to dominate Apex Legends Arena mode, especialyl for climbing its ranked mode in Season 10, here are the best for the mode. Image via Respawn Entertainment.

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Apex Legends is traditionally associated with its unique spin on heroes known as Legends, which players use in a traditional Battle Royale setting. However, in 2021, Respawn Entertainment developed a whole new mode called Arenas, which sees the game use short burst rounds with CS:GO and Valorant like mechanics. Due to the game’s very fast-paced nature and its focus on duelling, the formulae for determining the best Legends for Arena differs from the Battle Royale mode. With that said, here are Gaming Verdivct’s pick on the best Apex Legends Arena characters are, especially if you want to grind Ranked Arenas in Season 10.

On another note, if you are after an Apex Legends Battle Royale Tier List, we have one more than happy to serve you.

Best Arena Characters in Apex Legends

Bloodhound – As with the regular Apex Legends Tier List, Bloodhound is a fast-moving and god-like tracker. Knowing where and when to fight makes winning Arena games even easier and Bloodhound is easily one of the best Apex Legends Arena characters.

Lifeline – Since Lifeline’s heal is so good in Season 9, this can have such a big advantage in Arena games, both for herself and her allies.

Valkyrie – Being able to fly around the map makes her a very strong pick. She is able to reach unique vantage points and outflank unsuspecting enemies. If you want that element of surprise, and making it harder to land shots because of her aerial time, then she might be the pick for you.

Octane – Octane is a mix and match for Arena. While his Speedboost drains his health, the ability to go really fast makes up for it, especially when you can flee certain death or get the best flank off ever. When Octane pays off in these scenarios, he can feel like one of the best Apex Legends Arena characters.

Revenant – Revenant’s ability to silence enemy players for a brief period of time now feels like a lifetime in Arenas. If you catch someone unable to use their abilities to press an advantage, chances are they’ll get rolled over by the Android Assassin.

Gibraltar – Gibraltar is a great addition to any team comp, able to hold their own thanks to his passive damage reduction. Also, the Arm Shield on his weapon protects most of his torso. Simply put, everyone has to put more damage into Caustic in order to take him down, which buys enough time to 1v1 just about everyone.


This concludes our best Apex Legends Arena characters guide. We hope you enjoyed our run through the Apex Legends Season 9 best picks and meta-analysis. Let us know how you fare in Season 9 in the comments below.

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