Warframe cross-play, cross-saves and mobile version are on the way

Mobile Warframe is coming, as well as cross-saves and cross-play

warframe the new war crossplay
Cross-play and cross-saves are coming to Warframe. (Image via Digital Extremes.)

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As well as news of The New War expansion, one of the many announcements coming from this year’s TennoCon was that cross-play and cross-saves were due to be implemented for Warframe before the end of the year. The deal was made bigger still with news that Digital Extreme’s sci-fi loot shooter will also be launching on mobile platforms.

Players have been clamoring for Warframe cross-play and cross-saves for a number of years, especially since the game effectively went mobile when it launched for Switch in 2018. With The New War expansion bringing up upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and Warframe itself launching across Android and iOS, the timing is clearly right to facilitate progress regardless of the platform. Allowing friends and allies to get together regardless of their preferred device is also a massive boost. If Digital Extremes can implement the feature ahead of Destiny 2, it would be another feature for Warframe fans to brag about.

As well as cross-saves and cross-play, Warframe players can look forward to simultaneous updates across, whether they play on PC, console, or mobile. This a considerable pledge for Digital Extremes to honor, given how ahead of development PC Warframe has been in the past and that the game will effectively be playable on two extra platforms by the end of the year.

There’s not much to say about the mobile version of Warframe, aside from that it will be functionally identical to every other when it launches and probably closer to the Switch in terms of performance. How the touchscreen controls work out will be crucial to its success, which is something we hope to see more evidence of in the months ahead.

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