League of Legends Mid Lane Tier List 11.11

League of Legends Mid Lane Tier List
We go through the best and worst of the champions that go in the Mid Lane. Image via Riot Games.

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League of Legends Mid Lane is one of the most popular lanes in the game amongst the player base. The Mid Lane is traditionally the role of the star player, having a mastery over the flashy assassins, control mages, and AD Casters. As the role has so much to think about, there is plenty of playstyles to go for. Furthermore, there are lots of great picks for solo queue, the meta, and those great niche counters. If you’re wondering what those are, let’s take a look at LoL Mid Lane Tier List for 11.8.

Ranking Methodology

  • S tier champs are the pinnacle of the Mid Lane Tier List. These champs are the most dominant meta picks and are great for climbing Solo Queue for almost all elos.
  • A ranked champions are really good picks, just shy of being S level for whatever reason. If you prefer these picks over the S tier, you can go for them.
  • B level Champions are the fairly balanced picks, being acceptable picks that can perform fine. Alternatively, these are picks that offer specific counters or are beginner-friendly mids that do fine. 
  • C ranked Mid Laners are underpowered, with low win rates to match. Alternatively, they are picks that are low elo destroyers that aren’t as effective past Gold elo. 
  • D are the worst champions for the role and strongly advised not to play them.

Champions Ranked

  • S: Lucian, Orianna, Twisted Fate, Tristana, Vladimir, Seraphine.
  • A: Ahri, Annie, Anivia, Azir, Kassadin, Katarina, Malzahar, Qiyanah, Rumble, Sylas, Syndra, Viktor,  Yasuo, Yone, Zed, Zoe.
  • B: Akali, Corki, Diana, Ekko, Galio, Heimerdinger, LeBlanc, Lissandra, Lux, Neeko, Pantheon, Ryze, Swain, Talon, Veigar, Vel’Koz, Viego, Xerath.
  • C: Aurelion Sol, Cassiopeia, Fizz, Irelia, Ziggs.

S Tier LoL 11.11 Mid Laners Analysis

The S Tier mid lakers for patch 11.11 remains the same as of previous patches. As it stands, the competitive meta has found the best use of these champions for performing as mid lane carries while having a great laning phase.

Lucian is the best at the role because of his ability to farm relatively well, with the shortest lane in the game playing into his small attack range. Besides, an extra AD dealer is good in the current metagame, able to chip away at fast-moving bruisers and escape them with his E.

Tristana is another example of an ADC getting attention in the mid lane. She, too, has great escape if needed, and her E and Kraken Slayer combo works well at taking down Tanks. As it stands, Tanks and divers in the Support role, S+ Junglers, and the Top Lane dominate the game, inflating her and Lucian’s strengths.

Mage Mid Laners

League of Legends Champion Twisted Fate
Twisted Fate’s map roaming is second to none. Image via Riot Games.

Moving away from ADC mids to Mage Mids, we have Twisted Fate, Orianna, and Seraphine. While Orianna and Twisted Fate are not exactly the best picks to play for Solo Queue with their skill cap, they are perfect for higher skilled players and are amazing for competitive, pro, and clash players. 

Orianna is the best control mage now, able to farm with ease through her passive Q and W combo. She also has a nice resistance bolstering E with a shield to make it easier to mitigate damage. Likewise, Orianna’s ult is one of the best ultimates in the game, setting up kills and doing very strong AOE damage in the process.

One way to get better at Mid Lane is through roaming, and Twisted Fate is perfect for this. Roaming in the mid lane can generate so much map pressure, kill advantage and more. Twisted Fate’s ultimate does that by allowing him to teleport a considerable distance away, aiding his side lanes, grabbing extra towers or objectives from those plays. Furthermore, Twisted Fate has a great lane presence in his kit, with a blue card generating mana, red card pushing waves out, and gold card stunning an opponent.

Vladimir is the new pick dominating the mid lane in 11.8. The recent buffs to the blood mage has seen him able to spam abilities, resulting in plenty of healing and consistent burst. Furthermore, the Vladimir counters are easily recked by the dive of the current meta. Even with the 11.9 nerfs, his cooldown reduction places him in a healthy spot. Regardless Cosmic Dive’s bonus Ability haste proving favourable to the lowered ability CDs compared to 11.7. While he is toned back, the state of play in 11.11 is still good.

