xms joins Alliance Valorant Roster as trial

XMS CSGO to Valorant Player at DreamHack Valncia

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European esports organization, Alliance has announced the signing of former CSGO pro, Alexandre “xms” Forté. The player joins the team to compete for the current and future Valorant VCT Masters events.

Xms is a solid pick for the Alliance roster. The player comes from CSGO, with several years of experience under his belt. He has played in the French CS scene for some time, beginning with lesser-known organizations in 2015. In 2016, he got breaks on bigger teams like Millenium and Team LDLC before moving onto Envy.

The Envy team was a fairly strong team at the time. The roster achieved victories at DreamHack Open Atlanta and lost to teams like FaZe Clan and Na’Vi. Back then they were some of the giants of CS:GO at big events, with FaZe Clan arguably the number one team at the time. However, the roster eventually broke down, leading to xms being put on the bench. After the roster failed, he announced he was temporarily retiring form CS:GO, before rejoining the scene almost a year later for one last go with LDLC and Heretics.

In November 2020, xms decided to leave CSGO once again. Only this time, there was a new game in town, Riot Games’ Valorant. Xms joined Team Finest on February 23, lasting two weeks before Alliance signed him on trial.

The Alliance organization baited everyone on March 9, teasing everyone about a potential Kenny “kennyS” Schrub signing. G2 Esports’ CS team recently revealed the star Frenchman was off the team, with KennyS free to explore his options. One of the Alliance players leaked their scrim where KennyS was present. The organization later teased they were signing a former french CS player to the roster, stoking an even greater buzz. However, the organization baited people, with xms being the signee all along. 

Xms joins the team as a trial and will compete on March 12. The roster was one of the first team to qualify for the VCT Masters 1, earning their way in through the Challenger 2 bracket. They compete alongside the likes of FPX, Team Heretics and Guild Esports. The bracket for the Masters 1 event is yet to go live.


Image via DreamHack / Adela Sznajder