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Developed by Hi Rez Studios and Evil Mojo Games, the same people who brought us Smite, Paladins is a free-to-play online hero FPS (first-person shooter) game which was introduced in 2018.

Paladins takes place in a sci-fi fantasy world called Realm. There are elements of both fantasy and science fiction, including medieval-looking soldiers who use ranged weapons such as shotguns and assault rifles instead of swords.

In the world of Paladins, there is a conflict between two factions; the Magistrate and the Resistance/Paladins. While the Magistrate wants to control magic, preventing anyone but its members from using it, the Resistance claims that magic should be available for everyone and used for good. Champions were recruited in order to minimize casualties of regular foot soldiers. 

The champions would be considered “special forces” as they are more efficient at combat than a regular soldier. Not all champions are committed, however. There were a few who did not pick sides during the war, rather they would contract with both, rendering them mercenaries. The rest of these special forces were committed to a faction, either the Magistrate or the Resistance.

(Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios)

The game has drawn similarities to Overwatch as it involves a team-based five versus five shooting where one team must claim victory over the other. There are a few ways to do this but the key thing for teams is to gain points after each round and the team who gains the most points quickest is declared the winner. 

The game also features a sci-fi world where players can indulge in several characters or “Champions”, with each sporting an array of fantastical abilities. Each champion has their own weapons, skills and fighting style; in addition, they can be enhanced and personalized from a card and skin system. 

The interface of each player is very profitable and customizable, with avatars and customizable borders to symbolize the player’s profile; titles when reaching mastery level 30 with a champion, among others.


There are a couple of playable game modes for Paladins and they are as follows:


  • Siege: The ‘main’ Paladins game mode, two teams of 5 race against each other to capture the map’s central capture point and, if successful, push a payload that spawns from it to the enemy base. Each successful push or capture grants one point. Preventing the enemy team from pushing the payload also grants one point. Additionally, the team that captures the point will get a bonus of 300 credits. The first team to score four points wins the game. A team cannot score their fourth point on defense, however, meaning that the team must capture a point or push the payload to win.
  • Onslaught: Teams battle over a large combat area in an attempt to take point control and earn points. Along with holding an uncontested presence on the control point, slaying enemy players also scores points for the team, akin to a team deathmatch.
  • Team Deathmatch: A classic game mode in most first-person shooter games, where two teams fight against each other to score kills. The first team to score 40 kills wins the game.
  • Ranked: The same game mode as Siege, however when players are choosing a champion, each team can pick two champions to ban, which makes them unavailable for either team. Also, each team can see the opponent’s champions that are picked and selected, and once a champion is picked by any player on a team, the other team cannot use that same champion.


As with many video games that offer an aspect of multiple unique characters, there is usually a list of those characters that is compiled to identify and help players to pick and choose which characters they want to use, based on which ones are the most powerful.

In general, tier lists are a way to rank the members of a category against each other. Most commonly they are used to rank characters against other characters in terms of how “meta” they are, however you could also make a tier list for weapons or for any other unique aspect or feature of something.

This tier list will breakdown the best Champions that are available to you as the player right now. So before we dive into the tier list, you must first understand what the different tiers are and this will be explained via the tier list key below. 

Tier List Key

Now that you have a better understanding of the different tiers, we can get on with the tier list. So, without further ado, here it is.

Paladins Tier List

S Tier

Champion Class Skills Talents
Koga Flank Submachine Guns/Hellkite Claws Shadow Step/Skewer Dragon Stance Agility Cyclone Strike (Ultimate) Adrenaline Junkie Blood Reaper Dragon Fangs
Atlas Front Line Chrono Cannon Setback Stasis Field Second Chance Exile (Ultimate) Unstable Fissure Temporal Divide Deja Vu
Makoa Front Line Cannon Dredge Anchor Shell Shield Shell Spin Ancient Rage (Ultimate) Pluck Half Shell Leviathan
Inara Front Line Stone Spear Earthen Guard Impasse Warder’s Field Seismic Crash (Ultimate) Mother’s Grace Tremors Treacherous Ground
Cassie Damage Crossbow Disengage Blast Shot Dodge Roll Scout (Ultimate) Exaction Impulse Big Game
Bomb King Damage Sticky Bomb Detonate Grumpy Bomb Poppy Bomb King Bomb (Ultimate) Chain Reaction Royal Subjects Accelerant
Barik Front Line Blunderbuss Barricade Turret Rocket Boots Dome Shield (Ultimate) Architectonics Tinkerin Fortify