Finally, Seraphine appears on the list. Seraphine’s scaling ability remains incredibly dominant, and her position in the mid lane is largely unaffected by the Moonstone Renewer changes of 11.8. Furthermore, her burst shielding and healing remain a valid counter to the mage burst of champions like Syndra, Twisted Fate, Orianna and more.

A Tier - The best Solo Queue Champions Mid Lane

The A Tier of this Mid Lane Tier List consists of many champions that are played on Solo Queue and Pro Play. To start, here are the picks you want to play if you want to gain elo and climb the ladder.

The Assassins

League of Legends Champion Zed
Zed is a very popular Assassin, able to carry games in Solo Queue in every elo. Image via Riot Games.

The assassins on this list are some of the most popular Champion in the game, period. Out of all of them, Yasuo is the first to come to mind. Yasuo’s ability to blow enemies up with crit from two items, deny incoming poke, abilities and auto-attacks with his wind wall and set up team fights and burst from it are great tools to carry with. However, be warned this champion can be rather unforgiving if you misplay the lane, and is often banned a lot.

Just Like Yasuo, Yone is in the same boat. He has nice sustain, kill windows, and huge crit damage. Yone is also easier to play for setting team fights has his ultimate is much more traditional. Although, he does suffer from a relatively weak early game, and is banned often too.

Zed has been a popular pick ever since his release in Season 3. The aim is to farm as reasonably well safely using his and Q, while tactically using his W to trade efficiently while assessing the risk of getting ganked while it is down. Once when he is 6, he can reliably kill his laner, with a bit of harassment before hand. Zed’s major downside is his susceptibility to exhaust and stun locks, as his ultimate has a delay before he appears. His enemies have time to adapt allowing opponents to prepare them for his appearance.

Katarina is in the spot as Zed, with clear windows where they want to go in and destroy their opponents with the dive in and ult. Katarina does incredible AOE damage, hitting multiple targets during her ult to really carry games. Ideally, Katarina needs to wait for the ideal time to make it work. Going in too early when exhausts or CC is available is the difference between a good and bad Kata.

Qiyanah is an interesting assassin in the mid lane. Very high elo players are abusing Qiyanah for her hard snowball potential. Patch 11.11 has nerfed her movement speed, but she is still a popular pick among the very best. However, Qiyanah is still rather difficult to play for the average joe, keeping her in A Tier for now.

Easy to Play; Easy to Climb Mages

For players wanting an easier champ to climb with, meet Annie. Annie is a great pick to play as she has easy to use abilities, a passive that stuns targets after four spell casts, and an AOE ultimate that chases targets down. Annie can use her ultimate as an AOE stun to create team fight plays. Very easy to learn, especially for new players, but higher-skilled players can move off her for champs like Azie, Orianna and Syndra as they learn the game. Annie is one of the only beginner-friendly Champions we recommend for solo queue in our Mid Lane Tier List.

Anivia is a really simple playstyle. Her pre level 6 isn’t that great, has her auto attacks and ability costs make farming hard. But once when she is level 6 with a Lost Chapter built, her wave clear is incredible with her R. Her team fight isn’t too bad too with her Q’s stun, with a wall able to block of exists, making gank and fights better suit her team.

Malzahar is a fairly basic Mage, capable of managing waves very well, and a suppress CC, which is very hard to counter with items. Furthermore, Malzahar’s rot is very powerful when he gets items going. Therefore, he is easily one of the best solo queue Champions without the advanced gameplay.

One of the other easier to play mages is Syndra. Her potential is easily understood. She has decent mana management, with high burst windows. When a player lands a stun, she can kill her lane opponent with her full combo. By the mid and late game, her ult can deal 60% damage on her own.

Higher Skill Cap Mages

League of Legends Champion Azir
Azir is one of the best play making mids in LoL. Image via Riot Games.

Azir is one of the hype Mid Laners, which even has the ability to set up plays or disengage with his ultimate. His laning phase is fairly deficient, with sand soldiers safely farming at an extended range for him. The downside to Azir is he is fairly high skill cap, and such is better suited to players reaching plat and above who will find the most out of him.

