Warframe Prime Release Order: Prime List, How to get Primes, Warframe Twitch Prime

We created a Warframe Prime Release Order Guide along with a list of all primes and how to get them.

Warframe Prime Release Order Wukong
We list out the Warframe Prime Release Order including how to get Warframe Primes. Image via Digital Extremes.

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One of Warframe’s most attractive features is the Primes. The Warframe Prime is a technology that enhances base models of Orokin technology that the Tenno use for their frames and weaponry. Since the game launched back in 2012, many guns and frames have reached Warframe Prime status. Here is everything we know about the Warframe Prime Release Order List, including what they are, a Warframe Prime list, and how to get Warframe Primes.

Warframe Prime Release Order List

Below you will find all the Warframe Prime skins that have been released since the game first went live back in 2012. The Warframe Prime list only features the release and basic details of all the Warframe Primes ordered by release date. When I was researching the article, I saw some people were curious about the actual order Digital Extremes began developing their earliest prime models. Still, that information is only known to those working at Digital Extremes. If that information is ever released, we will update the table below accordingly.

Warframe Prime Release Date Gender
Gara Prime May 25 2021 Female
Octavia Prime February 23 2021 Female
Nezha Prime October 27 2020 Male
Inaros Prime July 14 2020 Male
Titania Prime March 31 2020 Female
Ivara Prime December 17, 2019 Female
Atlas Prime October 1 2019 Male
Wukong Prime July 6 2019 Male
Equinox Prime April 2 2019 Female
Mesa Prime December 18 2018 Female
Chroma Prime September 25 2018 Male
Limbo Prime June 19 2018 Male
Excalibur Umbra Prime June 15 2018 Male
Zephyr Prime March 20 2018 Female
Mirage Prime December 12 2017 Female
Hydroid Prime August 29 2017 Male
Oberon Prime May 30 2017 Male
Banshee Prime February 28 2017 Female
Valkyr Prime November 22 2016 Female
Nekros Prime August 23 2016 Male
Vauban Prime May 17 2016 Male
Saryn Prime February 16 2016 Female
Trinity Prime October 6 2015 Female
Ash Prime July 7 2015 Male
Volt Prime March 25 2015 Male
Nova Prime December 17 2014 Female
Nyx Prime September 24 2014 Female
Loki Prime June 11 2014 Male
Rhino Prime March 5 2014 Male
Ember Prime November 20 2013 Female
Mag Prime September 13 2013 Female
Frost Prime May 23 2013 Male
Excalibur Prime December 18 2012 Male

How to get Warframe Primes

Warframe Primes are one of the most attractive parts of Warframe’s grinding. Warframe Primes tend to be statistically better than their original versions, with more room to modify them. They also have attractive golden elements built into their appearance. People will often farm this content so they can build really popular Warframes like Wukong Prime. If you want to know how to get Warframe Prime versions, here is how.

One of the best ways to get Warframe Primes are through the Relic system. Many of the different missions in the game offer four different relics. These are the Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi. You are not always guaranteed to get yourself parts for various Warframe Prime parts. These relics tend to contain parts for weapons, resources and other goodies that you will need in Warframe. To open the Warframe Relics, you will need a void fissure to crack open its shell, looting the content inside.

When you have unlocked the various pieces of a Warframe Prime, you can then assemble the components and combine them together to craft the blueprint. The blueprint will then complete your Warframe Prime, just as you would finish building a regular Warframe Prime, Each part blueprint can take anywhere between 12 hours and 72 hours to complete, but you can speed up that process by spending Platinum.

One other way you can get your hand on Warframe Prime is by purchasing one from other players with Platinum. Players can provide you with the blueprints for your Primes, that you can buy via Platinum, Warfram’es premium currency. If you do opt to buy blueprints through platinum, you are still required to have all the materials and resources to complete the blueprints yourself.

Warframe Twitch Prime

Alternatively, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime and link your Twitch account to your Amazon Prime for Twitch Prime status. Every now and then, Warframe does Twitch Prime deals where you can get in-game skins and other goodies. I have been lucky enough to grab myself the Trinity Prime and Frost Prime skins through Twitch Prime drops in the past.


This concludes our Warframe Prime Guide; we hope you like this guide. As you can see, there are 33 Warframe Primes currently in the game as of the Warframe Prime release order dated September 2021. If there is any interest in a Prime weapon list, we will update the article and structure a weapon list the same way we have with the Primes.

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