WoW Classic: The Fresh Crusade Launches with 9k players Interested

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World of Warcraft Classic, AKA WoW Classic is Blizzard Entertainment’s re-release of their 2006 version of World of Warcraft, which everyone now refers to as Vanilla WoW. The Classic version launched in August 2019, offering players a return to WoW’s roots. Since then, 19 months have passed, with the content cycle over for Classic WoW. 

With the end of Classic WoW’s vanilla content here and the recently announced The Burning Crusade Classic, players have decided they want fresh. Over 9000 players express their interest in a project called The Fresh Crusade, which starts in Europe at 19:00 CET on 5 March. Since its launch on Dragonfang EU, the server hit medium population at a peak Friday and Saturday. As a result, the server had somewhere between 1000-2500 current players, with even more dipping in and out throughout the day.

Before Blizconline 2021, fans of the game anticipated that there would be fresh servers for TBC. The reason for this is due to botting, gold-selling, and multi-boxing affecting the game. However, Blizzard stated they didn’t want to ruin Classic WoW players’ accomplishments since August 2019. 

This is where the Fresh Crusade steps in. The project’s idea is that people want to start over, on a “dead realm”. All this means is to start on a server with as little population as possible. Fresh Crusade’s management believes it gives a more authentic feel of Classic as it was but to also be on a The Burning Crusade server with as little inflation in the economy as possible.

The Fresh Crusade is due to go live at 19:00 CET on a server yet to be announced. The idea is to start the project without any prior knowledge. People can come to the server and level almost as if it was day one of the Classic launch. 

Whether or not the server remains true to the goal of the project is uncertain. Blizzard allows characters to transfer servers, which meanS gold inflation can still occur through characters moving over to the new server. Furthermore, the project launches before all the TBC classic nerfs kick in. Mages can still AoE farm Maraudon, Zul Farrak, and Zul Gurub, which are ways gold inflation began in the first place.

Hopefully, the project can remain true to its design and head into The Burning Crusade, giving a more authentic experience. Alternatively, Blizzard can see the interest in the project and may offer official fresh. There are lots to potentially come from this story, and we will keep an eye on the road map of TBC’s launch.


Image via Blizzard Entertainment.