TFT Set 5 Patch 11.10 early notes

The early notes for upcoming patch 11.10 for Teamfight Tactics include more nerfs for Aphelios and Yasuo/Riven buffs.

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So far, Teamfight Tactics Set 5: Reckoning has been a success and the general reception around the newest features have been positive. 

TFT Set 5 launched with a brand new game mechanic known as “Shadow Items”, which were introduced to revolutionize and rethink the ways in which players would use items on their units.

Shadow Items essentially are brand new items in the game and are cursed alternatives to those items that already exist. The cursed variant will give the holder an extra buff but will also provide them with a drawback to even out the added buff that it gives. 

If you would like to read more and know exactly what Shadow Items are about, feel free to click here as we have written a whole article on it.

Going back to TFT’s upcoming patch, as with many video games, they require constant updating and maintenance from the developers to ensure that bugs do not arise, certain characters or items are not too overpowered or meta-changing and so a necessary hotfix must be issued; this is the purpose of patch updates.

Teamfight Tactics is no different to this and there have been certain champions that have been outshining others, with Aphelios and LeBlanc being the main culprits. Aphelios and LeBlanc have been so strong that they had to be nerfed in a mid-patch update named “patch 11.9b”, but have still proven to be relevant despite these nerfs.

What is coming in Patch 11.10?

After a very Aphelios dominated meta, the mute marksman will be receiving some hard buffs along with his Nightbringer compadre Darius who has also proven to be a very strong unit so far. 

Riot are also looking to nerf Leona, Kennen, Rell and Heimerdinger who have also proven to be game changing units who are slightly overtuned in the current meta.

As well as this, 3 star units are receiving some good treatment from Riot and are subject to buffs to increase their presence in the meta, which include Katarina, Nidalee, Yasuo and Riven.

The idea behind these buffs is to ensure that the gap between 4 star unit carries and 3 stars is not so great as Riot still wants 3 star units to be a viable carry in the TFT meta. 

Warwick, Udyr, Aatrox, Viktor, Ivern, and Teemo are set for buffs too. With three Legionnaires in the patch notes, it’s a good time to start practicing how to use Legionnaire comps!

TFT Patch 11.10 early notes




  • Percent AD increased from 220/240/280% to 250/275/350%


  • Ability damage reduction lowered from 40/80/400 to 30/60/400


  • Percent AD increased from 110/120/160% to 130/140/200%


  • Ability damage increased from 200/300/400 to 200/300/450



  • Ability damage changed from 700/900/1400 to 600/900/1500


  • Stun duration lowered from 1.5/2/3s to 1.5/2/2.5
  • Ability damage lowered from 150/200/300 to 150/200/250


  • Damage increased from 300/500/750 to 300/500/850
  • Shield increased from 150/225/375 to 150/225/425



  • Ability damage increased from 200/250/400 to 200/250/500
  • Secondary damage increased from 100/125/200 to 100/125/250

Lee Sin

  • Ability damage increased from 200/300/650 to 250/350/750


  • Ability damage increased from 100/150/300 to 100/150/350


  • Percent of AD increased from 350/400/500% to 400/450/600%


  • Bonus AD increased from 80/90/100% to 90/100/120%


  • Damage increased from 300/400/600 to 300/400/700
  • Bonus true damage increased from 30/40/60 to 30/40/70


  • Ability damage increased from 250/350/600 to 250/350/700



  • Ability AD% lowered from 140/160/200% to 140/150/180%
  • Ability bonus damage lowered from 150/200/400 to 100/150/300


  • Secondary Ability power bonus increased from 50/75/300 to 100/150/300


  • Stun duration lowered from 2/2.5/8 to 1.5/2/8



  • Number of wolves lowered from 3/4/10 to 3/3/10


  • Ability damage lowered from 400/600/7777 to 400/550/7777


  • Infernal souls increased from 4/6/42 to 5/6/42



  • 2 unit CC immune duration increased from 4 to 5
  • 3 unit CC immune duration increased from 6 to 8


When is Patch 11.10 coming out?

TFT patch 11.10 is expected to hit servers on time for Wednesday, May 12 and they will be down for a few hours to prepare for the maintenance, as always.