Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Launch Receives Exclusive Pathfinder Skin

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Respawn Entertainment has revealed even more footage of Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch. The gameplay trailer features some gameplay elements, along with a look at a Nintendo Switch exclusive skin.

The Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release has been long-awaited by the Switch community. The Nintendo Switch is one of the last remaining platforms to get Apex Legends on the system. However, there is not long left with its launch next week.

With the launch so close, Respawn Entertainment released a gameplay trailer demonstrating the game on the platform. The trailer featured a few Apex Legends characters, along with an exclusive skin at the end of the trailer.

Pathfinder is getting the exclusive skin, with a red and white colour scheme reflecting the Nintendo brand. Furthermore, the skin is a limited-time-only promotion, meaning it will only be available for a brief period at launch. Nintendo Switch players can claim this skin up until 4 May. After that cut off point, Pathfinder's skin will no longer be claimable for any Apex Legends account. 

This is not the first time Electronic Arts has launched this type of promotion. When Electronic Arts revealed that Apex Legends was coming to Steam, it came alongside some limited Steam themed cosmetics. Nintendo getting exclusive content is the game keeping up appearances with its cross-platform marketing.

Players interested in grabbing the skin can do so from 9 March. Nintendo lists Apex Legends as a 25GB download on the Nintendo Store. Electronic Arts also revealed several weeks ago that Switch players will get 30 free levels of the Battle Pass and Double Experience points for two weeks.

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Players can play on the go and still play with friends through its cross-platform functionality. At long last, the complete experience for Apex Legends is almost here.


Image via Respawn Entertainment.

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