Blood Furnace Guide: Tactics and Tips for Normal and Heroic

Hellfire Citadel Loading Screen
The Hellfire Citadel is home to Hellfire Ramparts, Blood Furnace, the Shattered Halls and Magtheridon's Lair. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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The Blood Furnace is one of the first dungeons those entering TBC Classic will come across. The Dungeons is the entry point of the expansion challenging levellers fresh from passing the Dark Portal and those braving it on Heroic. Here is a Blood Furnace guide to keep you company along the way for those looking to clear it.


Hellfire Citadel Location TBC
The location of the Hellfire Citadel Dungeons in Outland. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The Blood Furnace is the second dungeon players can realistically enter in TBC, with its level range aiming for level 62s and beyond. Level 60 players can enter the dungeon and complete it, but it requires a better group composition or players with decent gear from Classic gear. The dungeon’s entrance is located in the Hellfire Citadel mega-complex at the centre of Hellfire Peninsula, with its instance portal at 46, 51 for those with coordinate installed.

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Blood Furnace Trash Tips

Blood Furnace First Trash Pack
The first trash pack in the Blood Furnace. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

At the very start of the instance, player’s will come across the Red Orc denizens who live in the Blood Furnace. These are your standard Orc warrior units, with the Laughing Skull Enforcers stunning their target for two seconds with Shield Slam. The Laughing Skull Adepts can Kick spell casts and lock the user out of their school for six seconds. They also empower their next attack to deal with another two attacks through Thrash. Laughing Skull Rogues are the mobs most likely to cause wipes throughout the early phases of the dungeon as they can ambush at any moment, putting out dispellable poisons on their targets.

The first bit of trash isn’t too bad to handle. Tanks need to kite the Adepts to avoid getting burst down, and healers need to be aware their tank can get chunked hard. Also, casters need to stay out of the Adepts’ melee range to avoid the kicks. Also, Tanks need to be aware of pulling the Rogues throughout the room. Go easy unless you know where they are. The vast majority of them are on the giant staircase at the start of the instance.

Later in the instance, Shadowmoon Orcs are more advanced with Warlocks and Felguards. Warlocks are typical Warlocks casting shadow bolt, but they also have Curse of Tongues. Felguards are a bit more brutal as they can become enraged via their masters and grow in size. The Legionnaires pack a punch, knocking their opponent back and enrages as they get low health. Shadowmoon Summoners are fire mages that also summon Felhunters and other creatures every ten seconds. Another noteworthy mob in the later packs is Fel Orcs, who can stun their target for five seconds.

As part of the Blood Furnace guide, we highly recommend Warlocks as a DPS choice. Warlocks can banish or enslave the various demons around the instance, even enslaving the enraged Felguards. Paladins should be careful of Turn Evil in this instance in case they pull more enemies as they become feared. Rogues are a nice addition for taking out the mines that the Engineers leave behind. Besides that, bring plenty of reliable kicks, slows and stuns to make peeling for heavy-hitting mobs easier. Oh, and focus the Summoners whenever possible.

Blood Furnace Bosses

The Maker Tactics

The Maker is the first boss in the Blood Furnace guide. The boss is an entry-level fight, with a few mechanics to pay attention to. Although, the boss does die quick, so you can avoid plenty of them. Melee players need to watch out the most as he does a knock-up and an acid spray. Furthermore, he has a mind control ability that temporarily takes someone out of the fight and cannot be dispelled by another player. Lastly, he chooses a player at random and hits them with a beaker, launching them into the air again. If there is spare CC, use that on the mind-controlled player to stop them from killing the party.

Broggok Tactics

Blood Furnace Second Boss
The room in which players fight Broggok in. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Brogokk is a boss that requires an entire room to be cleared before the floating eyeball Demon enters the room. Once the room is cleared, players start a mini-game, unlocking cages to four waves of mobs before Broggok arrives. Each of the waves starts from the top left of the room to the bottom left, to the top right and finally to the bottom right.

The waves are timed, so kill them accordingly. On Heroic difficulty, each wave has an Orc Neophyte, which needs to die first. Please note killing the previous pack causes the next wave to start sooner. Although, the game will reward those a mana break ready for the next wave. Be mindful wiping on the trash resets the waves, although wiping on the Broggok doesn’t. Remember to manage mana better and use defensive cooldowns if needed, as it is the most important tactic on Brokggok in the Blood Furnace guide.

After that, Broggok enters the room to begin the actual fight. As time goes on, the Demon will leave poison pools below him, which expand the longer the fight lasts. The tank and melee DPS will continuously reposition as the fight goes on to avoid the damage it deals.

Keli’dan the Breaker Tactics

The final boss of the Blood Furnace is a Warlock that needs his channelling Warlocks to die before the fight begins. Aggroing one of the Warlocks agros all of them, so be ready to gain AOE threat and focus targets. After that, Keli’dan becomes targetable. He will cast Shadow Bolt Volley throughout the fight, dealing damage to the party and Corruption on the target. Moreso, he will cast Burning Nova, which makes him immune to damage and casts Fire Nova simultaneously. Consequently, players need to get as far away as possible during the cast; otherwise, they’ll take massive damage. Kali’den will drag players to him on Heroic mode, so the party needs to move immediately to avoid fatal damage.

Other than that, there are no recommended tactics. Everyone needs to move while the healer watches for ticking damage from Corruption tops up those hit with the Shadow Bolts. With that said, this concludes the Blood Furnace Guide. Enjoy farming the rep and getting your loot.