Brawlhalla Tier List

Make sure you stay on your feet with our extensive Brawlhalla tier list

Brawlhalla legends
Legends assemble for the GV Brawlhalla tier list. (Image via Ubisoft.)

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Unashamedly inspired by Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series, Brawlhalla has grown since its 2017 beta release to become a huge success in its own right, even emerging onto the Switch in 2018. According to publisher Ubisoft, which acquired developer Mammoth Games in the wake of the game’s early success, the game boasts a player community numbering 50 million. By our reckoning, there’ll be a few of them needing a Brawlhalla tier list. If you’re one of them, read on!

Like the classic fighting series on which it’s based, Brawlhalla collects together a number of diverse characters and pitches them onto a shifting 2D arena, with the aim to knock the others off it until the last of them is left standing. The more blows a character receives, the further they will be thrown from safety, making it more difficult for them to return to the fight.

There are more than 50 “Legends” to choose from in Brawlhalla, with many of them based on myth and legend. Over time, character from other franchises have appeared, such as from Ubisoft’s own Rayman series, Adventure Time, Tomb Raider, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sadly, it could be a while before we see Mario or his friends join the roster, unless you count the Rabbids among the Nintendo mascot’s closest companions.

S Tier

These are the best Legends in the game. They have extremely powerful moves and combos which make them a force to be reckoned with against most others.

Legend Weapon 1 Weapon 2
Bodvar Hammer Sword
Jaeyun Great Sword Sword
Koji Bow Sword
Kor Gauntlets Hammer
Magyar Great Sword Hammer
Mako Great Sword Katars
Thor Hammer Orb
Wu Shang Gauntlets Spear

A Tier

These Legends are also very powerful and can sometimes match those in the S Tier, but they just lack a few characteristics that would otherwise place them in that category. Overall, they are still excellent picks and should not be overlooked.

Legend Weapon 1 Weapon 2
Azoth Bow Axe
Barraza Hammer Blaster
Cassidy Blaster Hammer
Gnash Hammer Spear
Onyx Gauntlets Cannon
Petra Gauntlets Orb
Rayman Axe Gauntlets
Sentinel Hammer Katars
Teros Axe Hammer
Val Gauntlets Sword

B Tier

These picks are also quite good and have promising potential with moves for certain situations but they have too many flaws to be placed in the upper tiers. However, these picks are definitely still viable if the player is skilled enough to use them.

Legend Weapon 1 Weapon 2
Asuri Katars Sword
Brynn Axe Spear
Caspian Katars Gauntlets
Cross Blaster Gauntlets
Diana Blaster Bow
Ember Bow Katars
Fait Scythe Orb
Kaya Spea Bow
Mordex Scythe Gauntlets
Scarlet Hammer Rocket Lance
Ulgrim Axe Rocket Lance
Yumiko Hammer Bow
Zariel Gauntlets Bow

C Tier

You also need quite a considerable amount of skill to pull these characters off but in general, they are not the best to use and you should opt for those who fall in the categories above in most cases. They are still viable in very few cases but once again, they are not easy to use.

Legend Weapon 1 Weapon 2
Dusk Spear Orb
Hattori Sword Spear
Lord Vraxx Rocket Lance Blaster
Lucien Katars Blaster
Mirage Scythe Spear
Nix Scythe Blaster
Orion Rocket Lance Spear
Vector Rocket Lance Bow
Volkov Scythe Axe
Xull Cannon Axe

D Tier

This lot are a challenge and will require huge amounts of skill and / or luck to pull off a victory. If you manage to defeat opponents with these then consider it to be a huge accolade but in general you should opt for those in higher tiers.

Legend Weapon 1 Weapon 2
Ada Blaster Spear
Artemis Scythe Rocket Lance
Jhala Sword Axe
Lin Fei Katars Cannon
Sidra Cannon Sword
Sir Roland Rocket Lance Sword
Thatch Sword Blaster

F Tier

Probably best to not bother with theses three. Unless it’s for comedy value or you like being beaten.

Legend Weapon 1 Weapon 2
Isaiah Cannon Blaster
Jiro Sword Scythe
Queen Nai Spear Katars

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