Destiny Child Tier List

Our Destiny Child tier list will explain all. Maybe.

Destiny Child

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Destiny Child is a card collecting battle game focused around collecting “Childs”, which doesn’t sound weird or creepy in the slightest. However, there are loads of them to pick up, and things can get quite confusing, hence why we’ve created this Destiny Child tier list.

As with many video games that offer an aspect of multiple unique characters, there is usually a list of those characters that is compiled to identify and help players to pick and choose which characters they want to use, based on which ones are the most powerful.

In general, tier lists are a way to rank the members of a category against each other. Most commonly they are used to rank characters against other characters in terms of how “meta” they are, however you could also make a tier list for weapons or for any other unique aspect or feature of something.

For this tier list, the best to worst units will be listed in the game and they will be divided into tiers, with S being the best and D being the worst.

But first, here is a tier list key to give you a better idea of what the tiers mean.

Tier List Key

Destiny Child Tier List

S Tier

Unit Role
Bathory Debuffer
Chang’e Attacker
Dana Tank
Eve Attacker
Maat Healer
Mona Tank

A Tier

Unit Role
Charlotte Attacker
Krampus Attacker
Mars Tank
Neptune Support
Pantheon Support
Syrinx Healer

B Tier

Unit Role
Abaddon Attacker
Aria Support
Cleopatra Attacker
Durandal Support
Isolde Debuffer
Jacheongbi Attacker
Jupiter Debuffer
Khepri Attacker
Leda Support
Mafdet Attacker
Medb Attacker
Naias Support
Nicole Attacker
Rita Debuffer
Serval Attacker
Siren Attacker
Snow Miku Support

C Tier

Unit Role
Ailill Attacker
Anemone Support
Astraea Healer
Bari Attacker
Bastet Attacker
Brownie Support
Calypso Attacker
Cube Moa Debuffer
Daoine Sidhe Tank
Elizabeth Attacker
Eochaid Attacker
Epona Support
Frej Attacker
Guardian Chang’e Attacker
Hestia Attacker
Kasumi Attacker
Katherine Debuffer
Makoto Healer
Marie Rose Tank
Myrina Support
Nine Debuffer
Saturn Attacker
Verdelet Support
Werewolf Support

D Tier

Unit Role
Ashtoreth Attacker
Aurora Healer
Bikini Lisa Support
Brigid Tank
Catgirl Neamhain Support
Catherine Tank
Dark Buster Lisa Attacker
Diablo Tank
Eshu Tank
Hades Tank
Hatsune Miku Support
Hermes Support
Honoka Healer
Lan Fei Debuffer
Maou Davi Attacker
Metis Healer
Midas Debuffer
Morgan Attacker
Nirrti Debuffer
Oracle Werewolf Debuffer
Party Star Medb Support
Pretty Mars Attacker
Raccoon Tank
Rin Healer
Ruffian Midas Healer
School Swimsuit Davi Support
Student Eve Debuffer
Sunbeach Mona Debuffer
Sytry Support
Venus Healer

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