TFT Set 5: Reckoning Labs explained

Everything you need to know about the brand new queue and game mode for Teamfight Tactics Set 5.

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The fifth instalment for Teamfight Tactics has finally been released and has brought forth a brand new queue type. Known simply as Labs, the new game mode is expected to house different variants of TFT with the first one already revealed as “Hyper Roll”.

Riot had initially planned for more game modes in TFT for Set 4, but the plans were unfortunately pushed back until the release of Set 5. Now the long wait is finally over and all of you TFT lovers can begin diving into all new game mode Hyper Roll.

What are TFT Labs?

So what exactly are TFT Labs? Well, in the easiest terms, Labs is a new queue type that will feature weird and wonderful ways to experience playing TFT. The best way you can think about it is if you cast your mind back to TFT Set 3’s Galaxies.

Set 3 featured different Galaxies which changed the game’s rules for a specific match; sometimes all Little Legends started the game with more or less health than usual, or all players were given a free Force of Nature at a specific round, or all players had the chance to reroll for free once each round.

TFT Set 3: Galaxies featured a similar concept. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Labs is similar to this, except the potential to bend and manipulate the game’s conditions is even higher. Labs is also an entirely separate queue from normal and ranked games, so players have the choice if they would like to experience these different game types or not. 

The idea with Labs is similar to the ongoing game rotation queue that League of Legends currently sports, where URF, One for All and Nexus Siege are some of the alternate game modes that on rotation from the usual ranked and normal queues. 

“Our goal is to try out different ideas and playstyles to figure out what you all like, these Labs then stick around for a bit, and then they leave to make way for new ones,” developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer explained.

TFT Labs will also feature its own ranked system which will be separate from your main TFT rank, but we will explain more on this further down the article.

What is TFT Hyper Roll?

Hyper Roll is the first TFT Lab mode to be revealed and is currently playable on live servers for the next few weeks. We are not completely sure when a new game mode will be released but Riot have said that they plan on having multiple game modes for Labs on rotation, where players can have the opportunity to play one for a certain amount of time.

Hyper Roll is a unique game mode which is focused around shorter matches that aim to end before the 20 min mark, as opposed to the standard long TFT games which typically go beyond 30-40 mins. 

As the name suggests, Hyper Roll is all about rolling for the win, so for all of you rerolling lovers and gamblers who cannot help but press the refresh button time and time again, this game mode is tailor made for you!


The rules are as follows:

Hyper Roll ranked system

While Riot have said that they want players to “showoff that you are the best Hyper Roll player out there“, they still want to reserve existing ranked tiers TFT’s core gameplay. This means that TFT Hyper Roll and other labs will have their own ranked system.

There will be different ranked tiers, similarly to the way there are in other ranked queues, but levelling up between the two will not be dependent upon an LP system. 


The ranked tiers for Hyper Roll are as follows:

Players will benefit from Ranked rewards based on their highest rating they achieve at each stage starting from the blue tier. TFT Hyper Roll will also grant a flat 50 XP per game, but it is possible to complete missions for XP in the mode as well.