Kassadin is another mage assassin, capable of bursting opponents down and blinking out. Kassadin has a few weaknesses, particularly in the lane with poke hurting him lots. But once he gets to six, he can shine with his gap closing and trade back. After that, clever positioning and timings and Kassadin can solo carry games.

Sylas is another melee Mid Lane Champion whose early game can be questionable. The good thing is that Sylas has a lot of built-in sustain, burst, and cap closing pre ult, and the ult is a versatile tool. There are a lot of variables to using Sylas well, like drafting. It is one of the reasons why you can’t just pick up and play Sylas. But when he is in the right environment, he is an amazing pick.

Viktor has one of the weakest early games for a control mage. However, when he survives the lane and gets his ability upgrades through his passive, his damage ramps up intensely. Viktor is one of the ultimate late game mages,  he just needs to be played well through strong positioning, wave management, mana and teleport usage to get there.

If you consider yourself a very skilled player, Zoe might be a pick for you. Zoe is hard to manage at first, with her long-range Q mechanic bursting the more it travels to the target. Being able to set up plays with her sleep bubble trouble and Q will see squishy opponents one-shots. It is hard to make it work and needs lots of practice and skill depth. But definitely, one to play if you aim or have Diamond ambitions.

Rumble is a pick that has recently risen in priority for the Mid Lane. Players have recently found that the pick has succeeded her more than Top, being a decent sustain and heavy pusher. While lol patch 11.8 made him more open to AP poke through lowered base magic resist, he is still a solid niche to go for.

B Tier Highlights

League of Legends Champion Diana B Mid Lane Tier List
Diana is all about diving in and hitting as many as possible. Image via Riot Games.

The B Tier champions are fairly balanced, with a few lower elo stompers and easy to play picks getting the highlights.

Diana is one of the lower elo Mid Lane picks, with good team fighting and dive potential. Unfortunately, she is a bit of an all in gimmick, and has rather poor mana issues and gets poked out well. Seems to perform better in lower elo, but after that, her success rate falls down as better and more difficult picks play out. The explanation here is clear reasoning behind her solid B tier placement in this Mid Lane Tier List.

Lux is one of the beginner-friendly picks, with long-range and poke, bindings and a powerful sniping ultimate. She is fine to play for quite a while, with Lux mains even pushing higher elos. However, she is rather basic and doesn’t offer as much as other control mages. We recommend playing her as an alternative to Annie for beginners.

Lissandra is one of the former Mages that once dominated solo queue and competitive play. However, her role in the game has fallen down. Despite this, Lissandra can still hold her own, with a passive great for sustained team fighting, engage potential, and an ult capable of sustaining herself as a primary engage or peeling for her ADC. She is also a very good counter to mid assassins as she can ult either herself or the assassin as they dive. If you wanted more long-range poke, then Xerath and Vel’Koz are two options for you. They both have solid burst windows with their ultimates as well as the usual poke chip damage. Both have somewhat okay mana too and can clear waves very well. Furthermore, there are some decent CC capabilities to help set up ganks. However, poke is bot very favoured in the current meta as divers like Volibear, Rammus, Hecarim and Udyr can close the poking quickly. If the meta slows down, these two can climb up the Mid Lane Tier List.

C and D Tier Highlights

The C and D Tier picks are in an awkward spot, some are underpowered, and others fit awkwardly into the role at the moment.

One of the prime examples is Aurelion Sol, the next best roamer after Nocturne and Twisted Fate. Although, Aurelion Sol is a weird champion for managing the waves and is a very high skill cap. It’s best to avoid the pick unless in a premade of five.

Another awkward champion is Cassiopeia, the ultimate sustained trading mid lane. Sadly, the meta is very bursty, and her ability to perform in the game requires her to be in constant proximity of targets in fights. With the drive meta, she is too vulnerable.


Now that we have gone through all the current Mid Lane picks and trends, this concludes our Mid Lane Tier List. We hope you learned something from this list, and perhaps even found a new main to practice with. Furthermore, there are a few decent counter picks listed on here, along with meta explanations as to why some are not that good. With that being said, if you see an enemy draft that hasn’t got the lower tier champions weaknesses, then the floor is yours to pick B-D Tier Champions.