Hacez Wins World First Level 70 TBC Classic Race

A Warlock dethrones the Mages

Progress Warlock player, Hacez achieved world first level 70, shortly followed by Kenny Marsh. Image via Blizzard

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World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic has crowned the world first level 70 in TBC Classic. Hacez from the Guild, Progress on Firemaw has taken the prize on his Warlock, shortly followed by Kennymarsh and Kyn on their Mages. The three progress players reached level 70 roughly 13 hours after the TBC Classic launched.

Progress’s main experience gathering group focused on mob tagging to level up quickly, farming dungeons and focused on levelling through Netherstorm. They even used techniques like using Rocket Helmet to get even bigger pulls. During Hacez and KennyMarsh’s progress to the top farmed several different reputations during their race to 70. While getting level 70 is a significant achievement, the guild’s main focus is on getting their guild ready for making it to World First Nightbane in Phase 1 TBC. The source of this information came from fellow Progress guild member, HellspawnI, who detailed their guild’s strategy for TBC launch.

As for the other World first level 70 racers, the vast amount of the experience gains came from farming the Slave Pens instance in the Coilfang Reservoir. Most of the players in the race, including Tierra streamed their routes through the Slave Pens. The likes of Taiwon, Jockered, Farmers1 and more used the run to climb as fast as they did, but was slightly behind Tierra.

What made Tierra quicker than others is his circle strategy on the wooden pier inside of Slave pens, which made his kiting and AOE much more efficient. Furthermore, he was grouped with a Discipline Priest alt on another account. The priest specced into Improved Divine Spirit, granting his mage bonus Spirit for mana generation and extra spell damage based on his spirit. Finally, the extra stamina from Power Word: Fortitude helped him out for taking hits from mobs.

The race was kinda intense, with players watching the Method Race to World First Level 70 stream, with others watching on Firemaw to see who made it to the World first 70. Tierra had 13k viewers at the time Hacez and Kenny got to level 70, as many thought he would achieve World First. With no real tracking available for the race other than monitoring servers and streams, the race was mysterious, to say the least.

Unlike the Race to World First in Classic WoW, the victory did not earn the 350,000 viewers that Jockerd’s victory in August 2019 gathered, as Progress didn’t stream their ding. With the race to World First Level 70 now over, the next race is on for who takes World First Karazhan, Magtheridon’s Lair and Gruuls Lair for TBC Classic. Check back on our WoW hub as we follow the latest stories from the TBC Classic launch. Please note, this is not the world first level 70 for The Burning Crusade original launch in 2007. This feat was achieved by Gawell, according to SK Gaming.