A Tier

Champion Class Skills Talents
Imani Damage Frost Bolt/Pyre Ball Frost Bomb/Inferno Cannon Elemental Shift Frostfire Glide Dragons Call (Ultimate) Splitting Ice Pyromania Mana Rift
Lian Damage Heirloom Rifle Valor Presence Grace Enlightenment (Ultimate) Alacrity Eminence Precision
Viktor Damage Assault Rifle Iron Sights Frag Grenade Hustle Barrage (Ultimate) Cardio Burst Mode Shrapnel
Ying Support Illusory Mirror Shatter Illusion Dimensional Link Illusory Rift (Ultimate) Focusing Lens Life Exchange Resonance
Seris Support Soul Orb Restore Soul Rend Soul Shadow Travel Convergence (Ultimate) Soul Collector Mortal Reach Agony
Androxus Flank Revolver Defiance Reversal Nether Step Accursed Arm (Ultimate) Cursed Revolver Godslayer Defiant Fist
Mal’Damba Support Spitting Cobra Mending Spirits Gourd Slither Dread Serpent (Ultimate) Spirit’s Chosen Ripened Gourd Wekono’s Wrath
Ash Front Line Burst Cannon Kinetic Burst Siege Shield Shoulder Bash Assert Dominance (Ultimate) Battering Ram Slug Shot Fortress Breaker
Fernando Front Line Flame Lance Shield Fireball Charge Immortal (Ultimate) Aegis Scorch Formidable
Io Support Light Bow Moonlight Guardian Spirit Lunar Leap Begone (Ultimate) Life Link Goddess’ Blessing Sacrifice
Terminus Front Line Massacre Axe Calamity Blast Power Siphon Shatterfall Reanimate (Ultimate) Undying Crush Decimation
Khan Front Line Heavy Repeater Bulwark Battle Shout Commander’s Grab Overpower (Ultimate) Lian’s Shield Storm of Bullets Vortex Grip

B Tier

Champion Class Skills Talents
Strix Damage Talon Rifle/Pistol Scope/Flare Quick Switch Stealth Flashbang (Ultimate) Nocturnal Unauthorize Use Crack Shot
Willo Damage Wand of Overgrowth Dead Zone Seedling Flutter Fae Flight (Ultimate) Nightshade Blastflower Scorn
Sha Lin Damage Long Bow Crippling Arrow Rapid Shot Withdraw Heat Haze (Ultimate) Desert Silence Recurve Sand Trap
Furia Support Pyre Blade Kindle Soul Pyre Strike Wings of Wrath Inflame (Ultimate) Cherish Exterminate Solar Blessing
Grover Support Throwing Axe Crippling Throw Blossom Vine Whirlwind (Ultimate) Rampant Blooming Ferocity Deep Roots
Jenos Support Star Splitter Astral Mark Void Grip Stellar Wind Through Time and Space (Ultimate) Luminary Binary Star The Power Cosmeum
Pip Support Potion Launcher Explosive Flask Healing Potion Weightless Evil Mojo (Ultimate) Mega Potion Catalyst Combat Medic
Torvald Front Line Gauntlet Nullify Protection Recharge Hyper Beam (Ultimate) Thanks, Grandpa Direct Current Field Study
Drogoz Damage Rocket Launcher Fire Spirit Salvo Thrust Dragon Punch (Ultimate) Combustible Fusillade W.Y.R.M. Jets
Kinessa Damage Sniper Rifle Sniper Mode Oppressor Mine Transporter Headhunter (Ultimate) Steady Aim Reposition Eagle Eye

C Tier

Champion Class Skills Talents
Evie Flank Ice Staff Ice Block Blink Soar Ice Storm (Ultimate) Over the Moon Snow Globe Wormhole
Lex Flank Magnums In pursuit Retribution Combat Slide The Law (Ultimate) Discovery Heroism Death Hastens
Talus Flank Veracharger Blitz Upper Overcharge Rune of Travel True Power (Ultimate) Inner Strength Faustian Bargain Nothing Personal
Zhin Flank Inferno Blade Counter Billow Whirl Spite (Ultimate) Guillotine Yomi Smolder
Raum Front Line Hellfire Gatling Ignition Soul Harvest Juggernaut Cataclysm (Ultimate) Enforcer Earthsplitter Subservience
Dredge Damage Cursed Howitzer Broadside Harpoon Shortcut Kraken (Ultimate) Scuttle Hurl Abyss Spike

D Tier

Champion Class Skills Talents
Tyra Damage Auto Rifle Nade Launcher Fire Bomb Hunter’s Mark Crossfire (Ultimate) Mercy Kill Hunting Party Burn. Monster!
Vivian Damage Light Machine Gun Precision Sights Deflector Shield Sensor Drone Sentinels (Ultimate) Suspect Everyone Booby Trap Opportunity in Chaos
Ruckus Front Line Miniguns Missile Launcher Emitter Advance Hexa Fire Flux Generator Rocket Barrage Aerial Assault
Grohk Support Lightning Staff Shock Pulse Healing Totem Ghost Walk Tempest (Ultimate) Totemic Reward Spirit’s Domain Maelstrom
Buck Flank Shotgun Net Shot Recovery Heroic Leap Buck Wild (Ultimate) Ensnare Bulk Up Bounce House

F Tier

Champions Class Skills Talents
Skye Flank Wrist Crossbow Poison Bolts Smoke Screen Hidden Time Bomb (Ultimate) Debilitate Smoke and Dagger Preparation
Moji Flank Familiar Spit Familiar Spray Magic Barrier Scamper Bon Appetit (Ultimate) Snack Attack Boom Boom Toot
Maeve Flank Daggers Pounce Nine Lives Prowl Midnight (Ultimate) Cat Burglar Street Justice Rogue’s Gambit