How to Use Controllers in Windows 11

Here is a guide on how to use controllers on Windows 11

How to use Controllers on Windows 11
Here is how to use controllers on Windows 11. Image via Microsoft.

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Microsoft has recently unveiled its brand-spanking-new Windows 11 operating system, designed with gamers at heart. PC players will be able to enjoy the same driver technology as the Xbox Series X|S, with Auto-HDR, Direct Storage, and better Xbox App functionality as part of the new OS ecosystem. Furthermore, Windows 11 looks set to retain many great features Windows 10 had, such as being able to easily connect devices like Xbox controllers. If you want to learn how to use controllers in Windows 11, then this guide will help you out.


How to setup controllers for Windows 11


Install a Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth Dongle

Firstly, you’ll need to set up your Bluetooth dongle or adapter. Simply place it in a spare USB port to power it up (taking care to check its instructions to see if there is any extra installation required to ensure it works properly), then it will actively look for other Bluetooth devices to pair with.


Power your controller

Whether you are connecting a wireless Xbox 360, One, Series X, Playstation 4 or PS5 controllers the process is the same: First make sure your controller has a fully charged battery pack or batteries inside to power it. Once the controller is juiced up, it is time to begin syncing  Every controller has a sync button, with the PlayStation’s being the PS logo in the centre of the controller. Xbox controllers have a small round button on the back of the pad between the shoulder buttons. You’ll need to press and hold the button to begin seeking out Bluetooth devices.


Pairing Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth Device Manger Windows 11

Now that you have your controller looking for a Bluetooth connection, and your PC with a Bluetooth adapter, it is time to pair both together. Head over to your Windows 11 settings and type in “Bluetooth” in the Search bar. You’ll bring up a settings page called “Bluetooth and other devices”. Click on the plus button labelled “Add Bluetooth or other device”.

Clicking the button will open a new menu listing a few different device options. Press the Bluetooth button and it will automatically look for an active Bluetooth device, such as your controller. After several seconds, it should pick up your controller of choice on the Windows 11 Bluetooth menu. Click on the controller and it will pair both devices.

Congratulations, you have successfully learned how to use controllers in Windows 11. There is no doubt that this will come in handy as the cross-pollination of Xbox and PC is a big focus for the new OS, so keeping that Xbox Series X Controller for Windows 11 close by will come in useful.

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