Slave Pens Heroic Guide for TBC Classic

Here is a guide to taking on the Slave Pens in TBC Classic

Slave Pens Heroic Guide Dungeon Layout
Here is a Slave Pens Heroic Guide to clearing the dungeon and getting your HC, daily, or prebis gear. Image via Blizzard Entertainement.

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The Slave Pens is a dungeon located in the heart of the Coilfang Reservoir, containing a mixture of Bogstrok crabs, Naga, and Draenei. One of the reasons why you’ll want to run this dungeon is for a few pieces of pre bis, such as the caster’s Mana-Etched Spaulders for casters, daily HC quest, levelling quests, or for future attunements. For those wanting a nicer time in the dungeon, here is a Slave Pens Heroic Guide.

Please note, this guide does not contain any skips, as we don’t want to presume what the group is intended to clear. Furthermore, this guide works fairly similarly for normal mode.

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Slave Pens Location

World of Warcraft Coilfang Reservoir
Here is the Slave Pens Entrance. Image via Blizzard.

The Slave Pens is located in the Coilfang Reservoir, requiring players to dive down a huge bubbling tube in the centre of Zangarmarsh’s biggest lake. Eventually, you’ll stumble upon a large cave with air, with several dungeon entrances located inside. The Slave Pens Entrance is on the pathway furthest to the west of the meeting stone.

Noteworthy Mobs

While it is important to know most of the mobs in the dungeon so you can guarantee success, some are not as threatening as others. Many mobs in the dungeons use simple to avoid AOE channels and dispel or freedom any magic CC they cast on your party, hence not needing to highlight the. Although, the mobs below need to pay close attention to:

  • Greater Bogstrok
  • Coilfang Slavehandler
  • Coilfang Scale-Healer
  • Coilfang Champion
  • Coilfang Soothsayer
  • Rays

The best tip in the Slave Pens Heroic Guide is to judge your parties strengths and adapt from there. You’ll find there are a few high priorities kill targets, so judge your comp’s strength

Mobs Explained

Slave Pens Naga Trash TBC Classic
Here are some of the worst packs in the Slave Pens. Image via Blizzard.

The Greater Bogstrok are the big hitters for your tank. The adds apply a Piercing Jab to the tank, which increases physical damage taken by 15% for 30 seconds while inflicting 150% of the mob’s weapon damage. When there’s several of these, they can hit really hard, so it’s best to CC the greater Bogstrok. Even when there is only one in the pack, they’ll naturally buff the damage of the smaller crabs around them with the 15% physical damage taken debuff.

Coildfang Slavehandlers are mobs that operate just like the taskmaster and slave handlers in Zangarmarsh. When aggroed, they’ll call nearby slaves to join them in the fight. In this instance, just nuke the Slavehandler, and the slaves will drop aggro and run away. Of course, you can kill them if you want the rep, but it isn’t necessary.

Scale-Healers are the resident healer Naga mobs in the dungeon. They’ll cast heals on their allies and normally are in groups of other Nagas. You’ll either want to focus them if your group lacks interrupts or CC and interrupt chain them if there’s a few sources of CC in the party. If you have a group with hard-hitting DPS, you can probably skip the Healers as nuking other targets is much more efficient.

Champions are a big threat in the Slave Pens. They have a fear ability that causes someone to run away in fear for three seconds, as well as a cleave ability. Tanks need to face them away from the party while bringing a Shaman for Tremor Totem or have a class that can dispel magic to remove the fear. Likewise, having a class capable of dispelling magic is nice because it can also remove entangling roots from less important naga mobs. Furthermore, the party needs to be cautious of other packs nearby, as the person feared can pull extra mobs.

Soothsayers are an annoying Naga mob that has the ability to mind control a player. Ideally, kick the cast as it begins or CC chain the mob. Alternatively, you can focus the mob first to guarantee it get to cast the mind control. If a mind control goes off, try and CC the player for as long as possible as they are mind-controlled for ten seconds.

Likewise, the Rays are annoying mobs because they, too, cast a fear. Simply kill them or kick the fear if needed. Otherwise, they die fair quickly.

Boss Tactics

Mennu The Betrayer Tactics

Mennu the Betrayer is a Shaman boss, which drops several totems. Simply pull the boss out of the room into the corridor you enter from and fight there. The DPS should kill the totem he drops while ignoring the Fire Nove totem. The tank should reposition the boss outside of the nova’s range to avoid the group getting hit with the blast. When the totem expires or dies, the nova goes off anyway, hence the need to move.

Rokmar the Crackler Tactics

Rokmar the Crackler is a big Crab boss. The boss has a few key abilities. For Healers, the boss puts grievous wounds on the target that needs healing to full to remove the DoT it applies. Furthermore, the boss also uses water spit, which is a non-interruptible party-wide damage ability that can’t be interrupted. While it is not entirely needed, a paladin using Frost Resistance aura is a nice touch to the party. Finally, the boss enrages when it gets low health, increasing damage and attack speed. Healer and tanks should use CDs here if they are available. Also, having a Warlock here to grant Healthstones is a nice touch for the group for this part.

Quagmirran Tactics

The final boss of the instance is Quagmirran, that dels heavy nature damage to party members. One tip is to free the caged Night Elf to get the nature resistance buff for the last boss or bring a Hunter for the Aspect of the Wild buff.

Other than that having a class that can dispel the poisons casts on the part is handy, especially a Shaman’s Poison Cleansing Totem If not, then Healers be aware of the party-wide damage. Throughout the fight, the boss will target a random player, which will need to move out of the way of the party to avoid hitting other players with the Acid Spray. Players can either spread around the pool, or stack with the focused player moving out of the pack. Albeit, don’t stack on the tank to avoid melee cleave from the boss. Likewise, Healers will need to focus on that target to keep them alive.

With Quagmirran down, you’ll have completed the dungeon and the Slave Pens Heroic Guide. We hope you found this useful and got some nice gear along the way.

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