Rocket League directional air roll quick guide

A directional air roll is a technique in Rocket League that allows you to perform an air roll in a specific direction. Here is a guide on how to perform a directional air roll in the game:

  1. Jump into the air: To perform an air roll, you will need to be in the air with your car. This can be done by jumping off the ground or by jumping off another surface, such as the ball or an opponent’s car.
  2. Hold down the boost button: While you are in the air, hold down the boost button on your controller or keyboard. This will activate your car’s boost, which will allow you to perform an air roll.
  3. Steer in the desired direction: Use the left joystick or arrow keys/WASD keys to steer your car in the desired direction. The direction you steer will determine the direction of the air roll.
  4. Release the boost button: Once you have completed the air roll, release the boost button to deactivate your boost.

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