Warframe The New War Expansion Announced

Digital Extremes announce new perspectives for it's 2021 Warframe expansion

warframe new war
Some familiar faces to play through when Warframe The New War begins. (Image via Digital Extremes.)

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After recent updates that have appeared to enhance rather than significantly expand the popular sci-fi shooter, Warframe’s The New War expansion looks to be a big-budget narrative led affair.

Revealed at this year’s TennoCon, the end-of-year release will take players through a Sentient-lead invasion of the Origin System, in a quest sequence that many are hoping will tie up some of the frayed story loose-ends that have persisted since 2015’s The Second Dream. Earlier in the presentation, Digital Extremes revealed concept designs for a new Warframe, weapons and armor made with Sentient tech 

Of greater interest is that for the first time, players will play through the series of quests as characters other than their own Tenno. As shown in this 30-minute gameplay video from the weekend reveal, space ninja fans will get to control Corpus Engineer Veso, Grineer Soldier Kahl-175, and Dax warrior Teshin.

What’s impressive about the Warframe The New War expansion, aside from the narrative shifts in perspective, is the seamlessness in transitioning between characters, cut-scenes and gameplay. The scale of the Sentient invasion is also evident in many of the scenes, which look to push the storyline and Warframe tech into a whole new era.

With Warframe currently being enhanced for PS5 and Xbox Series X and soon to receive cross-save and cross-play functionality (and a mobile version), now would be a great time to get into Warframe. If you need a little help in selecting the best Tennos to work towards, check out our Warframe Tier List.

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